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  1. Where can I get the tickets? also which is the titans sideline?
  2. We have an exciting young team, we need a young energetic coach, we have experimented quite a few times with old school coaches and we all know the results. The goal here is superbowl not playoffs, we need coach who is to able to manage the game better, be smart, be able to make adjustment during games, design new routes week in and week out and not run same shit. Also Mariota needs take up some responsibility, show his on field maturity, be smart and not just look at the sideline. He shouldve changed that 4th down call along with other calls during the season, he is a 3rd year qb for crying out loud not first year. That 4th down call was just pathetic, shows that coach is not up to the mark ...not fast to react and doesn't think on his feet.
  3. he was 33 at that time, I'm sure he learned his lesson. Everyone deserves a second chance.
  4. Lombardi doesn't know jack sh*t In regards to Josh Mcdaniels first tenure as HC, we need to understand he was making personnel decision as well,(trading marshall, cutler etcc) he had all that power that I think got to his head. He wont have that here with JRob, plus he is much more mature coach now.
  5. Can someone please send an email to AAS, tell her its time to switch to exciting brand of football not the old school game we have be playing for quite sometime. We need fresh young blood. IF MM stays with the same staff he will be fired next year for sure.
  6. josh gordon catches the ball, Britt not!
  7. swap Britt with Nicks. Both are injury prone except Nicks can actually catch!
  8. do these F*kers ever talk about us. All I heard was KC this n that!!.
  9. If depth and leadership is what we need .. sign Urlacher!
  10. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

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