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  1. Despite the fact that he sucks, he doesn’t want to play, and is an asshole, the media thinks it’s a good idea, so maybe we should sign him.
  2. Denali

    Virus in US

    The religious far-right does not care about country borders. When it comes to the conduct of society, they only care about 3 things: 1. Abortion 2. Pre-marital sex 3. Booze The new shutdown in Texas immediately states the following: "All bars and similar establishments that receive more than 51% of their gross receipts from the sale of alcoholic beverages are required to close at 12:00 PM today." Now, what the fuck does % of alcohol sales have anything to do with anything? Other than an agenda targeted at closing down bars. And Texas is a red state, so this isn't a democrat/republican anti-Trump thing.
  3. All the "music" in this thread sucks. Nothing interesting about that.
  4. Denali

    Virus in US

    Because this may very well be a conspiracy by the religious right extremists to prevent premarital sex by closing off social interactions and social consumption of alcohol. That is why bars are being singled out and are being put out of business, while other businesses are allowed to stay open, and while protests (negative social interaction) are still allowed to continue. At first I thought it was a democrat vs republican anti-Trump thing, but now I think this seems to be the case instead. Either way, Covid is all bullshit. They are using number of cases as a barometer without taking anything else into context, full well knowing it's a completely false metric, Severity of the cases and number of deaths are being purposely ignored. Yes, there are more cases because of increased testing, but the number of deaths is being purposely ignored because it tells a different narrative. That's what this is all about: Narrative. And narrative is another word for bullshit. This is the flu.
  5. And by pie, he means internet clicks and television ratings.
  6. Of course not. Black people have blacks-only scholarships, minority only affirmative action, black colleges, and just recently, are now legally allowed to burn cities, take over neighborhoods, and assault police officers. White people don't have that.
  7. And that turned out to be bullshit. But I'm sure the FBI appreciates Wallace for bringing it to their attention, despite the fact that it was immediately obvious that it was a hoax. He needn't worry that they have created a dossier on him for future reference.
  8. That's actually a fair compromise. Which means it will be rejected by BLM and the libtard posse.
  9. No, I got the feeble attempt at some sort of humor. Sort of like a retard trying to tell a joke. Except that at least listening to the retard is funny in and of itself.
  10. Fucking awesome! You need to write a book called "Gay Confederates" with that flag on the cover. None of it has to be true. It can be all bullshit. But the cover and title alone are so offensive for so many reasons to so many people that the book will sell millions. And the more bad press it gets, all the better. You will be laughing all the way to the bank. I'm serious.
  11. I am upset that outright racism is the cause of the riots and crackpot libtards think its not just OK, but warranted. Lawlessness is OK because white people and Trump. And me being hostile? What the fuck would you call the burning of our cities? And as for the topic of this thread, a person being accused of rape, perhaps most likely falsely accused, I have stated that he brought it upon himself by associating with racist groups like Black Vandy. Racists have low morals, and bringing false charges of rape against someone in the interest of cashing in is a prime example. You just don't like hearing what I am saying. The truth hurts.

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