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  1. Did Tim Kelly lose his mind that series? WTF Titans, the vast majority of fans are rooting for you guys tonight.
  2. We are much less confident than you. The Bengals offense is extremely limited, run game is hit or miss and the passing scheme is very short passes. Due to Burrow's injury we cannot go under center thus no play action, no roll outs or boots, and he cannot escape pressure. Not to mention, no completed passes over 20 yards. Simmons will destroy the LG, he had 0.00 PFF pass blocking grade vs the Rams, down from the lowly 5.00 he had vs the Browns. in Week 1 TE1 didn't play vs Rams and unsure of his status this week. Hudson, called up from the practice squad before the game took over TE1 duties as to receptions. 2 new safeties are a bit of an issue as communication has been off leading to wide open receivers on a few plays. If the Titans obtain an early lead the Bengals will be in trouble.
  3. They sat him for 5 weeks and it didnt heal, he is going to have to deal with it for possibly the entire season. He cant go under center, so play action is extremely limited, he cant move out of the pocket and our Go Routes are now 15 yards. The Rams kept both safeties deep the entire game, Joe can throw 10 yarders all day. He completed one pass over 20 yards in the last 3 games. Defenses playing deep Cover 2 keeps us in the game. We dont call many run plays and when we do Joe audibles out or passes on most RPOs. We should not be difficult to defend, especially coming off this short week as Im sure Joe wont practice much. Be interesting to see how Vrabel decides to defend this limping offense.
  4. It will be weeks before Burrow finds his groove based upon the last 3 games. The Rams were 0-10 on 3rd downs, they did get one in the last minute. The offense was very bad the 1st 2 games, especially game 1. 7 straight 3 and outs, 10 punts, the D had zero rest, played well until the 2nd half when Chubb ran it hard during a rain storm, we gave up over 200 yards rushing but most was late in the 2nd half. We couldn't stop squat vs the Ravens, worse our D has looked in a long time, but they bounced back against the Rams totally shut them down. Had 6 sacks with 2 or 3 more called back due to penalties in the secondary. The offense has trended from horrendous to barely average, I do not foresee us putting on an explosive display, we are likely weeks from our actual offense.
  5. Bengals fan here, was rooting for you guys last week.... I can tell you that Burrow will not be hitting his 3rd option very often. Even with plenty of time last night he was checking down or throwing the ball away immediately if option 1 was not available. He is getting better each week but still very far from full health. He wont take any chances with Simmons.
  6. Burrow was playing on a bad leg, had 2 full practices in 5 weeks, and no game tape on the D.
  7. I could have said "Dumbaass" instead of Dude..... I can post this in slow motion but the photos really show the obvious. But then again you are the same dumbass who said Tannehill was better than Burrow. You embarrass the vast majority of posters on this site that actually know ball.
  8. Dude, it jerked his head and he was sliding.... I have All 22, how many angles do you need to see that you are wrong in your assessment that Burrow wasnt hit whatsoever? You want us to believe your lying eyes? I mean it's right there in the pics, so obvious.
  9. Are they running it when they bunch WRs? I guess it doesnt matter if WR runs the wrong route....
  10. Sending a player in motion is a huge help for QB recognition - the Chiefs do it constantly, the Bengals have done it more and more, I think Tannehill would benefit as well.
  11. I did and it is obvious he caught a forearm to the neck. The announcers even mentioned it. There was an intentional grounding penalty the next play so this correctly called penalty didnt have much impact.
  12. The player (37?) seemed to hit Burrow in the neck with a forearm coming across the field, the 2nd Titan coming downhill looked as if he did try to avoid Burrow going over the top.
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