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  1. There seems to be a lot of posters on this site that knows ball. You are being a fanboy if you think Tannehill is better than Burrow. Absolutely NO ONE outside of the Titans fanbase would agree with you, and even then the 80% of your fans that know ball wouldnt either.
  2. Is this a serious comment? I don't see how you can compare the QBs off of the stats for just this game? Tannehill had more yards and a better %, but which QB made better big time throws when it mattered? Especially without his WR1. On a larger scale, which one is Top 3-5 in almost every important QB category? Which one led a terrible franchise to the SB in his first full season? If the Titans had Joe Burrow they would be perennial SB favorites IMO. I might be wrong but I think Burrow is a couple tiers above Tannehill and that is not a knock on Ryan.
  3. Mixon is probably 2nd on the team in sacks given up and didnt run the ball well early in the season. With our passing game many running backs should be serviceable. We lose Bates after this season, if we cut Mixon as well that is over $25M we can use next season.
  4. For some reason we are a good matchup with the Titans, but I'd rather not play you guys again. Every down seems difficult on both sides of the ball, we are the least penalized team in the NFL the last 2 seasons and had 50 flags today for a reason.
  5. Excellent take. Titans D made Burrow look as bad as he has all season - he is uber accurate and threw sub 60% today. This is a huge win for us as we hadnt beaten a real good team this season. Titans fans have no concerns, you guys have the division title wrapped up. We have to root for teams like the Jaguars to produce miracles with the Ravens having the easiest remaining schedule and us playing the hardest. Not sure of your OC but we love Vrabel, you guys will be fine.
  6. I thought they did this once with a fake to Henry up the gut and toss out to Hilliard which was a successful play? I hated seeing that but they never went back to it.
  7. Mixon is set to make $12M & 13M the next 2 seasons...my team should be rethinking this. He is solid but he is no Henry.
  8. The defense was actually kind of stout, it seemed we had to fight for every yard and make some great catches. Burrow never throws sub 60% hats off to the Titans D. On the other hand the Titans offense seemed very predictable. You are not very good at this football thingy are you?
  9. Reader is playing, he came back from IR last game - he wasnt very effective.
  10. You misread or misinterpreted, if the word was rushing it was in reference to run defense - we have an excellent pass DE in Hendrickson. You see what you want to see, you immediately came out of the gate mad and I still have not claimed that the Bengals would win or that any of our players are better than yours. In fact you guys have a better coach, running backs and probably are a tad better at a couple other position groups depending on how one compares them. We have a better QB, K, and WR group. Our best WR, CB and RB are out - Titans should win by 10.
  11. I dont think Hubbard was the top pass rushing DE, he was the highest graded run stop DE for most of last season. I'm not sure where he ended up at season's end as I was watching too many playoff games..... you just cant help yourself can you? I see no other reason why Vegas would make the Bengals a favorite unless there wasnt enough money on the Titans? I dont know any Bengals fans betting this game and that is before Chase was ruled out.
  12. I do appreciate the good convo with the majority of people on the site, but you fragile ones 2upset that anyone else is here despite predicting a Titan win and one that cant take a joke. Clutch your purses and scream while you type your unnecessary comments.
  13. Are you triggered over this? Should I have included Henry to make it more obvious for you?
  14. No but maybe a trade? Simmons and 1st and a 2nd in the 2023 draft?
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