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  1. Overall I think JRob deserves a high grade. He’s had some misses but he has greatly improved this team, especially the defense. We have a solid core and some weaknesses, of course, but he’s hitting at a rate of successful GMs in my opinion.
  2. Fake the handoff to Henry to draw the D to him then throw the screen to him. This offense is maddening.
  3. Another message board I’m on only allows one new thread per 30 minutes per user.
  4. Classic Titans football. Lewis should be cut at halftime.
  5. Vrabel is making a call almost every week in the name of being aggressive and he’s gotten very lucky it hasn’t cost us a game. Terrible call. He is picking the worst times to make these calls.
  6. If he wants top 5 or maybe even top 10 RB money I don’t think we should re-sign him. I’m not even saying he doesn’t deserve it because I love him. Lewis is worthless. I just don’t believe in spending a ton of cap space on a RB. That said, if we start a rookie QB next year it’s worth more of an investment in the RB spot to take the pressure off the QB. I’m really intrigued to see what happens to him this offseason.
  7. Kuharsky is a dickwad. I'm siding with Ryan on this.
  8. I hated how he only rushed 3 on the final drive. Give Rivers all day and he executes every time.
  9. His game management is horrific. I keep thinking he is going to learn from it but he never does. Not challenging the spot is inexcusable. Not punting is inexcusable. T minus 5 minutes until he tells us he made the right calls during his presser.
  10. I can't stand Kuharsky but that is a pretty sick burn.
  11. I've been living in Portland, Oregon for 12 years. It was a very lonely existence as a Titans fan until we drafted Mariota. Now the Titans are a lot of peoples' second team. Obviously that is going to come to a screeching halt soon and I will once again be alone on an island.
  12. Worst fanbase in the NFL. Any team that travels well gets another home game on the schedule in Nashville.
  13. Sending out the 0/3 kicker for his career long field goal on 3rd and 4 was up there with last week’s call.
  14. Might have to go to a silent count and also start chipping on the left again.
  15. LOL. Worst fan base in the NFL.