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  1. I don't see where we disagree tbh. I said future 1st round picks. "Current picks" is a pretty broad scope if you define it like that. Team's probably have their own inhouse models, but for the most part its followed Jimmy Johnson's model pretty close. The issue is that time isn't necessarily static. On paper the pick may be devalued a round. In practice no GM is gonna trade for a Future 1st round pick so far off that they aren't around to see it through. Generally it's within 2 years at most, so the scenario about "Well you wouldn't trade a 3rd round pick this year, for a 2025 1st round pick" has a bit more common sense placed on it that case.
  2. All future 1st round picks are valued the same (I believe it was 500 points, or about the value of a 2nd round pick). Doesn't matter how many years off in the future.
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