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  1. Titans need to make this a singalong during the games this year.
  2. I sure as hell hope that some of you assholes that don’t care about the planet you live on never procreate. Some of us want this place to survive so our families can enjoy it too. It’s amazing to me that this is even a political issue. Every person that lives on this earth should want the best for the planet regardless of political affiliation.
  3. Pretty much anyone who cares about future generations having a quality place to live. I’m sure you don’t want your kids or your grandkids or future great grandkids etc. to live in a shithole
  4. I also have a titans tie and lapel pin but I don’t go to church.
  5. This was the biggest climate change protest in history and they have no plans to stop until world leaders take climate change seriously.
  6. As long as he doesn’t go to a zone blocking team he will be fine.
  7. Lol this literally was one of the first viral videos. The memes that came from this were great. WHERE THA GOLD AT?!? Here is the whole video. For those that have lived under a rock the last 13 years.
  8. Someone on Reddit had a great post that I thought should be shared here.
  9. Does this surprise anyone at all? We all expected the veto. He knows he will lose this in court because of the dangerous precedent it sets for future administrations. This is nothing more than political posturing for the 2020 race. If he truly thought he could get the wall he would have done all of this when the Republicans controlled the entire gov. He didn’t do it then because it would make him look like a complete failure to not be able to get it funded with complete control of every branch. Now they have the “mean ol America hating libtards” to blame it on and their retard supporters will eat it up like a fat kid eating cake. At this point im starting to hope they do build the wall so that when things don’t change and the same number of people show up and request asylum we can all say “I told you so”. All of these idiots think that tons of Mexicans are flooding our borders and border patrol agents are constantly chasing people down, When in reality the majority are not Mexicans and they are just showing up and turning themselves in and requesting asylum. Wall or fence, they will still show up and request asylum. It’s international law and you can’t stop it no matter how much you hate brown people.
  10. It’s also stupid to say losing the 4th will hurt next year because Jrob has not used a 4th round pick as a GM so far. He will probably trade this years to move up and get someone just to keep his streak alive.
  11. Jrob will probably go BPA. I would not be shocked to see him move up to snag someone that’s droping now that he’s got 2 6th rounders.
  12. He should run on “draining the Swamp” and start “Lock him up” chants at his rallies.
  13. Jrob saw how bad the inside of the line looked making the transition to ZBS last year. They were downright terrible run blockers for 3/4 of the year. He goes out and signs the top Guard on the market that happens to come from a zone scheme and now Pamphile. He was looking ok before he got hurt and can provide good depth/ be a swingman.
  14. A month ago when I was in Vegas I put $25 on the browns to win the AFC at +1000 and $25 on them to win the Super Bowl at +2000
  15. Looks like what he’s done every year to me. Fill the spots of need before the draft so that he can go BPA in the 1st. Needed a slot reciever so he got one of the best ones on the market, needed a guard and he got the best one on the market, needed a vet DE and that’s what he just got.
  16. Wow. Browns get OBj and give up 1st ,3rd and Jabril Peppers.
  17. The exact thing that won him the first election will lose him the second.
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