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  1. Jd8

    If you need a reminder.......

    You don’t think being that secondary receiver helps make his job easier? Having defenses focus on Julio or having Ryan as your QB helps? Davis has an inconsistent QB, an offense where he was drafted to be the guy very early on. Lol Davis would be amazing in that offense
  2. And injure himself in the act 🙄 All kidding aside he has no choice but to finish the season strong! Ending on this note would be bad especially with the fan base! This wouldn’t even be a conversation with most the QBs back in the 90s There’s no doubt he’s got to protect himself better. He has great potential but with the constant injuries who knows if will ever see his true potential
  3. Jd8

    Rashaan Evans

    He continues playing like he is amd getting Better they can another 4th lol seriously though this defense for a long time has been lacking a play maker in the middle, having one does so much for a defense!
  4. Lol Peyton Made bad decisions his first year too! Not sure if he will win but he most definitely should win! And theres no question about bout this kid, he is the real deal! Its obvious when watching him that this is no fluke year or he will start to regress! first year starting QBs that have made you hesitant any of them throw for 5, 000 yards and 50 TDs? The kid shines against top competition too hes been lights out up against some of the best And No the bad decisions Will not catch up to him because he makes 100x more good decisions
  5. Jd8

    Rashaan Evans

    Seriously? @bongo59 for as much as your wrong 95% of the time and all the bullshit you have said over the years you shouldn’t be allowed to say “I win” especially not “I win again” 😂 Some things never change 🙄
  6. That is exactly what will happen
  7. Bomb here? No fucking way...I’m guessing you haven’t watched him much
  8. In the NFL what is more important then Football? 🤨 You think those 90s Cowboys teams was Choir boys? Ha no it was filled with crackheads, women beaters and men with triple the testosterone then a normal guy! If the Ravens cut ties with Ray Lewis they Don’t come close to a SB. I’m sure Jrob won’t even consider it but I would be all for it! Kareem Hunt is exactly the kind of player this offense is missing! Davis, Hunt & Mariota!! Or we can draft another Henry 😬
  9. If Marcus goes would you still be a fan? Just curious
  10. Jd8

    Jim Irsay on preparing for TN

    You must have never watched the movie! He basically dips his entire face in it lol
  11. Jd8

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    You have no idea what you are talking about
  12. Jd8

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    I don’t know about this franchise but he’s definitely been killing some other franchises 😜 Titans have all this momentum hope the colts do not turn into a trap game lol, but I don’t think it will! Fully expect The Titans come away with the win and will not be sitting in bad shape at 6-4 especially with Mariota having this confidence!
  13. From Chilis?!?!? You poor child 😔
  14. Jd8

    Thoughts on win vs Cowboys

    Wasn’t Marcus a bum just days ago? Of course he no choice but to be more consistent but this is why opinions should not be made over the course of a game & change weekly! 🙄
  15. lol is it really steep? Only because of this absurd thought that mid & late round picks are gold and not even proven players are worth it! Give me a proven vet over a 4th round pick anytime! This isn’t supposed to be another rebuild year! I bet bet if you go back the last 15 years, 90% of our 4th round picks are no more then backups or special teams players. You will always find a lot more Jamie Harpers then you will David Stewarts. I don’t at all think DT is going to blow up the stat sheet or be what he was years ago but he to us would have definitely been worth a 4th round pick! I guess if you prefer potential over production then it’s ok 👍