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  1. Hey guys, remember when I told you the President could use Emergency Powers to divert funds for the wall and some of you laughably argued against me? Supreme Court agrees with me. Second order of business when I'm given Mod powers, anyone pushing the now debunked and discredited Russia Collusion or Obstruction conspiracy theory, will be banned from the Politics board because you are too stupid to add anything of value. I await your nomination.
  2. Anyone see the line of questioning on the alleged Russian troll farm yesterday? Anyone see the segment on Tucker last night regarding the alleged Russian troll farm? Who, on this board, told you there was nothing there as soon as it came out? Who? Do you guys miss getting true news? I might come back on a daily basis if a moderator spot were to be offered, but @Jamalismshas to apologize and give up his bully moderator privilege on this board. Just let me know. First order of business would be to bring back @thor.
  3. Honestly, even I didn't think the Mueller Hearing would be as bad for Dems as it was today. That went as badly as it could. So, I'm not here to gloat at the moronic Leftists on this board like @OILERMAN, I'm here for a shoulder to cry on. Sorry, guys, I can feel your embarrassment and disappointment in Mueller. I will say, I tried to tell you loons back in December 2016. You should've listened.
  4. By the way, one more thing. How good does my thread title look now? Post Mueller Coup indeed. Life is good. I know most of you hate me because I was right so often, but admit it, you've missed getting good reliable info.
  5. Why is a Judge telling Mueller team to cease and desist making unsupported claims about the supposed Russian Troll Farm? Nailed that one from the start. While the usual morons like @Justafan @OILERMAN @Jamalisms had a field day with their fake news. How many times do I have to be proven right before I'm made moderator of this board? Anyway, I know you guys have missed me and have been suffering under tyrannical moderator rule, but I had to peek back in and take yet another victory lap. The consequences of being right. There will be more.
  6. What if our two board moderators, @Jamalismsand @OILERMAN actually did more to collude with Russia than Trump? Both have worked the last 2 years to spread every point detailed in the now debunked Dossier along with many more now debunked conspiracy theories. It's time for new blood. Myself and @thor would make great mods. Scott Adams
  7. Of course the Gamma likes the weak sodomite and the abusive woman.
  8. Imagine viewing today 2 years ago. Imagine trying to view 2 years ahead from today. You don't have momentum right now you dumb fuck, but you will confidently predict you will have it a year and a half from now. No one is tuning in to watch these CNN DNC townhalls. No one is tuning in to CNN period, MSNBC is hemorrhaging viewers. There is no sign of momentum for the Left. Geez, the lunacy on this board.
  9. Jamal's lame virtue signaling would be more believable if he gave two fucks about his own Party rigging the 2016 Primary....and still doing it today as it heads into 2020.
  10. High crimes and misdemeanors now include no obstruction, no collusion and he hurt my feelz by winning an election.
  11. Are they the same species or a different species? Science is fascinating.
  12. Why do you keep bringing up Hillary's emails?
  13. Russia seemingly backed everyone but poor Crooked Hillary. Jill Stein, Bernie, Trump, God, etc. Ironically enough, Crooked Hillary was backed by everyone saying Russia backed everyone but Crooked Hillary. 13 high powered lawyers, who also just happened to support Crooked Hillary, agree.
  14. Which part was worse, the no collusion, the no obstruction or no indictments for anyone associated with Trump due to Russia Collusion?