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  1. Look how fast Hill accelerated on an 11 yard gain. Jesus.
  2. The Patriots gave up a 2nd rounder for Sanu. He's 30 yo. He only has 4,000 receiving yards in 8 seasons. Wow.
  3. I blame the INT in part on the playcalling. Obvious he was going to do playaction after 2 successful runs, it just made it easier to get to the QB.
  4. Yeah but he may be the best QB ever. And the OC still limits his production, he's just so good he's incredibly efficient anyway. And no one is saying an OC makes a QB but the OC matters , that's why you have offensive gurus good for decades wherever they go like Andy Reid. Andy Reid gave Alex Smith a decent second half to his career. He would not have performed as well elsewhere. The answer as usual is somewhere in the middle.
  5. Well, if you look at the world maybe God does feel that way.
  6. He's not suddenly great in the pocket, it's a cleaner pocket. I bet he faces another tough D and he'll crumble or are you pro Mariota all of a sudden. Mariota has always done well with time. He just can't make a play out of no play to save his life. That's why his games are up and down. I will give kudos to Smith for throwing more on first down though.
  7. Also been saying Mariota has had a lot of pressure. Not much pressure this game allowing him to stand in the pocket.
  8. I did a reverse Google image search on it. What popped up was "flat chested emo porn". I know porn gets specific but Jesus
  9. It's true he and his fam have an uncommon vibe to the point I feel it effects his play. QB is so mental and he's just so high strung
  10. I'm really beginning to question the snap counts the coaches are using on both sides of the ball, as well as having Adoree on punts over Humphries. Just some odd coaching choices going on
  11. Even if you believe in Mariota, he has no trade value. Trades are about value and he hasn't produced. No one would trade for him. Maybe the saints or jets for like a 7th rounder? Even then I'm not seeing it bc their starters will be back by mid season.