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  1. If you can drive from your house to the Pacific Ocean in a matter of hours, you are on the west coast.
  2. If this team re-signs Tannehill and Henry we can compete with any team in the league. Props to JRob for firing Mularkey and hiring Vrabel after winning a game in the playoffs. We have a young core. Henry has probably 3-4 years until he really starts slowing down. The time is now. We still need secondary help considering the heavy passing offenses like KC today and HOU twice a year. We stand to lose at least one corner so our weakness may become even weaker. Vrabel is still learning in some ways but I believe he can lead us to a title. The franchise is a lot better than it was just a few years ago. We have a window with this core and we’re at the front end of it. Let’s hope we can win one while this team is together. It was painful to go out today but not many people expected us to be here. I was born an Oilers fan in 1975 and I’m proud to be a Titans fan in 2020. This core gives us one of the best chances of my lifetime for the franchise to win a Super Bowl. Luv Ya Blue!
  3. go to the main page for the site and you’ll see it there.
  4. I’m on mobile and don’t see the widget. Is the email address for paypal? I can send there if so.
  5. I’ll donate to a flower fund if someone starts it. RIP Titans fan.
  6. I can see Josh McDaniels liking Mariota in his short passing game offense. We all know he has a garbage deep ball so any team with a downfield passing attack won't want him.
  7. They stop Henry by getting out to a big lead and taking us out of the run game. It's super important to keep this one close.
  8. Ray Lewis was a murderer. Ray Rice was a wife beater. What crime will Lamar Jackson commit?
  9. Dear Ravens fans, Come on in here and take a big gulp of Derrick Henry’s balls.
  10. I think we blitz even less next week. We will focus on setting the edge and staying in their lanes.
  11. Shoot me now. That team has our number, especially if Fuller is healthy.
  12. I was worried about burning the clock if we didn’t go for it. I thought the choices were go for it or punt without burning clock so if he scores we had time to score too. If Brady drove down and they kicked a FG with no time left the move would have looked pretty bad. Watching Belichek yell “THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT” at the ref made it all worth it.
  13. I can’t wait for the Titans to play in Vegas. I’m assuming every fan of of every team is saying the same. I will absolutely be there.

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