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  1. What stirs people up is dealing with pretentious retards like you.
  2. And another disingenuous Satanic Cult member. "Me for, let me check whiff MSNBC and CNN...hold on ..patrols and drone surveillance because walls no workeee...because Drumpf is racist and Drumpf wants wall so wall is racist." Yeah, we get it, call DEA and tell them they are wrong, but don't call DHS and tell them they are wrong because they say we need sections of wall, but of course you know better. Just say you hate Trump more than you hate child trafficking. Admitting it is the first step.
  3. Another good example of one the Satanic Cult members protecting the monsters. You are a sick bastard.
  4. Jesus, the lengths the Satanic Culters will go to protect their narrative. Just look at these sorry sacks of shit contorting themselves to make ridiculous arguments to try and prove the border isn't a disaster, which every sane person agrees. Human trafficking hurr hurr hurr, like a wall would stop that you wacist. These morons don't understand the absolute monsters they are protecting, who benefit off our porous border. But Drumpf...
  5. Why not leave it up to the people who are on the border defending it....ohh wait, that's what Trump did. Again, the best thing to do would be shut it down completely, shut down all immigration completely until we have strict merit based immigration legislation that works.
  6. What's wrong with Breitbart, besides they pushback on the Left's Satanic Cult?
  7. If true, he is pretty bad at it. The right had to beg him to use lawful Emergency Powers to stop the invasion on our southern border.
  8. It must get tiring for your brain to have to come up with new conspiracies each day to ensure you don't question your warped view of reality. You are a textbook case of cognitive dissonance.
  9. The Right doesn't want it out so bad, they voted unanimously in the House to release it. Why would Devin Nunes vote to release it? He has pretty much seen all available evidence.
  10. Mexico is paying in many different ways, but nuance isn't yalls game.
  11. It was his central campaign issue. It is why Ryan, Corker, Alexander, and other weak on immigration/border RINOs are out of a job. You need to get out more in middle America. This is a winning issue.
  12. This is a winning issue for Trump. Largely supported by middle America.
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