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  1. Pretty sure there are no prime time games next week. All are at Noon (CST) or 3 (CST)
  2. @Rolltide and @Soxcat, I bet you would help this American over that immigrant girl.
  3. This entire thread is so silly and dumb. Jamal sees football about as well as Stevie Wonder and Oman's response is very Trump-esque. Pathetic Grow up guys.
  4. It is probably just mixed in with the republican healthcare bill and trump's tax returns.
  5. Is that you in the middle of the pic with the Bama hat, or just irony?
  6. In relation to the thread title, I would go as far as saying this franchise has been dead since the early 2000s.
  7. Let me rephrase. Not one single link to support any of your claims..
  8. How many repubs voted for Garland? Never mind. They would never allow a vote.
  9. You can't tell me that if Garland would have had a chance to be questioned, and a story of him blowing a giraffe 40 years ago came to pass, that you wouldn't want a full investigation.
  10. I am pretty sure rolltide has a taxidermied black fetus on his coffee table. Soxcat is definitely a sexual predator, so women, hide your husbands.
  11. I have no problem with this as the original poster. I was posting as it was happening. At the time there was no evidence that anything I posted was false. Lock away!
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