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  1. Based on Underwood's criteria I think Hugh Jackson might fit the bill more than anyone. Great offensive mind: He's doing a great job with the Bengals but has also had a lot of success in the past. From Wiki:" In 2010, under Jackson’s guidance, the Raiders offense finished fourth in the AFC and sixth in the NFL in scoring (25.6 points per game) also finished fifth in the AFC and 10th in the NFL in total offense (354.6 yards per game) and second in the NFL and AFC in rushing (155.9 yards per game). The Raiders more than doubled their scoring output from the previous year, totaling 410 points." Needs to be capable of coaching a young QB: He was Joe Flacco's QB coach his rookie year and Flacco made the AFC title game. Dalton is also having an all pro season under Jackson.
  2. As we talked about on the podcast last night, the front seven is getting up in age and is lacking in talent. Jones was coming on big time when he got hurt, it might even be a blessing because he might have gotten a monster contract had he finished the whole season. Jones is only 26 and was really coming on. I'd def put him at the top of the list in terms of priorities. He can play in either scheme and gives the Titans some needed size on the front. There were rumors the Pats wanted him before the deadline.
  3. This is such a tough one for a few reasons. First of all if you look at where the Titans are compared to where they were the day he was named the official head coach without any context he'd be getting a big raise and extension. From 3-12 to 9-7 and then to the playoffs, a playoff win and a loss @ NE. His record against teams with a winning record over the two seasons is also #1 or #2 in the league. Of course it's not that simple. Mariota had an awful 2017 after a great 2016. I honestly have no idea how much of that is the fault of Mularkey. I know Mariota missed open WRs and played poorly plenty all on his own regardless of the scheme. The chicken or the egg, was the offense holding Mariota back or was Mariota holding the offense back. It's pretty obvious Robinson wanted to replace him with McDaniel. That seems like a problem in itself regardless of merit. There is also a media and fan narrative that Mularkey cannot overcome fair or not. He really does have a legit beef as far as being demonized and blamed regardless. It's to the point where Mariota doesn't even get judged. If Mariota plays poorly it's Mularkey's fault. If Mariota plays well he's overcoming the coaching. The stuff people have said as far as what Mariota should be running is often comically stupid like the Ringer article. Mularkey also did some really poor game management down the stretch, the SF game was almost fireable by itself. I would absolutely not tell him anything about his staff. If you keep him let him choose his staff, if you want him to replace anyone he doesn't want to them just fire him and everyone. I think in a perfect fair world he should be given his 3rd year to develop the offense, let the young WRs develop and get another RB to pair with Henry. The offense def had talent/injury issues. If he fails move on, if he earns an extension extend him. But this ain't a fair world. I'd let Robinson have his way. Clean out the coaching staff and let him hand pick his man. The team sinks or swims with Mariota. Build the offense around all these supposed strengths Mariota has and run that offense, whatever it is(I've heard a million different versions).
  4. When you look at the Titans right now vs the overall season which the perception is built on I'd argue they are way better than perceived. The Titans were 8-4, barely beating terrible teams in close games, they lost 3 in a row and were pretty much counted out. Most thought they wouldn't even make the playoffs and everyone thought they'd lose @KC However...... Looking at what the Titans are now tells a different story. They played @SF, the Rams, The Jags and then @ KC. SF was pretty solid after they started Jimmy G.. Mularkey botched the time management at the end of the game. They kicked the FG late and should have won. Either way it was a close tight game. Then they played the Rams. They actually had a lead on the Rams in the 4th quarter, they were right there and competed. They dominated the Jags, if not for the flukey unforced fumble they blow the Jags out. Then we got yesterday. That's a pretty solid 4 game showing. This isn't a terrible playoff team. They play teams tough. Derrick Henry is the RB now and although he's possibly inconsistent his upside burries Murray's and he can run the ball way better. Corey Davis has really came on. The Titans top 3 WRs are healthy and they can play these sets a lot more. Most importantly one of the biggest problems has been Mariota's confidence this season. Right now his confidence is sky high. He's running the ball and making plays with his legs better than he has all year. The 2nd half vs KC was his best play this season. This is not a terrible playoff team that is a joke to be in the post season. They are the best they've been this season.
  5. It looked good the first quarter, the script was just what was needed to make it a game. In the end I don't think it mattered, Titans were simply not good enough to win this game. Brady would have had to been bad and he was anything but. I don't think the calls lost them the game but they were at momentum changing back breakers that kept the Titans from keeping it close longer and making it a game. It's not a big secret what happened. Brady got the ball out before the pass rush could get there, ended up running hurry up to wear out the defense. After they got a big lead they could do whatever they wanted. They really did some nice things like running screens to their RBs from heavy sets and running hurry up at the right time. Offensively NE totally took away Henry. On the long TD drive Mariota had a few key runs but once he was gimpy the offense had no chance. Mariota had to have a big day running. Obviously the 4th down call was totally stupid. They were afraid of Brady getting the ball back and didn't care they had no timeouts and field position. They weren't trying to score, they were trying to keep Brady from scoring. Perfect example of Brady affecting the game even from the sideline. To go into NE and win you can't have this mindset. It's like the guy who covers the Pats came on 104 said. Teams come into Foxboro and do stupid things and are intimidated. Any chance the Titans had centered around them scoring on the last drive and the first drive of the 2nd half. Once the Pats got a big lead and the Titans run game didn't matter they were able to tee off on a hobbled Mariota. It wasn't just Conklin being out either, Lewan and Jones were beaten line drums. We also heard all week how the Pats take touchbacks and force return guys to come out and end up less than the 25, exactly what Jackson did repeatedly. Those yards add up over the course of a game. There was clearly a huge mismatch in terms of coaching. There was also mismatch at the QB position, not a big insult considering Brady is best ever. Brady's accuracy was impossible to defend. At the same time Mariota was slightly off on plays like the 3rd down crossing pattern to Taylor he had to slow down for instead of catching on the run and converting. As far losses go this doesn't even register in franchise history. Titans were a 2 TD underdog to one of the greatest dynasties in history. The comeback against KC probably gave a lot of people some false hope but it was going to be hard to win.
  6. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/1/9/16865444/all-22-review-titans-chiefs-playoff-victory-edition
  7. Mariota was pretty awesome in the 2nd half today. He was 12 of 18 for 123 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs 123 passer rating. Also 7 runs for 34 yards Titans had 7 3rd downs and converted all 7 3rd and 9: 11 yard run by #8 3rd and 6: TD pass to himeslf 3rd and 10: Pass ot Walker 3rd and 3: Pass to Walker 3rd and 8: Mariota runs for first down 3rd and 2: Pass to Jonnu Smith 3rd and 10, final run by Henry where Mariota made great block. Titans outscored KC 19-0 in 2nd half
  8. It's been a long time I've been heavily invested in a Titan playoff game where it didn't end in bitter disappointment. Got to go back to the 02 Steelers game when McNair hit McCareins and Nedney won the game after the TO/running into the kicker. We've been waiting for everything to click all year and it finally did. Mariota was one fire, the running game/OL was dominant and the defense was smothering after getting lit up early. That 2nd half was why fans watch NFL football. I listened to the MMQB podcast with Breer/Benoit and can't remember who said it but they said KC had the worst run defense in the league when facing spread/shotgun run games. They said the key would be whether the Titans used this strategy or lined up heavy and tried to run it that way. KC's run defense was tough against base sets. Henry was great and there is no way Murray could have had that production, even considering the OL absolutely dominated. ESPN had OL breakdowns and the blocking was fantastic. I would warn against thinking this cements Henry has a top notch featured RB, KC's run defense is dead last in DVOA. Henry had huge holes. I hope it continues but it may not. Better run defenses will get him before he can get going so much. Mariota was fantastic in the 2nd half. He was making great decisions, audibles and mixing in the run at the right time. Too much was made out of the run last week. The block really was just an awesome play that closed it out. It was just a QB getting in the way either, he put his shoulder in the LB and sealed it off. Watching LeBeau on the sideline getting the defense together and trying to calm them down was really cool. He and Mularkey deserve a lot of credit for keeping the team calm and convincing them they were still in it. I'll just add I wouldn't bet on the Titans making the SB. However there have been several instances where a team limped into the playoffs, GB, Giants, Cards and got hot in the postseason and made the SB, even won it. I don't care about arguments on the coaches, long term plans etc..... I only care about the NE game. Winning playoff games are not easy, especially in a place like KC. Titans needed to beat Jags and @ KC, NE up next.
  9. https://www.podcastone.com/episode/RTFP-773-Greg-Cosell Titan talk starts around 9:30 Very tough on Derrick Henry, may not be a feature RB. Numbers suggest they don't throw the ball well from 3 WRs, passing game has struggled all year. Defense has to win the game. Mariota has not played well. Doesn't see the field, clearly struggling
  10. There will be plenty to talk about as everyone laughs at the Titans making the playoffs HOWEVER A repeat of 99 and knocking them out would be epic..... BTW, Jags should be laughed at too
  11. Mariota will get the 5th year tender this coming March. That means the Titans will have Mariota under contract the next two years minimum. One of the downsides to keeping Mularkey is if it fails next year they'll be getting a new coach the same time they need to extend Mariota. It won't matter who's to blame or how bad Mariota plays. They'll try and get a new coach/scheme in to make it work. And it's exactly what should be done. I think Mariota will get extended in almost any scenario. We'd probably be looking at a Dalton/Kaep extension(phony money) vs a real money extension like Luck got depending on how he plays. I'm not arguing that Mularkey should be fired only that the time line works out better connected to Mariota's contract extension. If they hired McDaniel this off season Mariota could play out 2018 and then 2019 under the 5th year option. If he's not playing like a franchise QB after that then you don't give him a monster deal. Or visa versa Just a random thought
  12. The fact the Titans made the playoffs really does cover up what a terrible win this was. 11 first downs, 3 3rd down conversions and 3.7 yards per play. Just pitiful. It was into the 3rd quarter before the Titans had their 4th 1st down. 4.8 yds per pass. 0-2 in the redzone. 83 yards at half with 66 a yard screen. After the TD they miss the PAT, with a 15-3 4th quarter lead all they had to do was not screw up, they have an unforced fumble returned for a TD. The Jags actually had 4 fumbles but only lost 2, also had two INTs. Another huge play was the muffed punt the Jags returner got tackled inside the 5. Derrick Henry was tackled for a loss 8 times, he barely missed another 3 or 4. He also had the crucial fumble that put the game in risk. Yea the screen was a nice play but overall total flop. 4 dropped passes by the WRs, although some of those passes were pretty bad, but still should have been caught. Mariota took 4 sacks, one nullified by the offsides and it's likely all 4 were on him to a large degree. One really nice aspect was Mariota actually had 10 rushes for 60 yards, some of them key runs. Some of the times he broke down in the pocket he actually turned them into plays. The defense played well, even with the dropped open TD. The forced fumble by Jackson was huge. I'm glad the Titans made the post season but this is not a good team and they are not playing well at all heading into the post season. You can't really go into the playoffs worse then the Titans are.
  13. Meaningless noon games I hope the Browns go winless
  14. I went back and watched the final drive multiple times and still can't believe how bad it was managed. I actually went back and forth with Kuharsky on it and he kinda blew me off and said if they make the 3rd and 2 it's a non issue. I wanted him to ask Mularkey specifically why they went hurry up right before the 2:00 warning, one of the dumbest things I've seen all year. This drive started at 3:08 on the 25 yard line. Let's look at how this game unfolded. The Titans basically drove up and down the field on SF all day, the only thing that stopped them was self inflicted errors, fumble etc.... Before this drive the Titans had scored on 3 out of 4 drives. At the same time the defense never stopped SF, they dropped a 3rd down pass that resulted in the only punt. You aint stopping them from a FG drive if they have any time, Ryan is hurt. At 3:08 you need a FG to win, the ultimate goal is to drive down and kick a FG as time expires. 3:08 is way more time than you need. Titans run a 12 yard pass to Davis, he runs out of bounds, 5 secs used. Tipped pass 2:59 left.Titans try a deep pass on 2-10 and 2:54 left, he was wide open BTW. Decker catches a 9 yard pass at 2:49, clock running. stoppage for injury/measurement.... clock is 2:43 and 30 seconds on play clock. The Titans get on the ball and snap it with 27 seconds to spare, they should let the clock run here! The sneak it and get the first down. Here is the kicker. There is roughly 2:22 left, the play clock is 30+. You can let the clock go all the way down to 2:00 and it's first down at mid field. You have one time out to burn. These idiots scurry around trying to get set, the announcer said they are trying to get a play off, they snap the ball at 2:03. I'm in the chat posting WTF are they doing and posting in the game thread, Lofton and apparently Mularkey and to a lesser degree Mariota are also too dumb to understand. I can only imagine Shanahan is in shock laughing his ass off thinking we're gonna get the ball back and have all 2 time outs. These idiots have managed to run 8 plays and barely use 1 min of the time, SF still has both timeouts. 2nd down pass to Walker for a 1st, he casually runs out of bounds, the clock stops at 1:55. Not a care in the world. 1st down, new set of downs. Here is where is gets really good. The Titans run the ball at 1:49 left, 40 second play clock running, 9ers are not using a time out. They are 7 yards from where they need and where it is actually kicked from. The announcer actually says, SF needs to think about time outs, finally someone thinks of this issue. These idiots hurry to the line and snap the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock and the clock running, the 9ers have waited too long to use a TO. WTF are the Titans doing? Walker catches a pass short of the 1st down marker with plenty of room, this retard runs out of bounds. The MFing 9ers have not had to use a single time out. We are at the infamous 3rd and 2. With the clock stopped. The pea brain Lofton finally says Walker should have stayed in bounds. BTW, the Titans theortically need their last TO in case they let the clock run down later in the drive for the FG, Mariota uses it here, another stupid move. 3rd down stopped, it's 4th down. SF uses one time out as Shanahan laughs knowing the 9ers just won the game. The Titans could have ran the exact same drive and with any amount of time management kicked the game winner right here with SF using all their time outs and possibly as time expired, or so little time no chance at a real FG drive. 3rd and 2 didn't even matter with any real coaching. This is the 2nd week in a row Mularkey has totally mismanaged the game. This was worse than the fake punt. This really cost the Titans the game regardless of what else happened. The gripes about the offense are much to do about nothing and fan idiocy. This right here is real and deserves to put a head coach on notice that might lose out after being 8-4. Mularkey did a good job last year managing the games. He's doing a poor job as the pressure mounts. Two weeks in a row when they probably only needed one win. Now you;re part of the problem.
  15. A dropped TD, a fumble and running out of bounds twice to stop the clock on the last drive was as stupid as it gets, does he not understand the situation? Idiot
  16. All Week I heard how SD and GB were dangerous and no one wanted to play them in the playoffs Oops
  17. Absolutely brutal loss for many reasons...... It would have been awesome to see Mariota play so well in a game that likely put the team in the playoffs. He got it going when it mattered and it was good to see. If he plays well to finish the season off it will be a huge ending for him personally and they might even win a game still. There is no reason to talk about how bad the defense, obvious. I'll just focus on the final offensive drive. When that drive started I was worried about two things, burning time and kicking a FG with no time left. Both were equally important. Everyone is talking about 3rd and 2, that's not the play Mularkey should be blasted for. With 2:07 left they rushed to get a run in, why? There is no reason for it, it was stupid. Probably dumber than the fake punt. 7 seconds isn't going to lose you the game. Let it go down to the 2:00 warning then run on 1st down exactly like you did and let the clock run or force SF to burn a TO, you gave SF a free fucking time out! Walker just calmly running out of bounds? lol... my God I can't say enough how dumb these players are. How can you not know the game situations. And no you don't need a freaking coach to tell you. 3rd and 2, you have to run it, I completely agree with Mularkey here. He actually ran the ball on 1st down and realized too late how much of a problem the clock was. You still can't trust Mariota in the pocket, SF was blitzing like crazy, you're in FG range and you need SF to use one of their two TOs. The time management problem was early in the drive, not later. I'll bet most fans and media won't understand this and focus on the 3rd and 2.
  18. One of the narratives about the offense is Mariota is always in 3rd and long. From Kuharsky's mail bag PK: The Titans have been in third-and-10 or longer 38 times this season. The second-fewest in the NFL if you can believe it. On pace for 47, 11 fewer than last season.
  19. Last season Mariota threw 26 TDs and 9 NTs, he had a 95.6 passer rating, for stretches he looked like a league MVP. He did it in Mularkey's offense with Robiskie calling the plays. He was great in situations where there was no threat of a running game too. He led the league in the 2:00 drill(105 passer rating) and was one of the best QBs in 3rd and long. On 3rd down he had a 106 passer rating, on 3rd and 10+ a 113 passer. Mariota's best play extended well past Murray's injury. He passed the ball very well even without a running threat. His numbers are pitiful this season but more alarming to me is his play in the pocket. He doesn't set his feet, he bails, he doesn't go past his first read etc.... it's a total trainwreck. I remember when Brady tore his ACL. He was coming off the best QB season of all time. 50 TDs and a 117 passer rating. I remember him talking about not being comfortable in the pocket and always afraid of someone rolling on his leg. His numbers dropped big time. His next season back he threw 28TDs and 13 INTs, his passer rating dropped from 117 to 96. Obviously decent numbers but still a massive drop and that team still had Welker and Moss. The Pats won 10 games and were bounced in the wild card round. I googled the injury and found this. Tell me this doesn't describe Mariota to a tee. http://articles.latimes.com/2009/aug/09/sports/sp-tom-brady9 As a three-time Super Bowl champion and former NFL most valuable player, New England quarterback Tom Brady is used to having fans fall at his feet. The big question: Can he get comfortable with players doing the same? But Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer, who in early 2006 suffered a remarkably similar knee injury, said the psychological effects linger even now. "Still to this day I'm trying to get over this mental block. There's just somebody somewhere near you -- because your eyes are so focused downfield and you're looking at five different things in one play -- that there's somebody two yards away from you, two inches away from you, eight yards away from you, and you feel that." What's more, Palmer said, it's very easy for bad things to happen to your passes if you fail to complete your throwing motion. "It's just something where you've got to go out on a limb and just say, 'I'm going to step through every throw,' " he said, speaking last month at the NFL 101 event in Los Angeles. "Because what happens is the ball starts sailing on you, balls start dying, interceptions happen, tipped balls happen, and your completion percentage drastically goes down." "The situation he was in was the worst you could be in as a quarterback that's taking a hit," Hall of Famer John Elway said. "That's the nightmare hit, where you're rolled over the front leg and let go of a pass, and the guy hits you in the front left leg." Asked if he thought Brady would need time to recover from the psychological impact of the hit, Elway said: "Yeah, there's no question. Especially the way he got hit. That thing planted when he was coming over the top of it, so it's going to take a little bit of time for him to get used to that. I don't think it will affect him too much, but there's no question that will be there. Psychologically, he's got to get used to people falling at his feet again. He was locked out when he got hit last year." Patriots Coach Bill Belichick said that for a player, dealing with the mental fallout from any serious injury "is a hurdle no one can talk you through."
  20. The Titans in 2016 shoot to the top of several offensive categories. Best redzone team, best 2:00 offense, 3rd best team on 3rd down, right between NE and GB. Among the best in terms of big plays with weak skill people........ Even after the Jags game, a game where the offense was pretty impressive against a good defense on the road people want him fired. Is it because he's goofy looking? Wasn't a big name, talks funny? You want Mariota posting Brady/Rodgers type FF numbers? Help me out here?
  21. I've actually bitten my tongue all year and tried to be patient. I've even thought he might snap out of it. He's gotten worse as the year has went on. Mariota has been terrible most of the year. It might have something to do with the leg injury, I don't know. People have made excuses for him all year too. Last year when the offense was humming they weren't throwing all the screens and trick plays. They are working around Mariota's issues. They don't trust him to execute the passing offense, more importantly he doesn't trust himself. Yes, the staff is saddled with Mariota, it's actually true. He's been very honest about it, he's talked about his mechanical issues, the fact he's hurting the offense. I don't even think the INTs are the biggest problem, it's his pocket presence, the fact he won't read the defense and go through progressions etc..... He's had confidence issues all year or early on. What's distressing is how mentally weak he looks right now, the weak tweet jonboy posted a few weeks ago, his pressers, him with his head down with guys slapping him on the back...... Man the fuck up. You don't see QBs like Rivers, Brady, Brees falling apart like that. They are cold blooded killers with no memories
  22. This was actually a pretty weird game. The Texans controlled the ball and threw for almost 400 yards with one healthy skill player(hopkins) and he was shut down. Stranger it's not like he was doubled and tripled and the rest of the Texans feasted on man coverage, Hopkins was singled and it worked. Ryan and Sims covered him well and Sims picked him off to seal the game. I doubt most people realize that the Titans outscored the Texans 24-3 after falling behind. The early mistakes, Jackson fumble, got the Titans in a hole that the Titans had to grind their way out of. Everything has been covered so I'll just say this...... Mariota is struggling with the little stuff. He should have had to the TD to Smith that Green pointed out. He bailed from the pocket too soon and the play to the sideline to Smith where he didn't get two feet down should have been a very easy play. Mariota was late and a little off when the play was wide open. He doesn't seem to be standing the pocket and going through his reads. If it's not a designed pass he doesn't trust himself to let the ball loose. For all I know he may have good reason with Davis and Taylor being rookies. They actually came out throwing and trying to get Mariota into a groove with some easy stuff. It seemed they tried a lot of deep passes too, Decker should have had another PI but the refs didn't throw it. I really do not think the passing game will be fixed until next year. Mariota needs a full off season and the rookie WRs do too. I have no doubt Mariota will develop and he's still very good when they need him on game winning drives. The Colts pass defense might be the worst in the league. Bortles threw for over 300 yards and a 119 passer rating without Robinson or Hearns and the Jags had no running game at all yesterday. The Titans had less 200 yards, 2 INTs and a 60+ passer rating two weeks ago. One of the goals this season was to win division games, the Titans have done that and are in first place regardless of how much some don't like it. They have won 6 of their last 7 games with wins over the Ravens, Jags and Seahawks.
  23. I seriously have no idea what's happening league wide
  24. The Titans had won 4 straight games going into tonight. They lost to a Steelers team who were 7-2, on the road..... Most people thought a 2-1 stretch vs the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers would be a success. They did that. They still control their own destiny in terms of winning their division. The way this team is built they should be favored to beat the Jags too. They can't run on the Titans defense and Bortles and their WRs can't expose the Titans defense and the game is at home. The Rams on the other hand are going to hang 40+ on this defense! The Titans also did a lot of good things in the first half. They had the ball over 18:00+, converted 4 of 9 3rd downs to the Steelers 1 of 7. They literally gave the Steelers 6 points off of the INTs and the refs gave them another FG. 11 seconds into the 3rd quarter it was 16-14. This was more than a winnable game. Change systems, look for a new QB, Davis is a bust, fire Robeskie, fire Mularkey.......... Just simple minded typical overreaction. This is how NFL seasons work. The Steelers lost to the Jags something like 30-3 in Pittsburg. Mariota just turned 24, Henry, Conklin, Davis, Taylor and Jonnu Smith are all rookies or 2nd year players. Lewan is a top 3 LT in his 3rd year. Defensively Byard, Sims, Jackson, Brown the same. Morgan, Casey and Ryan all in their primes...... The posts and talk after this game is totally retarded. Does this team have flaws? Yes, just like every team in the league and less flaws than 80% of the teams in the league. The arrow is pointing up for this season and beyond. Chill out and stop making fools of yourselves, all losses in the NFL suck but this is about as close to a non bad loss as it gets. It might be time to panic in the future but this damn sure ain't it

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