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  1. AFC South getting tougher and tougher. Don't doubt Coughlin.
  2. newschool

    If you need a reminder.......

    That's a raw deal
  3. I don't know what's a load unless you're putting words in my mouth. You made my point. When plays break down Mayfield improvises. He's as loose as Brett Favre. Mariota is rigid af. I made it sound like an insult now if that helps
  4. Well Baker Mayfield is going to play how he wants regardless, the way that has always works for him. Mariota will do as told to a fault. He's still trying to shake that being careful with the ball from Mularkey, he wasn't like that with Whiz. Mariota needs to be more vocal about what he likes and is good at if he wants to succeed.
  5. Any chance Kubiak comes in here?
  6. newschool

    The #Steelers are open to trading WR Antonio Brown

    That's most good WR though. Hell even the mediocre ones like Matthews are divas. It comes with the position even when you don't hear about it. May as well have some real talent then
  7. He was smug, I met him once. Understandably off-putting.
  8. In hindsight Whisenhunt got a raw deal, that roster was terrible and he kept Mariota in the pocket where he belongs.
  9. newschool

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Like with a QB, being able to trust your OL to be consistent helps a RB run so much more confidently.
  10. newschool

    FA WR targets - Who do you have an eye on?

    I had my eye on John Brown last season and was pretty disappointed we didn't land him. He'd be an instant upgrade in this team.
  11. newschool

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    This has got to be the most hilarious thread of the year.
  12. newschool

    Derrick Mason interview on NFL Radio

    He's been crazy good considering his limited arm strength, it's like we forgot many wondered if he would play this year at all. Most impressive year from him in my book as well. That said like you said with an OL that good at pass blocking it makes finding open guys a lot easier.
  13. The AFC has been super competitive this year.
  14. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/12/26/titans-can-still-earn-a-first-round-playoff-bye-or-miss-the-playoffs-altogether/
  15. I feel like he's like Brees in that he's so good each year he's sort of forgotten. He carries his team way more than Brees too. Way more.