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  1. Don’t ever disrespect the King like that.
  2. When you celebrate pre game you better win. Just like when Byard danced on the star in Dallas. You gotta back that shit up and we did. Fuck the Ravens forevermore.
  3. How many times did the Colts punt? Tell me more about how the defense wasn’t a problem.
  4. JRob is not fucking around
  5. This is the most Titans thing ever. We don't just lose. We wait until the game is out of reach then get needless injuries.
  6. JRob has to take a little heat for not even bothering to re-sign Logan Ryan. Jonathon Joseph is historically bad. This team would be better if we cut him tonight.
  7. He seems to be a great head coach but a horrible coordinator. There’s just no excuse for this defense.
  8. I’d rather Vrabel played corner over Joseph
  9. 4/5 starters down on their OL and we can’t stop them. This defense is really, really bad but we already knew that. The margin for error on offense is so slim.
  10. Just hang it up for the day so no one gets hurt
  11. The only thing that can keep a game like this close is turnovers and special teams play. We look like the team that will turn it over and special teams play has been terrible.
  12. Man that stat is brutal and somehow we were in the playoffs?
  13. Ideally Kelly moves to LT and Wilson starts at RT but everything we’ve heard about Wilson says he isn’t ready.

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