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  1. Check out DeCastro's numbers! That's excellent. That guy will be able to pull and get to the next level with that kind of short area quickness. But he also put up 34 reps!
  2. Your ignorance is stunning, truly. Greece does not produce or back their own currency. The situation in Greece is in no way comparable to the U.S., and it never will be unless some day in the farflung future currencies change. You keep acting like the government is a business. It isn't. Governments are NOT businesses. Businesses provide profitable services. The government provides needed services, whether they are profitable or not. They must do this because businesses won't provide them or could not do so in a way that generates any real value to the users. Also, resorting to name calling through easy labels like socialist and communist is the worst sort of childish antic. If you believe that someone's plan for government is wrong, explain why it is wrong. Stomping your foot and yelling "Socialist!" is not an argument. 9_nines believes that government spending would help stimulate the economy. To counter his claim, you attempt to make people think he is the next Stalin. This is not the coup de grace that you believe it is.
  3. Two things. First, perhaps it hasn't occured to either of you that many of the posts in this thread aren't specifically about Oman. If what I or others posted was only meant for Oman, we could PM him. Second, CTF, the fact that you think it's possible to pay your wife, as though she were your employee, is odd. The money you two have belongs to both of you. It's like saying you pay yourself to manage the property. If you and your wife want to run an estate/rental operation, that's great. I'm not sure what that has to do with whether others should buy a house as a rental property. It's not like you can just charge whatever you want for rent. The costs vary by area, which means that there's a lot research that goes into deciding whether it is worth doing. Of course, Oman is capable of doing that research. My comments were just listing the general obstacles to the free money idea that is often put out there as the joy of getting a second property. Lots of people have lost money on this sort of thing. I'm glad it's working out well for you though. It probably helps that you don't have to hire someone else to manage the property for you.
  4. Our coverage units were quite good last year, which Reo showed. I think people have a misperception about that unit in general. We tend to remember the breakdowns a lot more than the times where everything went well. This leads to a confirmation bias, where we continue to reinforce our own views in a negative way.
  5. Averaging over 10 yards per punt return is quite good. I can't believe THAT stat is being used against him by anyone.
  6. You seem to be assuming that this would be his only deduction. If it's part of a fuller list of deductions, then it could still work. You are right that if it is only the mortgage, it probably won't work. Plus, there's the issue of the home itself. Texas does have property tax, though I seem to recall that it isn't real high. Also, there's maintenance costs, and if you decide to rent it out, there could be costs there, including devaluation issues, depending on tenents.
  7. Exactly. My work reminds of the same thing from time to time. I just wear a cup so it doesn't hurt as much. If I made what Griff would make on the tag, I would get my cup gold-plated. It shouldn't cost him much. How much surface space could his cup even have?
  8. What's going on around here? Is my sarcasm meter off today or are people posting odd things? The mother load is the jackpot. It's a good thing. It means you want him to get rich.
  9. Be fair, Abenjami. How would you like it if you only made 6.5 million this coming year?
  10. I'm not sure whom you mean to be talking about here, but the 'Griffin' in this thread is Micheal Griffin, our safety.
  11. Mathis? Nelson? Who? I don't want any of those guys. Oh, I'll support them if they are Titans, but my expectations will be way low. Mathis is a terrible fit for where we are trying to take this defense. Nelson is a poor man's Griffin...yeah. This better be misdirection.
  12. No. I'd prefer Kendall Wright, actually. I think he'll be just as good as Wallace and has more versatility. Plus, he'll be cheaper. Then, I use the cap money we could have spent on Wallace to get Mario Williams. Then our team wins the SB...twice.
  13. Harper can't play FB. He has the size but not the mentality. He's like Lendale in that regard. He plays more like a finesse runner than a bruiser, despire his size.
  14. Is this a joke? I hope so. As for the comparison, looking at 2010 vs. 2011 is unfair to both coaches. Neither had consistent QB play during the season. Britt was out of games in both seasons. The run game struggled some in both seasons (but especially 2011; however, Munchak at least had a clear QB as a starter). I don't think Fisher was fired (or allowed to leave...whatever) because of his onfield coaching. It was more about how he dealt with the players, and that it was time for the team (and him) to move on. Fisher is a good coach whose time with the Titans had reached an end.
  15. Oh, that's bigger than I thought! I don't always trust their listings, but I know we have some people here who have watched him in Seattle. If he plays big, that's all that matters. The injury issues will be the biggest concern. Hopefully, he can still run well.
  16. Isn't he a bit undersized? Gray seems to want bigger guys out there. Tatupu doesn't seem to fit what they want, or am I misremembering?
  17. Will Stingily be able to fill that swing role at some point?
  18. I disagree a bit. I think safety is just as big of a need, since we don't actually have a starting safety signed for next year at this point. With DE, we at least have Morgan, who seemed to come on toward the end of the year. I agree that we need to get more talent there, though, and that a DE has a bigger impact on the game than a S. But S is technically a bigger need, IMO. That said, I would probably draft Perry over Barron right now. The Combine could change that. Is it next week?
  19. Thanks for this reminder of what is important in life. While I think Whitney Houston etc. actually DO provide service to society in their own ways, it certainly is a shame that the service of our armed forces is often forgotten because they are not celebrities. I like the way the newspaper story explains the details without undue commentary, so that the actions are able to speak for themselves for the most part.
  20. I like Cordy Glenn, but I don't think he fits our OL very well. I'm not sure he'd be able to pull or do the kind of zone blocking we sometimes do. OTOH, he's more agile than one would think for his size, and he can definitely move the pile. So I am not against drafting him. Of the three listed, I chose Perry because I think he's the best talent for us at that pick (of the options we were given...I'd take Kendall Wright over all of them though!)
  21. Thanks. I agree with what you are saying, except that if I do nothing with that money, I won't even get 1% on it, so the inflation risk is the same. I'm not saying that inflation shouldn't be factored in general. I'm saying that in THIS case it isn't a factor because the alternative is sitting on it, which has the same inflation issue. I'm already paying twice my mortgage each month, so I AM paying on it. Also, I don't know where you get the 2.5% number. Inflation has been very low, despite bailouts, etc., and the interest rates are locked for the next two years by the Fed Reserve. That's part of my problem, of course! Heh.
  22. Rocker was big on Clayton, since he coached him at Auburn. I'm not sure if the team as a whole is. They're likely to draft a couple of DL, IMO, which would mean Clayton will be on the bubble. As for Marks, I thought he looked really good at times. I've always been hopeful he would put it altogether. I think he has a lot of potential. He's very quick for his size, but he came into the league VERY weak. The injury didn't help that, obviously. He needs a full offseason of conditioning, with no lockouts or other garbage.
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