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  1. I think the Suh pursuit was mostly about adding a potential game-changer to a defense that's lacking in them. If they wanted a 25-snap rotational pass rusher, they could have found one.
  2. If they wanted an interior rusher, they would have added a player that is one or kept Klug instead of pairing Casey with a guy who's never done much as a rusher and a couple NTs. Bad years from Morgan and Orakpo, plus Evans' troubles getting on the field, are the big pass rush culprits.
  3. NewsToTom

    Amy Adams Strunk Profile

    http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/25158488/the-story-how-owner-amy-adams-strunk-revitalized-tennessee-titans?addata=espn:frontpage Surely because of the MNF appearance, Bruce Schoenfeld of ESPNw has a big piece on Amy Adams Strunk. There's nothing from this current season in it, but a lot of background on her and how she ended up in charge. No surprise that keeping Marcus healthy was a big part of Whisenhunt's firing-"And the practical part of this was, in that offense, Marcus was likely to get hurt."
  4. C (average). The initial trade out of #1 was great, better than I thought he'd do, but not impressed by much after that. Webster added some good players, but almost every year he did at least one thing with the roster I thought was insane. J-Rob's only insane decisions in my book so far have been not giving Mularkey a blocking TE other than Jonnu last year and going into the season with this year's WR group. If, speaking hypothetically, the Titans go 6-10 this year and 7-9 next year, J-Rob will have a lot of explaining to do after his hand-picked coach picked after a non-search couldn't do better than the scrub retread he had foisted on him.
  5. NewsToTom

    Trade Hypotheticals

    Age/career length makes Odell an easy call for me.
  6. Should start like 13 or 15 minutes in and run for about 10 minutes.
  7. Should be available here
  8. NewsToTom

    Beddingfield: Davis’s ceiling is a good #2

    Beddingfield wasn't a fan at Davis at his draft position, and Davis hasn't done enough on the field to make him change his mind. I can take or leave the former statement, and the latter is difficult to dispute in my book.
  9. You need to cut off the backside linebackers from flowing to the playside and to create the cutback lanes. Depending on the defensive alignment, that ends up as the center's job fairly frequently, so if he can't do that, you're in trouble.
  10. I hope I said Mariota right. I can't hear myself talk live, so I try to call him Marcus whenever I can. 102.5 podcasts their entire show, at least on their iTunes feed, so I'll post a link when I see one.
  11. Haven't been posting here much, because Reasons, but thought I'd let people know I'll be doing a hit with 102.5's Midday Show. We'll be talking Titans of some sort or another.
  12. Gerald McRath. Got cut in 2011 preseason, IIRC. They stopped trusting that Leroy Harris could snap the ball, and guard was a different sort of challenge. I said Moss isn't an upgrade on Britt but may be differently as good, Titans would probably 8-8/9-7 at midseason and I felt like the most pessimistic guy in town by a mile.
  13. NewsToTom


    Looked like quarters with Vaccaro and Butler. When the slot receiver to that side breaks outside (toward Butler), Vaccaro (who was lined up deep downfield and basically flat-footed) comes to follow him, so he's not in position to follow the subsequent break inside by Matthews. At that point, Butler needs to realize he needs to stick with Matthews, but he stays to cover the out-breaking route long enough for Matthews to get separation. I don't know the Titans' coverage rules, but once Vaccaro has started to move, I think Butler needs to stick with Matthews even if the design is for Vaccaro to pick up an in-breaking route by the outside receiver.
  14. One addition, two deletions yesterday. Two additions, one deletion today. They'll have to make another move to add a quarterback, which seems like good news for Marcus. Then again, that's the same thing Saturday's transaction report told me, so we'll see.
  15. NewsToTom

    Old Titans Games/Content

    Both are unavailable for me, due to NFL blocking them on copyright grounds.