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  1. He had a such a great year with the offense just to choke hard in the first round of the playoffs. That playcalling was absolutely horrendous, idk if I was the only one thinking that but my lord was it bad. No 1st down play action pass till like the 4th quarter. Ran it on 1st how many times to get 2 yards. We kept trying to stuff the run when it wasn’t there and it was slowing down our offense. Me personally can’t wait for him to get a HC job
  2. Hope you beat the shit out of the ravens
  3. One is on a high passing attack team and the other on a running team. AJ more impressive
  4. Would be a good game, we still gotta clinch though
  5. Course man it’s all in good fun, you got a fun one in NE should be a nice game for y’all
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