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  1. You have Gurley and you pass on 3 straight plays? Now I'm pulling for KC. Idiot McVay
  2. They literally said "the tape on Evans is incredible" then proceeded to go to commercial... And come back to talking about the Pats. Some things never change. That said, i like the pick.
  3. Titans win 31-17. Offense finally stops shooting itself in the foot. Henry has 150yds and 2 TDs Adoree Jackson has a TD on Offense, a Pick Six, and a Punt/KO return for a TD (please let this happen on national tv) Steelers fans are seen wiping tears with their terrible towels
  4. You have to wonder how jealous he is of the Preds crowd vs the Titans crowd? Preds crowds are insane compared to a Titans game.
  5. I think you could give a nod to Avery Williamson, Woodyard has been playing great (up until the Jets game), and Perrish Cox as well.
  6. Mularaky/Michael are in love with draw plays and they are driving me insane with them. I understand them on third and long, but between the 2nd/3rd long last week and a few today (that have not worked), i'm screaming over here.
  7. 57 years in the NFL for Lebeau and he has yet to figure out how to cover Olsen. When will he change and stop letting him get free?
  8. Bass got fined $17k for that hit. While I agree with the penalty since thats today's NFL, I think the fine is a bit outlandish considering Brees ducked into his oncoming shoulder.

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