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  1. You mean like Ilhan Cuntface? Or the brethren of the Nation of Islam? Do we need to read to you from the Book of Jihad again?
  2. Those darned Buddhists are at it again, this time going all the way to Sri Lanka to carry out their viscous acts. Whenever there are bombs, you know it had to be the Buddhists.
  3. So we just need to find a Titans player to die in order to get another good 1st round pick.
  4. That's terrible!! I would have liked to have seen her take off that shirt.
  5. Trump is anything but sympathetic for them. Remember, he had to step in to begin with. And he has told them to re-brand the plane. They are not listening to him. The only way the government steps in is if Trump is allowed to drain the swamp at Boeing and the FAA. Heads upon heads would need to roll. And maybe even criminal prosecutions.
  6. It's a software band-aid that tries to compensate for an inherently unstable aircraft. It's not working. Boeing cut corners. The FAA allowed it to happen. Then Boeing lied. Then the President had to step in to ground the planes because the FAA wouldn't do it. Hundreds died. No one is going to trust Boeing and the FAA again. All of the technical explanations will no longer matter. People will view it as spin-doctoring (as well they should). It's over. Boeing is dead man walking.
  7. Except when used by libtards to label others as racists. Libtards get to re-define everything to suit their needs. Don't you know that?
  8. First, the Notre Dame women's basketball team was on fire in making the NCAA finals, and now the church is on fire.
  9. This should get everyone here to stop defending this anti-American cunt. Should. And any state in the union that elects a cunt like this is someplace I do not want to visit. I will be avoiding Minnesota. And if I'm driving cross-country, I will drive around to avoid it.
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