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  1. Strafford would make this offense click. He is accurate, smart and not hesitant to throw the ball into tight coverages or deep. He can get into shoot outs. He he would be great here. I like Carr too, but he is a true game manager. Which is fine for this team.
  2. We should have gone for it on 4th and 2 opposed to sitting there like we wanted and end up wasting 30-40 seconds and using a crucial timeout that would have came in handy at the end of the game. Blew my mind. Today we we missed Succop. He would have hit the FG that Santos missed.
  3. His arm strength is better than people think. He isn’t Chad Pennington weak. He is more along the lines of Mariota in all honesty. That’s plenty of arm strength.
  4. Why do they have Rosen if they aren’t going to play him? He has major talent. Oh. Because they are tanking. That’s right.
  5. BS about Davis. He would be a bonafide star with a QB who can dictate defenses and deliver accurate passes. We we are going to draft a QB like Fromm or Eason or even sign one like Strafford or Rosen and this team will take off. Any decent QB stepping into this offense is going to thrive throwing passes to Davis, Brown, Humphries, Walker, and with this OL when we get Lewan back. Personally i I want to see us retain Henry and Conklin and trade up for Fromm. I salivate over the thought of him in this offense. Just like I thought we should have drafted Stidham who is a lot like Fromm but with a stronger arm. Fromm is a pocket passer with a high IQ and big time accuracy and is able to scan the field and navigate the pocket. The only knock on him is he doesn’t have an arm like Allen or Jackson or Mahomes power wise. He has more of an arm like Watson or Mariota when it comes to deep stuff, but the kid is amazingly accurate and has a great touch pass. While the NFL slobbers over Tua and Herbert I’m over here happy that Fromm is the “#3” QB in the draft and Eason the #4 as it stands right now. I would be be fine with either Eason or Fromm
  6. I’m on the draft Jake Fromm or Jacob Eason train
  7. I agree this is on Mariota also. Which is why I included him, but Vrabel was just as bad
  8. I temporarily threw in the towel last year. I have had one foot in and one foot out for the last few years but today was the final straw for me. Today was prime example that we have a Super Bowl contending team if only we had a QB. That is all we are missing. I dont care if MM throws for 3500 yards and 28 TD to 4 INT... we are not retaining him. We will be drafting a QB high and going forward. We can win with a rookie QB and at worst get the same level of play. We we may be seeing a change very soon. We may have a better chance with RT
  9. Squarely on Vrabel. He he was out coached and mismanaged the clock on the 4th and 2 he should have challenged the PI call on the colts first drive. We we went away from the run when it was working. I put this on Vrabel and Mariota.
  10. Mariota was the correct pick at the time and he has done nothing but positive things for this franchise. He brought us out of the gutter and made us a team that can hang with anyone and won us a playoff game including three straight winning seasons. Has it been pretty? Not the whole time. Has it been awful? No. Has there been great moments? Absolutely. How anyone one can bash picking MM and shit on what he has accomplished with the situation he was brought into is ridiculous. Sure. We could have traded back with Philly and acquire a crap ton of picks and players and made a play for Wentz or Goff the following year but that would have been moronic at the time. Lets see see how Mariota does this year and enjoy the fact we have a fucking great team and hope he has a fire ass year. If if he does not then we have a more than capable backup who could start for a dozen teams and he could be the guy to start next year while we groom Fromm, Eason, or whoever they decide on. They may opt to sign Strafford if he hits the market. They may retain Mariota and still draft a QB high considering the roster pretty much has no glaring weakness. Then go after a QB like Lawrence the following year with everything they can. Until then. Can we talk about the Colts?
  11. It’s been reported on ESPN the dolphins gave his agent and him person to seek a trade and are looking for a first round draft pick. A few GMs said that’s too much and no one will give it. I think the most they can get is a 2 or a 3. We don’t need him one bit. I don’t care if we did and I don’t care if we don’t. I think Philly would be a great spot for him or Detroit
  12. We used to be Cleveland in that situation and other teams used to be us. We we are on the other side
  13. His most impressive trait is his ball protection