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  1. Kind of like how the economy was shit in republicans eyes until the day Trump was sworn in. It’s amazing that the simple swearing in of a new president can completely revert a recession in an instant!
  2. I’m just waiting for Obama to get blamed somehow, because you know it’s coming.
  3. When short term bonds pay as much as a long term... a recession is on the horizon.
  4. I can’t wait for stranger things. I’m going to rewatch both of the other seasons soon just because it’s been a while.
  5. It will be hard to get this into every home like the current consoles can do without quality internet spreading into rural areas. I live in a rural area where the only ISP option has a data cap and isn’t fast enough(latency not speed) for gaming. So I tend to play a lot of games that also offer offline gaming or use my Verizon hot spot for online gaming. I wouldn’t get stadia strictly for that reason.
  6. Inb4 the first racist student led hate rally on a major university campus causes a riot.
  7. No one fears it. If they did anything to aid her and she knew about it. Throw the book at her. That’s the difference between Republicans and independents or liberals People on the center or left side seem to be fine with investigations and justice being served. People here just get tired of you spamming fake news on the politics forum. Expect this one to get moved to your spam thread too.
  8. While I think Nelson is losing a lot of tread. He had his highest catch % of his career last year and still averaged over 11ypc.
  9. Yep. This is the kind of crap that should get reported. If he listed all of those tweets in one post, or he used them to reply to someone else it would be fine. But he’s purposefully posting multiple times to keep it on the new posts feed and or make it look like it’s gotten more discussion. If this is true(which I highly doubt given the OP) throw the book at her.
  10. You would think that someone who spam posts threads constantly sould have learned how to edit the OP instead of constantly replying to themselves. Unless they are either a bot programmed to post, or their goal is to spam bump the topic back to the top of the “new posts” feed. Which in either case absolutely makes it deserving of deletion and possible ban.
  11. Titans need to make this a singalong during the games this year.
  12. I sure as hell hope that some of you assholes that don’t care about the planet you live on never procreate. Some of us want this place to survive so our families can enjoy it too. It’s amazing to me that this is even a political issue. Every person that lives on this earth should want the best for the planet regardless of political affiliation.
  13. Pretty much anyone who cares about future generations having a quality place to live. I’m sure you don’t want your kids or your grandkids or future great grandkids etc. to live in a shithole
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