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  1. The whole gang is steady, Jonnu is the TNT of the group. Here is hoping he is good to go...
  2. Titans TEs could have a big game this week. Very underrated group as far as the NFL talking heads go.
  3. pissburg has really good 3-4 DEs and they can get some pressure 1-1. The key is all the games, stunts, and blitzes they run. Communication will be the key this weekend.
  4. Titans should offer the Falcons a 2nd or 3rd for Jake Matthews. They appear to be headed for full rebuild mode.
  5. Incredible feet. Underrated strength. Godlike vision.
  6. Never seen a player with two career interception and like 30 passes defended in three years of service get this much attention. I think people need to check their expectations when in comes to this guy. He has not been a difference maker to this point. I hope those that are saying he has turned the corner and can be a shutdown type of player are correct.
  7. Speaking of trolls, Ill help you... RT17 has changed the franchise. Protecting his blindside is the most important job on the team after QB1. The chance of RT getting killed now are going up daily. A journeyman LT will not do long term and may get RT hurt in the short. JJ Watt, who is another roid-fiend, abused Sambrailo and could have ended the Titans season on that very play. Thus, the team needs a real plan to replace 77 and his recent injury/missed snaps ASAP. This plan has now been accelerated because of his season ending injury. The Titans need a real left tackle. JRob has two weeks before the deadline to perhaps make a trade.
  8. So if you have looked into Lewan you may come to pretty solid conclusion that he may have used PEDs in college. As you may know PEDs can some serious effects of durability. Lewan has some issues staying on the field lately. Now he has suffered a serious knee injury on a 290 lb frame. Big men and knee injuries don't hold up well without other complications. The Titans are forced to replace him now and with all of the other non-knee related injuries and missed snaps recently they need to replace him in the long terms as well. As far as Lewan's personality, I enjoy him and shtick. He has been a good player, it will be time to move on soon. Thats the NFL. RT17 is the greater concern now.
  9. Deuces to Boss Hogg, beginning of the end. He made a pile of money over his career so congrats. Titans priority #1 from now until the start of the 2021-22 season is find a new LT. This changes everything. RT17 will be lucky to survive the year. Teams like the stealers will be lining up schemes and studs to clobber Tanney by abusing the new LT who nobody knows and was drafted in like the 7th round or something. Kelly would get rolled as well on the left side.
  10. Time to get one the phone JRob and pry a OT gem off someones roster...
  11. Defense is trash. They can't cover and 25m worth of DEs that can't pass rush or suit up.
  12. For both teams it depends on discipline and a pass rush.
  13. Isn't Buffalo part of Ontario Canada anyways? Long flight home, eh?

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