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  1. Looking around the league, it seems like you just have to embrace what you are and then try to fill in the gaps via the draft and free agency. I'm reminded of the Colts back in the Manning years. They just doubled down on their offense and plugged and played on defense with the exception of Freeney and Mathis. We are an offensive team in an offensive league. No need to make yourself worse on offense to try and chase an unknown "better day" on D. Sign those guys and just go heavy on defense in the draft. Maybe take a slot WR or OL in Round 3, otherwise just d
  2. Again, who outside of Kansas City, Seattle, Baltimore, New England and New Orleans is doing that yearly? This ain't college football. We've played in 6 playoff games in 4 seasons. That's just a step off the elite teams.
  3. Hate to tell you this, but about 3 other teams have been as consistently solid as we have been over the past 5 years. I don't disagree with you that a next step needs to be taken.....but to be honest, I think Buffalo, Tennessee, Baltimore, and Cleveland are playing for 2nd place anyways for the next few years. KC is a juggernaut. If you're fairly close, I don't see this group ditching the program. I do think sticking with Bowen does potentially use up some of the collateral Vrabel has acquired though.
  4. The guy hasn't had a losing season and has been 1st team out, AFC Runner Up, and Division Champ in years 1-3 with an organization that hasn't seen that kind of success since the early 2000's. He's not going anywhere unless they maybe go 5-11 or something. Amy is not her father, LOL.
  5. You're right in one instance, but Mike is in zero danger in 2021. None. Zero. Zilch. He might be using his mulligan on Bowen though, which is bizarre to me.
  6. The only critique of Watson is he has the mobile QB (I hold the ball too long trying to make a play) trait. Otherwise, he's phenomenal. Mahomes and Rodgers are the only guys I'm sure I'd take over him on 1/30/2021.
  7. Players on defense are scared shitless of him. That tells you all you need to know.
  8. I don’t think he sucks, but college football produces WRs like Antonio Cromartie reproduces babies. You can replace that production. And replace it for 1/3 of Davis’ price point.
  9. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/12/21/titans-nissan-stadium-renovations-east-bank.html
  10. Anyone else completed the season ticket survey about the renovations? I did and saw some of the conceptual improvements and it looks pretty cool.
  11. Corner and maybe defensive tackle depth would be the two places we need help. Murchison and Crawford held up better against Buffalo that I would have ever thought, but we are still one DaQuan of Jeff injury from being very below average at that position.
  12. Hindsight, they probably should have just taken the checkdown. That grounding play really put us in a 2nd and 20, we are probably gonna have to kick a FG situation. I think I would have liked to be a little less aggressive there.
  13. The 57 yard return was the direct product of the muffed kickoff 4 plays prior though. Those go hand in hand to me. The field position flip led to a more conservative 3 play sequence and a more returnable punt.
  14. The muffed kickoff before half and intentional grounding on the 2:00 drive late were killers.
  15. Just a reminder that fans in market and out of market can interact with the Titans Radio Network on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday's. Monday - Mike Vrabel Show (7E/6C) Coach and the legendary Mike Keith will take your calls and questions via Twitter. Tuesday - Titans Tonight w/Keith Bulluck (7E/6C) Mike, Amie Wells, and former Titans Pro Bowl LB Keith Bulluck take your calls and questions via Twitter. Wednesday - Mac Talk with Dave McGinnis (7E/6C) Rhett Bryan and current color analyst Dave McGinnis talk your calls and q
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