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  1. maybe some of this'll make more sense to you once you reach puberty
  2. the issue is this post eluding Marcus isn't in the article at all. whether intended or not, the wording is misleading. imagine a few of the 'top10' don't actually make it to availability, does Marcus move onto it ? it's slight, possiby semantics AND ... this is just one writer's perspective, not like how it'll actually pan out.
  3. yep, Top. not top 10 you lose. you shoulda named this top 10. stop posting
  4. but you said NO mariota , and you didn't pose this as a "top 10" (even if the article does) the viewer expects to go to this and see NO mariota, yet there he is
  5. ya'll either didn't read the whole thing or the writer had edited this in.
  6. i didn't say why he was fired fwiw. meanwhile, Steckel was not a good coordinator. if he was worth keeping around, looking around at other opportunities wouldn't have been the only grounds. that was just broke the camel's back. he wasn't very good to begin with, and going around trying to leave just inspired the org to let him leave - by force or not. if he would've been a guy like a Shanahan or a McVay, he probably would have received a better offer to remain. lost in all this was a challenge to the concept that Arthur Smith isn't capable of leading a team to a Super Bowl. whereas my premise is that it doesn't take a great OC to achieve such a thing.
  7. ya'll just remember who the OC was when they went to the Super Bowl ...... don't remember ? Les. fukn. Steckel. one of the worst coordinators they ever had. was released immediately following the Super Bowl bit. coached a year in Tampa (OC), got sent packing. out of league for 2 years, came back as Buffalo RB coach - pink slip hasn't coached in the NFL since. edit : in the NFL
  8. was/is he the FormerFan acct that was using the ManEnvy clown avatar ? kinda gave it away when he put his face up there. that and the fkn emoji I'd like to submit an addendum - no emoji ..... until 100,000 posts / 20 year contributor ...... or Never - whichever comes last