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  1. Man, if you don’t shut yo ass up!!! This is the best QB play we have had since 2003 or so. Either enjoy or go find something to do that doesn’t make you miserable!
  2. This will be the third time we have had them and the second time we have had them at Nissan Stadium this season.
  3. All the losses, all of the humiliation, fumbling away an AFC Championship in 2003 right before halftime at the Black Hole! Mike Mularkey basically choking a division title and getting himself fired in a 7 day stretch in San Francisco and Glendale. No better time than the present to turn the tide and start winning games on the west coast!
  4. All the losses, all of the humiliation, Pat McAfee and Reggie Wayne making fun of us in our own town during the draft. No better time than the present to turn the tide on these sons of a bitch!
  5. I’ll say this, the next time Marcus throws a tight window laser like Tannehill threw to Tajae in front of me in Section 102, will be the first. The difference in arm strength is startling in person.
  6. I have my bags packed......hope he gives me a reason to believe again but at this point, you kind of are who you are. You can go get a JaCoby Brissett and get equal to slightly better results.
  7. All of this discussion is way premature. I'm not super enamored with MM at this point, but 9 snaps in a preseason game isn't tilting shit.
  8. The ball was under thrown but I’m encouraged that Mr. Cautious actually let a 50-50 ball go.
  9. Great athlete, mediocre feel for the game of football
  10. I’m thinking about going Saturday to watch and support the 2019-2020 team. Who all is heading out to watch?
  11. Yeah, I have a family member that is a massive Cowgirls fan and he feels the same way. But in the case of Dak, or Mariota, or even Winston.......what is out there that is any better? Because you're in the weird situation of maybe upgrading, but very possibly downgrading too. Its the Andy Dalton conundrum.
  12. Yeah, I love Ryan as a player, but you gotta be careful. Always better to let them go a year too soon than a year too late.
  13. Sharpe seems like he’s the man without a home in this deal moving forward. Taylor becomes more of an accessory piece too but he still has value as the guy who can get deep.
  14. It would be nice if DaQuan could find his level of play he displayed right before his bicep injury. That would solidify some things along the DL.
  15. Nashville did the damn thing on the draft. Very proud of the hometown pulling this thing off.