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  1. Yeah, I have a family member that is a massive Cowgirls fan and he feels the same way. But in the case of Dak, or Mariota, or even Winston.......what is out there that is any better? Because you're in the weird situation of maybe upgrading, but very possibly downgrading too. Its the Andy Dalton conundrum.
  2. Yeah, I love Ryan as a player, but you gotta be careful. Always better to let them go a year too soon than a year too late.
  3. Sharpe seems like he’s the man without a home in this deal moving forward. Taylor becomes more of an accessory piece too but he still has value as the guy who can get deep.
  4. It would be nice if DaQuan could find his level of play he displayed right before his bicep injury. That would solidify some things along the DL.
  5. Nashville did the damn thing on the draft. Very proud of the hometown pulling this thing off.
  6. This is true. My nephew and his son played T-Ball together in Franklin a couple of years ago.
  7. Mariota is holding us hostage right now. No durability, no consistency, no real gauge on how to rate the guy fairly. 64 games into his career and we have no idea what his ceiling is. And that’s borderline torture when the two teams we are competing with in the division don’t have any questions at the position. There isn’t really a better option but he doesn’t embody confidence for a season either.
  8. I like where you are heading. My preference is to raise the roster from 53 to 55 players but keep 50 up on Sunday. With the caveat that the 50th man active each week has to be the #3 QB. I think this would help with special teams and QB development.
  9. He’s still raw. He’s got the ability though, just needs to refine his craft.
  10. He was bad last year, I don't care what PFF says. I sit in the end zone and he was on his ass or getting pushed in the backfield in 2017 too.
  11. How much for the tickets?

  12. Mariota is a conundrum....he shows up on a lot of injury reports and doesn't finish some games, but his 4 years split on starts missed isn't going to be outside of the confidence interval.
  13. And this is the reason that 4 years 90 million is coming to Marcus from JR sooner rather than later. Supply and Demand.
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