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  1. I did a reverse Google image search on it. What popped up was "flat chested emo porn". I know porn gets specific but Jesus
  2. It's true he and his fam have an uncommon vibe to the point I feel it effects his play. QB is so mental and he's just so high strung
  3. I'm really beginning to question the snap counts the coaches are using on both sides of the ball, as well as having Adoree on punts over Humphries. Just some odd coaching choices going on
  4. Even if you believe in Mariota, he has no trade value. Trades are about value and he hasn't produced. No one would trade for him. Maybe the saints or jets for like a 7th rounder? Even then I'm not seeing it bc their starters will be back by mid season.
  5. I really liked Falk as a developmental player despite his poor preseason here. Wish we held onto him
  6. I've been meaning to say this for a while. Fluellen is the new Donnie Nickey.
  7. All the rotating is what I think really pissed Delanie off. Play your best players
  8. I'm telling you after seeing him with his family a couple times, you're right. He's the most tense/uncomfortable football player I've ever met.
  9. Colts OL looks GREAT. Even on that INT he had all day to throw.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Steve was so clutch and had an underrated arm. A lot of zip on those balls but still nice touch on the passes to Eddie. As for Eddie, while I'm still seeing a guy who left a lot of yards on the field, I was impressed with his pass catching in this game. Makes me think he could have done a lot more in the passing game esp with his size over defenders.
  11. I haven't watched him much but if he couldn't do much with Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, and Adam Humphries then it's hard to imagine him being a big success this year.
  12. The whole offense isn't one read, just watch the coaches' tape nine posted there are usually at least 3 receiving options. The one read plays were the redzone TDs to Walker. The point is pass to the open read or keep it and use his legs in a goal to go situation.
  13. It's almost as if he joined the team half a week ago and has a QB that holds onto the ball too long and has a historically high sack rate.