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  1. What wins in this league is "special." KC advanced to the Super Bowl yesterday because they have a special QB and a special offense in general. When you find special, wherever it emerges, QB, RB, skill positions, defense, coaching staff, wherever you hold onto it and try to build around it. Henry was quite special this season, even historic. Tannehill was special too, though not in the playoffs. The defense was special for a split second too when it mattered most but then it evaporated. We can't know how long Henry will STAY special. Bruising RBs don't
  2. Congrats to the Chiefs, they played great and deserve to advance. I feel like we had a lousy game in many ways but I think most of that was the Chiefs individual efforts and coaching. So proud of our Titans. What a great season. Killed a dynasty. Slayed the #1 in true payback dominant fashion. Gave the AFC Champs everything they could handle. Well done, boys.
  3. Aren't you worried you get another punt blocked this game. Seems to be happening a lot lately? For my part I'm worried about Hardman. With the cold I think he gets a number of chances. Perhaps one too many.
  4. If minimizing those two wins makes you feel better go ahead. The Titans have looked like the best team in football these past two weeks to me. A team that won't give you any short fields and will drain you of any momentum that you manage to get with long soul crushing run-heavy drives. A team that doesn't make many mistakes and makes you pay for each one your team makes. If that team shows up again today, then the Chiefs are toast. I've never seen anything like it. I'm hoping it's not a mirage or two-game aberration. It's not something we're used to here in Titans-la
  5. If the same Titans team that beat the Patriots and Ravens shows up, the Chiefs are in trouble.
  6. With the frigid weather and some wind, plus both defenses improved from their last match-up, I think it'll be a surprisingly low scoring game, say 10-13 at the start of the 4Q. But then it turns into a shootout with the last possession determining the winner. I think the defense makes a critical 4th down stop late and the Titans hold on for a thrilling 24-23 win and a trip to the Super Bowl. Of course I'd rather that Henry and the defense just dominate again and Tannehill has another easy day at the office. Let's do that instead.
  7. Titans 35-31. Henry goes off AGAIN, but this time Tannehill joins him. The defense does just enough to keep it close enough for some 4Q heroics.
  8. Running QBs are very very hard to defend against, especially one as fast and elusive as Lamar and against a team with so many weapons. We see it year after year. The flip side and risk for teams that employ QBs that way is injury and typically giving up some quality as a pocket passer in terms of reading defenses, arm strength, whatever. But here we are in the Divisional Round and Lamar is still perfectly healthy, and though he does do much of his damage on plays he extends with his feet he's no slouch from the pocket either. Probably our best chance is just to play a very physi
  9. They should play both Long and Woodyard and use the presence of either to bait the Ravens into a play we know is coming as they seek to exploit the weaknesses of either. Woodyard is in? Bracket Andrews. Long is in? Blitz the rollout.
  10. Titans 16-0 : ) 2 TDs by Henry, 1/4 FGs, 1 missed XP. Pats under 300 yards total as the defense balls out in the rain.
  11. Not really sure. What did I miss? What year is it? Is it THE year?
  12. The Game Plan will be of more importance than usual in this one. The Patriots will almost certainly opt for a heavy line of scrimmage presence to shut down Henry before he can get rolling and pressure Tanny. If we call a lot of slow-developing plays hoping the OL can hold up then we're going to lose. If we see a bunch of Tanny sacks in the first half it means we went in with the wrong plan (which should be lots of Henry, short routes after play action and screens, IMO... with the occasional deep shot on first down). On the other side of the ball the way things go will depend a l
  13. This would also be a great time for Casey and Simmons to become the dominating tandem that we know they can be. So far just glimpses.
  14. With the exception of the Cincinnati game, the Patriots have scored between 13 and 24 points in their last 8 games. Two Tanny TD passes and two Henry house calls and we win this thing in all likelihood. Doesn't seem insurmountable. I expect it to be close throughout and very tense. We'll need one of our dominating 4th quarters. This version of Brady rarely throws for more than 275. He's not going to light us up. But he'll probably dink and dunk us enough to be very frustrating.
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