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  1. Don't bother trying to reason with them. Their reasons for insisting on wearing masks are not based on reason. It's all superstition. On a global scale. And I don't see a way out. We have passed the point of no return.
  2. Says who? Since that was your very first sentence, I didn't even bother read the rest of your post.
  3. Denali

    Virus in US

    https://communityimpact.com/dallas-fort-worth/frisco/coronavirus/2020/05/19/new-covid-19-definitions-by-the-state-could-raise-case-counts-in-collin-county/ Revised definitions for probable COVID-19 cases and related deaths by the Texas Department of State Health Services could result in a spike of reported cases of the virus, according to a county official. Aisha Souri, an epidemiology department official for the county, informed Collin County commissioners of the reasoning behind the state’s decisions at a May 18 meeting. A probable case can also be determined witho
  4. This is important. Please make a separate thread for this. I would do it myself, but you came up with this research. We need more like it to put places and names to this bullshit covid stuff.
  5. Well it could have simply been Northwestern fans who thought the statue was for Columbus, Ohio.
  6. So, will the BLM idiots be out in force again rioting and looting and claiming that John Lewis died because of whitey?
  7. These players say they want the NFL to follow their medical experts. However, as everyone has seen, there are no medical experts. They're just making crap up as they go along. But then again, when the whole thing is bullshit to begin with, that's what you end up with. Nevertheless, under the (false) assumption that Covid is extremely dangerous and deadly, then trying to figure out how to safely have an NFL season is like trying to plug a leaky dam.
  8. How would the USPS prevent people from recognizing the mailed packages and stealing them so as to hoard them and sell them later? It's happened with welfare checks and IRS refund checks. Would it need to be mailed by some form of person to person mail (overnight mail, etc...) where the package is held until the person picks it up?
  9. Wrong. The correct thing to say is as follows: You carry a picture of your mother? Maybe I'll remember her. I fucked half the whores in Tennessee.
  10. Everyone knows the emperor has no clothes, but that's all good for you libtards because you like looking at naked men. For the rest of us, we call it as it is.
  11. I was just showing what the total number of deaths would look like over time if the death rate remained where it was. It was merely a chart - not an outright long term prediction. But I was showing how devastating an exponential death rate can be over time. As it was, it held up for about a week and then the curve flattened. But instead of acknowledging that the coronavirus flu is no worse than other flus, the CDC and health departments decided to double and triple down with increasingly stricter and long term restrictions and shutdowns - all backed up with bullshit lies because
  12. The whole thing hinges on the assumption that there will be NFL football in 2021, and that all required team activities will take place in 2021. Not sure if or how they would be able to amend an already signed contract agreement if the 2021 NFL season is also impacted by coronavirus (or some other phony bullshit "pandemic').
  13. The USPS is already mired in a financial crisis due to the 2006 law that requires that they prefund their health benefits obligations 50 years into the future. The USPS was already in deep doo doo anyway. The 2006 law was enacted way way before Trump, and way way before the new PMG took over.
  14. He also needs to secure the websites for those names.
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