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  1. Sure you have. One is the Moon, the other is the Sun.
  2. He may also end up the best QB of all time. Mariota is no Russell Wilson.
  3. Why we should have drafted one last year. A lot of good mid round guys last year who could be big contributors this season
  4. Would have much rather had John Brown.
  5. Swapping our 7th for a 6th and giving a 4th round pick 2 years from now isn't steep. A good backup QB is as important as half your starters.
  6. Your center giving up the most sacks is not a good look...
  7. 10 ypc? Yawn. Still better than what we have. Which is so sad.
  8. He definitely could still play. Could have been a great. The biggest challenge of naturally having a lot of talent is the tendency to take it for granted.
  9. Always liked him as a prospect. Never got a big opportunity.
  10. I do think a better quarterback could have done more. I don't think they had guys running wide open like they usually do on seemingly every play. There's a reason they didn't put up their customary 35 plus points. The schemes weren't bad, but they were outschemed. Without the threat of the run the offense became one dimensional quickly.
  11. I've got to say that my worst fears in the MLF/McVay offensive tree were realized in the Superbowl. Running to help the pass is great but passing seems extra hard when the run isn't there in that scheme. BB shut down the run and the screens and suddenly that offense looked stodgy, predictable, dare I say gimmicky? Not trickery, but gimmicky, it feels like a one trick pony. I'm interested to see what tweaks Smith brings. I do think his being here for all the bullshit and changes is a good thing, his firsthand knowledge will inform him well.
  12. THIS. The simplest answer is often the right one. The fact that this sacrifice got them to 9 SBs and cemented his status as the best of all time and the fame and endorsements and future opportunities, one could argue he made more money over his career this way than a higher salary that could have pushed him to a different team.
  13. Dominant? He has worse career stats than Kendall Wright.
  14. I'm saying maybe bc he hasn't done well in those departments. If you can't move the chains and can't score the rest of the good doesn't matter much. I think this is why you see posters seeing 2 different things. Some see a guy who has done some incredible things. Others see a guy who hasn't done the basic things you look for in a QB - moving chains consistently and scoring.
  15. TD/INT ratio and I'm guessing 3rd down conversion rate?
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