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  1. bEcAuSe ThEy ArE tEaChInG hIm A lEsSoN aNd ShOwInG tHeY wOn'T bAcK dOwN.
  2. He kinda looks like the guy that worked under Shredder in the TMNT movies.
  3. It will absolutely affect the defense. With Pees, the Titans had one of the best halftime adjustment coaches...I don't want to say ever, but look back at our defense as it came out after halftime...it's kinda insane. I also worry about Vrabel taking over as I never thought too much of him when he was in Texas.
  4. Always wear safety glasses...so my friends and I used to do the airsoft stuff. Paintball was too expensive and we were idiots. One night we decided to do a scenario where one team would defend a house while the other tried to breach. My friend's parents had a house for sale...empty, still had power, in a remote area, etc...perfect. I remember everyone being told repeatedly to put on their safety glasses. I end up on the defense side so I've got a room completely camped out. My friend's brother bursts into the room, and let's just say I know the face of my father, and I shot him straight in the eye. Dude had taken his glasses off because they fogged up or something. Completely reactionary, one in a million shot. The irony is the guy that I shot, whom I'm still good friends with today, said that his vision is actually much better in that eye now.
  5. Yeah, that's the one. I used it to keep my son in line for a time.
  6. I bought a tiny nerf gun awhile back that reminded me of the cricket (?) from Men in Black. Thing would absolutely blast you into the another dimension.
  7. Season 1 is good, but the rest are better IMO. It's a shame the showrunner decided to do John from Fucking Cincinnati instead of finishing the series with a proper last season. I'm glad we received the movie to tidy things up, but I'll always be left wondering what could have been.
  8. The Wire and The Sopranos are different sides of the same coin. The Wire shows you the real world that we choose to ignore. The Sopranos is about the parts in us, no matter our walks in life, that are broken and vulnerable, and we try to ignore. Point being, even bad people can be human. I've always been fond of the writing in Deadwood. I'm not sure there has ever been a character as perfectly written as Al Swearengen.
  9. This is why you learn grappling, lol. I'm giving no one a win in this one. The shirtless one may actually be retarded. Kicking a retard in the head is funny, but I can't give props for that.
  10. I haven't revisted Carnivale in a long while. It still pisses me off they never had the chance to finish it. It was great while it lasted.
  11. I bet he never had the makings to be a varsity athlete either. @Number9, small hands?
  12. I re-watched all the episodes last summer. Show still holds up. Deadwood, The Wire, and The Sopranos made me always take note of new HBO series.
  13. The scene is based on Bruce being a cocky asshole to Gene LeBell. It didn't happen like the film, but Gene allegedly did whatever the fuck he wanted to with Bruce. From an article written by Mark Jakobs, a writer who gave a first attempt at a LeBell biography:
  14. It's Tarantino's best movie since Kill Bill Vol. 1...well, most watchable. I think it is a little slow in the first half, but the second makes up for it. One of my favorite parts of the movie, and I almost consider this the turning point, from mediocre to great, is Rick chewing his own ass out in his trailer for being an alcoholic. Pitt really portrayed very well the cool badass his character needed to be. Anecdote about the fight scene between his character and Bruce Lee...that fight is based on a real scuffle between Judo Gene LeBell and Bruce Lee. To put it simply, Bruce learned that grappling was very important in martial arts, lol.
  15. Great concept ruined by a convoluted story. Season One was alright, and really good at times, but Season Two was...eh.
  16. I don't get the klub mentality, but I was never a kool kid. Maybe I can konnect to the Klub though.....
  17. Seriously though...check out this racket bongo has on the side. The fact he has people paying him $100 a month to ask him questions is the most impressive thing he has ever done!
  18. Shiiiit...I'd rather him answer why humans who have lost their magnetosense struggle with pooping.
  19. Fits with the Titans philosophy of luring talented coaches/FO with the understanding that you serve for X amount of time, and can leave for whatever. I remember someone saying this when we lost Coombs. Hopefully, Ossenfort will pass some of his philosophies on to the scouts. It doesn’t seem like he will be with the team for very long.
  20. LMAO...what is Jeff Jarrett doing on that list? Last person I expected to see in that montage.
  21. I actually just started. I'm in season 2 at the moment...enjoying it so far. Interestingly enough, the new Assassin's Creed game is set in the same area, and you will be playing from the Viking perspective. Apparently, you will be able to raid villages, create settlements, and solve issues using politics as opposed to force. Assassin's Creed Origins did an incredible job with some of the historical parts of the game, so I'm excited to see what they do with this one.
  22. It's hard to make fun of this. Dude even made his death mediocre.

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