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  1. Big drop the past 2 days. Does this qualify as a healthy pullback @Supdawg @titanruss ?
  2. I look at 2020 as a draft where JRob swung for the fences and hit a foul ball. The only real unforgivable given the depth and roster of the team going into the draft is drafting Cole McDonald when the top kicker is sitting there. I have to think JRob thought he could sign Blankenship as an UFA. I HOPE JRob thought he could just sign Blankenship....
  3. Heard a Vrabel clip from the sideline when he realized they were wearing down and we were hammering it home. Anyone have that clip?
  4. Saffold started his career at LT. Just sayin if we're desperate....
  5. Even if its easier to put him at LG than LT. Huge body. Gotta be some way to get him to contribute.
  6. This still feels like last time. Especially the time of year.
  7. Rudy is the gift that keeps on giving. Merry Christmas!!
  8. I see a valid argument for the hedge against inflation with bitcoin. But you can still make way more money in the stock market if your game is volatility. I do wish I was more adept at trading when i first dabbled in bitcoin. 3 years of working buy/sell orders could have been very profitable.
  9. You can't really "short" bitcoin. Sure, some exchanges allow you to, but not like the price manipulation on wall street. And I don't agree with you on the theoretical of what you own @abenjami. Shares of a company have disappeared just as quick a computer hack. Bankrupcy, offerings, etc. The people and the owners are what makes a currency. And the localized flash drives that are segregated from the internet have all but eliminated any "hacking concerns."
  10. PRACTICE SQUAD?! Bring the guy in to start immediately!!!!! We are desperate to make up for a horrid scheme.
  11. You said this way better than me. Thank you. I do, however, fear for our country when you have people like @LongTimeFan than can be mislead so blatantly and willingly.
  12. You can't be this gullible. The whole point of this organization is to act as a fund raising vehicle (and organizing entity) akin to a high profile consultant service acting as a cancer think-tank. So yes, their whole purpose is not and never was research related! How astute of you to pull a fart out of the thin air and acknowledge this. SMH.
  13. 17 point difference is all on special teams.
  14. Tanny still off target. Not terrible passes, but that was also behind Firkser. Doesn't matter as he has to catch it.
  15. He just sold the farm to buy another horse. You can’t run a country by leveraging massive debt for short term gains.
  16. In Nashville alone Hillary got 850k votes in 2016 to 1.14million for Biden in 2020. Its so easy to filter through the misinformation that @Little Earl is being fed. Hey Earl, stop being a facebook cuckold!
  17. Trumpers are so desperate that they will latch onto ANY conspiracy theory. Its wild watching them all come out! So funny. I love watching them unravel. Side note: If you ever wanted to start your own conspiracy theory, NOW is the time folks. The Trumpers are ready to believe anything and anyone.
  18. This is easily and verifiably false. Just go online and click on the damn counties on any interactive electoral map! How are you duped so easily?
  19. Republicans will show their true colors soon. The same people who supposedly support "law and order" and denounce protesting will ironically be calling for civil unrest. Its a fitting end to the Trump presidency. Expose them all, yet again, one last time. Thank you Donald.
  20. Prove him wrong. Be the generation that changes the trend. If you want help along the way, support public education.

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