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  1. How much we would need to move up would of course depend on what pick we have to begin with. I would think there would be a threshold picking spot that would dictate whether it would be worth it to move up, or, in the worst/best case, to not have to move up at all to get another QB if we so choose. To put it another way, if we have a .500 or better record, I don't see us drafting a QB in the first round, unless JRob is willing to trade the farm.
  2. Nashville is the Howdy Doody of large crowds. When you have a large crowd celebrating a sporting event, it don't mean shit unless property is damaged and people are injured.
  3. Oh well. There goes my vacation plans for Iran.
  4. If you die, is someone going to take over your TR account?
  5. If only some of them had knives instead of bats. Could have settled that argument right then and there.
  6. I’m going with Jeffrey Simmons, because when he winds up in jail, he’s going to be looking to breakout.
  7. Now that's a great song. Thank you for posting it so everyone else can hear it.
  8. Yeah. Iran is a peaceful humanitarian country. Such a shame that bad few apples have to ruin it for them.
  9. Fixed. His dad (the former NFL player in the HOF) is 61 years old. You would think he would have taught his son how to properly hit on the grannies so that this wouldn't have happened.
  10. Is there a way for someone to improve themselves to the point that @ManningEnvy would never consider them to be a tard again? Can such a thing even be possible?
  11. Will they give out bobbleheads at the ceremony?
  12. Chandler was a very good/excellent QB. Hard not to keep him as the starter.
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