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  1. Vrabel can hire Romeo, since he just got fired from the Texans...
  2. https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football/kerry-coombs-ohio-state-buckeyes-football-return-hire/
  3. The Titans have to control the clock. Also, the play action passes should be available moreso than the last two games, it would be nice for Tannehill to get it going early. The Chiefs offense is unreal though, pressure, pressure, pressure seems to be the key.
  4. The fans are so loyal and yet the organization continues to cycle though coaches. Mayfield regressed this year and it just seems like the wheels are about to fall off with Odell and Landry. i wonder if McDaniels is interested or waiting for NE.
  5. Coombs would not be the defensive coordinator. Greg Mattison is that, they are looking to replace Jeff Hafley, who was the secondary coach at San Fran, then took the Co-Def Coordinator job at OSU and is now the head coach at Boston College.
  6. Not bad for an undrafted free agent who wasn't even invited to the combine... Can't believe he got that much, but some of his stats are unreal. He didn’t allow a sack or a hit all season, while surrendering just 15 total pressures across 1,140 snaps and 17 games including the playoffs. @PFF
  7. He wasn’t really the special teams coordinator (our kickoff coverage sucked a lot this year). Very intense guy. Does a nice job relating to the cornerbacks (Schiano coaches safeties). Great recruiter. Was high school coach at a big Cincy high school previously.
  8. I agree.. get him and a great OC and we have the start of a coaching staff that can really support a first time head coach.
  9. Day got “promoted” just so he can get more money. He and Kevin Wilson are still OC at Ohio State. From what I’ve read from osu sites, Day’s ambition is to be a college coach and not moving his young family so soon did come into play (since he’s only been at OSU for a year)
  10. I think this is a good thing... now go get Callahan for a position on the staff...
  11. I am shocked Vrabel would do this.. Day was the heir apparent to Kevin Wilson when he leaves. Day has never been OC at a top college football school. I think he could teach Mariota, but even as an OSU ticket holder, I would question if he’s ready to do it at the NFL level.

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