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  1. So they now have a Valentine's Day box of salt water taffy in honor of the victims?
  2. These are starters. And AJ has made top ten lists of NFL receivers. I'm talking unsung. Not starters that play 75%+ of snaps. I'll start. I'll go with Dane Cruikshank. He made some huge plays for us this past season, including a key defended pass at the end of the Baltimore playoff game.
  3. There have been threads asking people to list their favorite 2019 Titans, or who they thought were the best 2019 Titans. But I thought it would be interesting to ask people to name the most unsung hero from the 2019 Titans (and no, Brett Kern, despite being a punter, does not count - he was a first team All Pro). So what say you? Who is your pick for the mist unsung player from the 2019 Titans?
  4. I am here to help in this time of crisis. For now on, whenever you hear about some protester who was shot and killed by a non-protester, be it civilian or police/military, please simply copy and paste the following, replacing the <Name of deceased> and <Name of shooter> as appropriate: Another innocent protester has been killed. <Name of deceased> was a civic leader in the minority community, was a church elder, and helped old ladies carry their groceries. He as a model student, and a hero to us all. <Name of shooter> was a known racist and likes to rape little children. You're welcome.
  5. Don't pretend like you didn't think the same thing.
  6. I thought this was going to be about how he bought his mom a baby crib. Because they had sex together and had a baby. You know, incest.
  7. NASA to Astronauts: "Great job guys. So, we're thinking you can return to earth in 10 days, let's say June 9. How does that sound?" Astronauts to NASA: "Nah that's OK. We're good up here."
  8. In all fairness, I just want to say that if you're going to riot and loot, the least you can do is maintain social distancing.
  9. Well it's only fair, since they paid them to be there in the first place.
  10. Nice job, asshole. You just had to ruin it for everyone, didn't you.

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