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  1. AND we get it. You think he sucks, along with two other posters, primarily. But since we all know it, why won't you just STFU about it?
  2. Why in the holy fuck don't you and Joel go find another team to bitch about. God damn!!
  3. Noble's Kitchen and Beer Hall, also in East Nashville, very much what you're looking for.
  4. Anyone that puts this loss on Mariota is a fucking moron. Oh, wait...
  5. Hey Joel .... chill dude, there you go, they scored, now you're redeemed.
  6. Sorry, the quote I used was intended to be only the part stating the stat, not the editorial comment following it, which was not mine originally. I have liked the signing from day one. The last part was from Mike75. My post is now fixed.
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