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  1. Hindsight, they probably should have just taken the checkdown. That grounding play really put us in a 2nd and 20, we are probably gonna have to kick a FG situation. I think I would have liked to be a little less aggressive there.
  2. The 57 yard return was the direct product of the muffed kickoff 4 plays prior though. Those go hand in hand to me. The field position flip led to a more conservative 3 play sequence and a more returnable punt.
  3. The muffed kickoff before half and intentional grounding on the 2:00 drive late were killers.
  4. Just a reminder that fans in market and out of market can interact with the Titans Radio Network on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday's. Monday - Mike Vrabel Show (7E/6C) Coach and the legendary Mike Keith will take your calls and questions via Twitter. Tuesday - Titans Tonight w/Keith Bulluck (7E/6C) Mike, Amie Wells, and former Titans Pro Bowl LB Keith Bulluck take your calls and questions via Twitter. Wednesday - Mac Talk with Dave McGinnis (7E/6C) Rhett Bryan and current color analyst Dave McGinnis talk your calls and questions. All shows can be heard locally on 104.5 The Zone in Middle Tennessee and streamed at www.1045thezone.com.
  5. Yeah, Foreman was a workhorse with the Longhorns and had some nice moments with the Texans, but the Achilles is a tough injury for a back to regain full form again.
  6. What’s are we missing with Westbrook? I just don’t see it.
  7. He was on some Reggie White shit on that last drive. He was a monster!
  8. He was active today. I think he’s working into football shape and acclimating to the team. I think he’s gonna be a big help to us later in the year.
  9. This is a big game for a lot of reasons. You have a good chance to get the leg up on the division and get off to a 2-0 start before a tough stretch of 50/50 games. If you want to play home games in January, you have to handle tomorrow's business. And I don't think this one is going to be easy. Without AJ and with our DB injuries and their above average WR core, this might be a tough game.
  10. He's not endearing himself, that's for sure, but I do wonder if this deal is something he did in the offseason and was part of the reason he showed up late. With that said, it sounds like he's close and might help down the stretch.
  11. He's not overrated, he's just probably past his prime at this point. But he might just be rusty too.
  12. They were masterfully marketed in the 1970’s. They have a ton of older fans because of that. And those people had kids and those kids saw the 90’s run.
  13. It’s still early and I know he was an early entry to the draft but he’s making bad decisions on a continual basis. He needs to shape up quickly, in more ways than one!
  14. Let’s go!!! Even though he might not be the elite edge rusher.....he’s kind of a front seven eraser and a chess piece for us to move around and create matchups for others! I like the move!
  15. I completely get the business side of this deal, but man, I hate seeing Jurrell go. Such a great guy in the community and a heckuva player. I wanted to see him retire a Titan.

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