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  1. There is a rumor that Aaron Rodgers is gay, and now all this gay stuff regarding Tom Brady. Maybe the secret to being a great NFL QB is that you need to be gay? Makes you wonder ...
  2. You are way too polite. You must be new.
  3. The key is to understand what infinity truly means. The best way to see it is by using infinite series and sequences. So, from Wikipedia: I think the confusion is notational. Expressing an infinite series using decimal notation sucks ass. And IMHO, the commonly seen algebraic proof given in an earlier post is nonsense because x may not be cancellable.
  4. To clarify, what if there are an infinite number of 9's after the decimal point?
  5. The novelty will wear off pretty quick. It’s like gay midget porn. I tell ya, after watching like about 100 movies, that shit starts getting old.
  6. I reluctantly voted "No" because there is no choice offered for "Fuck No".
  7. WFL USFL XFL NFL Europe Doesn't that provide enough proof? It never works out. They may look exciting at first, but ultimately people know it's not the same thing as the real NFL. It's like kissing your sister. And I'm not talking about a super hot step sister. I'm talking the real deal. You know, incest.
  8. They kept it low key in order to get the jump on McMahon and the XFL reboot. Now, they are hoping to make good on the cliche "snooze you lose".
  9. Groom arrested at his own wedding after allegedly groping an underage waitress A groom was handcuffed at his own wedding for allegedly groping a teenager and exposing himself in a bathroom stall. On Wednesday, Matthew Ronald Aimers, 31, of Willingboro, N.J., was arraigned on charges dating from his Nov. 24 wedding in Bucks County, Pa., as originally reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer. He was nabbed for harassment, disorderly conduct, indecent assault and exposure, as well as corruption and imprisonment of a minor. After saying “I do,” Aimers apparently scoped out an underage waitress working at his Northampton Valley Country Club wedding reception. According to a criminal complaint sent to Yahoo Lifestyle by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Aimers propositioned her for a hookup, saying “we can do whatever you want.” When the employee said no, Aimers stalked her in the restroom, grabbed her arm and forced her into a stall, blocking the door with his body. During the alleged sexual assault, Aimers pulled down his pants and said, “Can you kiss me like you mean it?” and offered the victim $100 for sexual favors. She pushed him off and ran from the bathroom. In the complaint, Aimers then started “pushing and punching people” by the venue’s front doors. An employee told police he got punched because he stopped Aimers from bringing an alcoholic drink outside. Aimers jumped on a shuttle bus to avoid Northampton Township Police officers who were called to the venue; however, an officer with a Taser gun removed the groom. Aimers allegedly called the officer a “b***” and a “p****” and challenged him to a fight.
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