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  1. What's this "look ahead" nonsense? We have a critical preseason matchup against the Steelers this weekend. Stay focused, son.
  2. I can remember when it was impossible to see any games other than the locally televised ones unless you had 50 million dollars to buy a satellite dish. So I have no complaints about the fact that the games are now available at a fraction of that cost. These are good times. You are all too young and spoiled.
  3. It's easier to find porn online than it is NFL feeds. Perhaps that should be telling us something.
  4. The only part I like is when the animals take out their revenge on the rodeo clowns.
  5. That’s bullshit. AAS gotta take them to court on that. You can’t have professional football teams pretending to be the Oilers. AAS owns that shit.
  6. I think all NFL players need to kneel during the national anthem in protest of the gross injustice and mistreatment that Antonio Brown is having to endure.
  7. Just look for someone online that has your same name and then fill out a change of address form with the post office so that all of your mail is forwarded to them. It won't help you any, but at least it'll also fuck up the person that stole your identity.
  8. He can get a job here!! http://www.lockerroomfitness.com/
  9. It doesn't matter what swill they come up with to represent the democratic party in the presidential election. And it doesn't matter what bullshit polls they try to hang their hats on either. They will lose. Again.
  10. Seriously. What in God's fuck kind of name is Quart'e? I mean, his parents couldn't think of something else?
  11. One thing's for certain: UT squats to piss. Whether that refers to University of Tennessee or University of Texas, it's all the same.
  12. If they don't put Tannehill against the 1's in preseason, how is he then supposed to be named the starter for game 1? Preseason game 4 is a nogo for Tannehill playing at all. That only leaves preseason game 3 (the upcoming game), and many are saying that will only be a dress rehearsal, so again, if that be the case, Tannehill doesn't play against the 1's for that game either. How does this 20% even play out? What's the scenario?
  13. This "agenda" stuff is BS. It's .... well ... fake news. Right now, Tannehill is a better QB than Mariota, and therefore he should be the starter. If Mariota somehow improves and/or Tannehill regresses so that Mariota is better, then I will say that Mariota should be the starter. But that would require a radical change in their levels of play (unlikely FWIW). No agenda, other than wanting to see the Titans win.
  14. Maybe if enough national sports reporters start saying that Tannehill is better, it will put pressure on Vrabel (and AAS?) to do the right thing?
  15. Actually, I'm glad Kyle pointed this out. Upon further reflection, this is the greatest team I have ever seen.
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