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  1. What if our two board moderators, @Jamalismsand @OILERMAN actually did more to collude with Russia than Trump? Both have worked the last 2 years to spread every point detailed in the now debunked Dossier along with many more now debunked conspiracy theories. It's time for new blood. Myself and @thor would make great mods. Scott Adams
  2. Of course the Gamma likes the weak sodomite and the abusive woman.
  3. Imagine viewing today 2 years ago. Imagine trying to view 2 years ahead from today. You don't have momentum right now you dumb fuck, but you will confidently predict you will have it a year and a half from now. No one is tuning in to watch these CNN DNC townhalls. No one is tuning in to CNN period, MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers. There is no sign of momentum for the Left. Geez, the lunacy on this board.
  4. Jamal's lame virtue signaling would be more believable if he gave two fucks about his own Party rigging the 2016 Primary....and still doing it today as it heads into 2020.
  5. High crimes and misdemeanors now include no obstruction, no collusion and he hurt my feelz by winning an election.
  6. Are they the same species or a different species? Science is fascinating.
  7. Why do you keep bringing up Hillary's emails?
  8. Russia seemingly backed everyone but poor Crooked Hillary. Jill Stein, Bernie, Trump, God, etc. Ironically enough, Crooked Hillary was backed by everyone saying Russia backed everyone but Crooked Hillary. 13 high powered lawyers, who also just happened to support Crooked Hillary, agree.
  9. Which part was worse, the no collusion, the no obstruction or no indictments for anyone associated with Trump due to Russia Collusion?
  10. And the other fake news spreading moderator chimes in with more confident stupidity. At least OMan is entertaining the idea that the report wasn't all that damning....but maybe...just maybe....it's hiding in the redactions. These guys are pitiful.
  11. The moderator who spread fake news gossip for over 2 years wants to read more gossip. Not surprising. Also not surprising, the 9/11 Commission Report didnt dissuade Conspiracy Theorists either.
  12. If it is truth one seeks, it isn't wrong. But yeah, if it's not truth you seek, then you miss out on all the juicy gossip.
  13. I'm sure it involves a more broad Conspiracy than even you feared.
  14. I won't be disappointed because I'm not really expecting much to happen. I've already said I would give everyone involved immunity for truthful testimony in helping enact meaningful DoJ/FBI/CIA reforms. At the end of that day, that is much more meaningful than political retribution.
  15. I'm infinitely more comfortable with Trump as President vs Bush (either one). And you could hypothetically add a President McCain or Romney to that list as well.
  16. Is it better for some to not read the report or do like you did and read the report but not know what you are reading?
  17. Have you not made an ass out of yourself enough over the past 2 years?
  18. Even if Trump fired Mueller, there would've been no obstruction. So to say he attempted to obstruct is ridiculous.
  19. Yeah, I'd advise anyone to go watch Will Chamberlain's periscopes on this dual obstruction reading issue. Yes, he is MAGA, but he explains both arguments. They are very good.
  20. Do it. Impeach him. Throw him in that briar patch. The Dems have worked themselves into an unwinnable corner, which is unsurprising.
  21. I feel like @Justafanhas lectured others on trolling. Welcome to the dark side.
  22. All one needs to read is the 10 pages where Weissman explains his view of obstruction vs the June 2018 Barr memo where Barr explains his view. Barr will defend his view in front of Congress and there are maybe 2 or 3 Dems that have the legal chops to go toe to toe with Barr. Same for Weissman, he should he brought in front of Senate Judiciary and be grilled on his interpretation. Again only a handful of GOP that could go to to toe with Weissman. Both would be interesting.
  23. Under Weissman's perverted reading, which no credible lawyer would agree with, he would be indicted. Under the Barr memo standard, he would be indicted on zero of those instances. Read both, if you can understand them, and tell me which makes more sense.
  24. Which one was the best, in your opinion? ...and by investigative you mean sucking Weissmans's little knob, who then leaked it.
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