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  1. She's a misunderstood public servant. Interesting.
  2. Funny story, a black co-worker was talking about Antonio Brown's confrontation with Mayock and he said, "yeah they cut him, he called the GM the C-word". I didn't know what he was talking about and I said, "cunt"? He laughed and said, "no, he called him a cracker". The C-word for cracker? You see how stupid this all is? Just say the word.
  3. I'd love to see that crooked bitch die in prison, but I take comfort in knowing she lives in her own personal hell every second of every day. It's a pitiful existence.
  4. Not just any publicity, but "mega publicity". You guys should be embarrassed to have read these articles in the privacy of your own home, but then you post them here to prove to those of us with a functioning brain how fucking ignorant you are. I used to think Reo was the dumbest poster on this board, but @tgoIs giving him a good run.
  5. For Oilerman, it's a daily question as he solicits in the gym locker room. He only has one stipulation, call him Marcus while the mail is being delivered.
  6. Omar would vote for her in 2020, no doubt. Even pious @Justafan, who claims to be above the political fray, would run to the polls to enthusiastically vote for her.
  7. Barr's investigation will include people from both Parties, as both were involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Another reason why the Politico headline was fake news.
  8. That is just false and you can't provide the law to make your case, in regard's to Barr's DoJ investigation. Giuliani's is more problematic if there was a quid pro quo, but there is ZERO evidence to show there was. Even the Ukranian's have said there was no quid pro quo in regards to Giuliani's investigation. But, muddy the water enough between the two separate investigations and hopefully people who aren't paying attention will fall for it. Again, I don't hate the political gamesmanship, but I'm also not falling for it as you are.
  9. That is the actual sleight of hand, perpetuating that falsehood.
  10. There is no sleight of hand. There are easy and discernable differences from Barr's investigation and Giuliani's. They aren't one and the same.
  11. This isn't a credible rebuttal. This isn't a rebuttal at all. He creates a fake binary, you are either siding with us or Russia and then appeals to authority. After all the questionable actions regarding the previous "investigation", no area is off limits for review. If everything was on the up and up, the review should be quick and easy.
  12. They called him the "N word"? Maybe that is why children don't respect their elders.