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  1. Beautiful. Jake Fromm is the man Tua Taugvolia or whatever is really freakin good. Justin Herbert went back and is a good QB and if he improves will be right up there in contention with the #1 pick. KJ Costello from Stanford is a really good prospect. Big. Strong. Accurate. Pro style offense. Boring for the media to scout bc he lacks what Tua has athletically or Herbert for that matter but he is a really good prospect Jake Eason from Washington was once a #1 recruit for GA and was ahead of Fromm but transferred. Probably a round 2-4 guy.
  2. We may even see us give TB a 6th this year and 6 next year for Gerald McCoy and rework his contract. JR was there for McCoy and he might be wanting him. Casey, McCoy, Johnson, Wilkins, Jones would make for a devastating DL Davis, Humphries, Taylor, Arcega Whiteside, Sharpe, Jennings would make for an explosive WR corp Piersbacher steps in day 1 at RG and is a scheme fit and Polite drops due to concerns but he is gifted on the field but a little raw and with some coaching and learning from Wake and providing depth behind Wake, Landry, Finch, Correa he could give some pop to the pass rush. Especially with the DL Dawson Knox is a solid TE Who is vastly underrated
  3. This. I firmly believe we will get a DL in the first and an OLB Ximines in 2 and follow that with IOL in 3 and WR in 4 and RB in 5 we May see it a little all over the place due to depth Or we could go 1) Christian Wilkins - DT 2) JJ Arcega-Whiteside - WR 3) Ross Pierschbacher - RG 4) Jachai Polite - OLB 5) Dawson Knox - TE 6) Rodney Anderson - RB
  4. Verner was a class act whom we should have kept. He wanted to stay here. He loved it here. He never got a full offer. He obviously wasn’t asking for the moon. We made a mistake and Webster likely said something to the media to downplay that he misjudged it and screwed up and could’ve kept him at 6-7/yr not the 9-10+ they expected it take. So they assumed it would be a starting point of 9+ a year and never made offers and then when it was reported after a few days of not signing that he wouldn’t be getting that much they likely made a lousy offer to save face and then a public statement to save more egg on the face
  5. Simple way of looking at it. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to stay. See above
  6. I sent him a tweet asking what happened last second with negotiations and how it was handled poorly and wish we kept him. He messaged me with this
  7. This is not true. I spoke to Verner over Twitter DM and he told me that the team didn’t want to sign him and had other plans and that he wanted to continue being a Titan. Ill see see if I can copy it here
  8. With those insane things never happening. Unless MM does stink it up and we do make a major move for a QB next year... you draft well this year. Trade back and accumulate more picks bc there’s a bunch of first round talent in the 2nd or stay at 19 and take a star player like Simmons
  9. I agree but we are in limbo at QB. Giving up 1 next year to move up eliminates us from Fromm/Tua if MM isn’t putting up numbers needed for a contract and unable to play the season. If we trade up for an elite talent lent then we are saying we are going to go with MM no matter what going forward and an extension coming soon. I would move up into the 8-10 range for a top defensive player if all we had to give up is two 2’s and a 4th this year. A second this year and next. Thatll give us our 1 and 3 next year which we could package with multiple future first rounders to move up for Fromm or for some wild reason Seattle doesn’t resign Wilson you just give them three first rounders and tag MM and trade him with it for say Wilson and a 2 in 2020 and 3rd in 2021
  10. Ziggy was a big ticket FA last year before the tag. This year he is unsigned. He will get a one year prove it deal. Whats the reason though? He’s very talented. Injuries and inconsistencies? i think we should give him a look. Why not offer Suh a two year deal? Even a one year deal? Is he waiting to return to the Rams?
  11. I really wish Derrick Mason would take on some kind of mentorship and work with our WRs like Taylor. I also wish Taylor and Davis would seek HOF players out like Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson or Jerry Rice to help them craft their game. Or even get with other top WRs in the league
  12. I can see it being Devin Bush or Byron Murphy. Maybe just maybe it’s Simmons
  13. And the most likely team to trade up is Oakland or NE
  14. Isabella and Pierschbcher are round 2 guys and Henderson May be a late 2 def a round 3 guy. Wise is not lasting until round 6.
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