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  1. This is a run first team, I think those QB's could be fine considering how good this team is running and passing off of PA. I don't think any of them would be better than him either. I don't mind keeping him but 30+ mil a year for 5 or 6 years is a gamble.
  2. My two biggest concerns there are 1) the team is built to run the football so the OL could struggle and 2) who knows if Tannehill can handle an offense centered around him passing the ball 35 times a game. I'd be down for it but I don't see them changing the offense that much because it would mean retooling the roster as well as the offensive philosophy.
  3. I feel like there are FA qb's who can do what he did or we can sign him to a reasonable deal or tag him. I'm not saying don't sign him but to give him a huge payday could be a mistake bc the talent level across the team is going to sink and he's not a QB that is carrying this team. As for drafting a guy I don't follow college, I'll have to get into it now that our season is over.
  4. And they still look inferior to the KC WRs. AJ Brown is the only one on their level.
  5. I think this would only expose Tannehill more.
  6. I don't think he was the problem, but he's definitely not the answer. Without an effective run game he isn't going to carry this team. Could we have a nice run if we improve the rest of the team to a more elite level at DL? I think so. But I don't think you pass over a better QB in the draft because of him.
  7. In a way they did use him wrong. He can't handle a pro style offense. He would perform better in an rpo spread to have a shot at being a good QB in this league like Newton or Jackson. Of course I understand why they did it bc that type of success never seems to last long. By the end no one thought he'd be a great QB but could be good enough with the talent we had in a system that played to his strengths. I suppose they did the right thing in letting him sink or swim as a pro style QB, but even his cheerleaders knew he wasn't cutting it in that type of offense. The truth is the plug should have been pulled long ago. In hindsight he should have just never been drafted. Seeing Jackson fold in the playoffs really opened my eyes that no matter how talented, you can't rely on a guy who can do one or two things excellently. I really believed that type of player could have a lot of success in this league even if he'd never be a Tom Brady type of success. Now I'm not so sure. A pro QB has to be able to do it all, especially be able to attack the perimeter. Mariota isn't that guy.
  8. I can't believe it - Jamal's last name is also black.
  9. Hey man.. not cool stealing @kyle021's name like that.
  10. Trust, he can see it. Folks on the other side are fine, we are the ones left to suffer. That's why the jokes don't bother me. They aren't to make fun, it's to make us feel better about the tragedy of death and how powerless we feel when people go away. We don't get pleasure from the suffering of others, we laugh to bring levity to tragic situations. Rest easy DMeade.
  11. Mariota can only be successful in a spread, college style rpo offense. At his best he'd a poor man's Lamar Jackson, and I feel even Jackson may have been exposed in the playoffs. Both of them struggle to pass to the perimeter. Yeah you can win some regular season games maybe but a smart athletic defense will shut guys like him down. Now that the league has seen how bad he is in a pro style offense his career could be over.
  12. Brown will be the best option against Kelce. Long was good for the ravens game though.
  13. Another revenge game, that's actually perfect. Let's exorcise each demon
  14. I'm just mocking you whining about people taking racism seriously. Mad there are repercussions for saying the N word?

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