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  1. Well, I was massively downvoted once for defending a child that had cancer from several redditors that were making fun of her (I know, irony right? lol). @9 Nines You should check out TOTALLYNOTROBOTS. Might be the sub for you.
  2. Lewan is the type of guy that thinks everyone wants him to give his two cents on everything. Those guys are fun to be around.
  3. A lot of people on in the NFL subreddit were saying this was their game of the year, so I’m not surprised.
  4. Please don’t say shit like that—I have trouble sleeping enough as it is.
  5. Relax guys...his melodramatic post about quitting the Titans and become a 49ers fan was a JOKE. HA...ha...ha...ha
  6. He can get fucked. You could be the best in the world at anything and people are still going to troll you on the internet. He can wipe his tears with all the millions he's getting from the Titans and then use the rest to get some counseling on how to grow the fuck up.
  7. https://streamable.com/p936r Mike Keith's call of the blocked kick.
  8. Tannehill leading the Titans on the final drive. Kudos to u/WileyCoyoteGenius at the r/TennesseeTitans subreddit.
  9. Listening to Kalu postgame interview, it's clear that this moment was very important to him so I'm glad he wasn't offsides. If the Titans do anything more with this season after the bye, this game and this play will be heralded as the harbinger of change.
  10. I wonder what Saffold's username is on Titansreport? Man up, Saffold, you dweeb. Say it to our face! 🤣🤣🤣
  11. It would be hilarious if the Dolphins are really like the Cleveland Indians from the movie Major League.
  12. He kicked a great squib kick. ... ............
  13. The real question here is why were the Titans squib kicking it???
  14. Luck played an extremely large role in today's win. So yes, Vrabel was lucky to walk away with the win today.
  15. Some people would pay to have a human say those things. You are a lucky dude to get them for free.
  16. Not really...it was more like being along for the ride and you knew you couldn't do anything about it. I wasn't afraid, I just was. I freaked out afterward, but during not so much.
  17. I think he parties too much, drinks too much, and probably participates in other earthly pleasures. I agree that he has the physical traits, but everything from what he posts on social media to how he acts on the field says he is still more concerned with partying than playing.
  18. Ahhh, yes...the "You go first, and I'll kick your ass...No, you go first and I'll kick YOUR ass"...this is sad when it happens in the real, even more so when it's occurring on a message board, lol.
  19. It's amazing that those two fucking idiots had any success with GoT. Like...it's almost a "Jesus walking on water" level of miracle that the show was successful at all considering all the dumb shit they got into.