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  1. This game was going to be a shootout, regardless of what the defense would have done. The problem was that our offense was shooting blanks.
  2. Maybe Pees will suggest his replacement?
  3. I was thinking about Cris Dishman but he’s signed on to be the DB coach for one of the XFL teams.
  4. Nick Saban was a great DB coach for us. Can we convince him to come back?
  5. Outrageous turnout for the tailgate. Would post photos now but pics too big to upload. Cold as balls out here. btw, plentry of old school Oilers jerseys too.
  6. Was only able to get one un-blurry photo. Sorry about that. I was having too much fun partying my ass off with super hard core Titans fans. I'll see about trying to get photos from tomorrow's tailgate in Parking lot C.
  7. Total fucking beat down takeover. It’s beautiful.
  8. Your mom doesn’t agree with that. She would be insulted.
  9. Goal line fumble followed by safety followed by kickoff return TD. Awesome sequence. Resilient as fuck. Game over.
  10. The man’s a hero. Someone needs to write a song about him.
  11. The ticket gate agents would take one look at your sorry tard ass and would never let you in.
  12. I just checked StubHub and Ticketmaster (NFL Ticket Exchange). Prices are about the same as they were at the beginning of the week when I got my tix. But yes, the prices are very high. By far the most expensive tix I have bought since the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta.
  13. "According to VividSeats, a ticket broker". LOL Sounds like BS. They are saying that in order to try to drive up their sales and ticket prices.
  14. Bump. Seriously, none of you are planning to go to the game?

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