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  1. newschool

    Wentz has fractured vertebrae...

    He has a very spindly frame.
  2. At the end of the day both sides are very sensitive about the use of words.
  3. Poor nine calmly, rationally and graciously explaining the reality here with nuance post after post, week after week even conceding more than he should to appear reasonable to rabid fans, and no one is paying attention. Henry has good hands and we all know what he can do in the open field. If both coaching staffs can't figure that out then that's on them.
  4. newschool

    Where has Derrick Henry Been all year?

    Faster than Gurley.
  5. newschool

    If we win today, we win out

    Guys, relax. The whole point was this was our biggest challenge so far. I was right. It was, and we got waxed. We came in fully healthy and on a roll - no excuses. This was a big game against a team and QB that matched up well against us that we are always bad against. I never said I expected us to win because I didn't. My point was if we won it means we are contenders heading into the soft side of the schedule. I knew if we lost some losers would act like this thread was a jinx. Now you're butthurt because your reading comprehension - like your team - sucks. Don't blame me, I didn't ask you to be a fan. Smoke a bowl and stop neurotically checking this board because it won't make you happier or the Titans any better.
  6. I've been thinking about this all week and meaning to post. The Colts are the last monkey to get off of our back. They are better than their record indicates and their offense will offer some unique challenges that we haven't faced this season. The Colts have 2 very talented TEs and they know how to use them both on the field at once. This will create a matchip problem for our Safeties, a LB (Brown) will have to step up and effectively eliminate someone bigger and faster than him. They also have a QB who is patient and can fit in tight windows vs airing it out. This is not a big play offense, they are patient and the defense can get tired. If the DL gets tired the flood gates can open. Lastly this is a talented pass blocking OL, much better than the Patriots OL. All that said we couldn't have asked to match up at a better time in the season. Not playing the Colts early has given the team an opportunity to get the kinks out and get into a groove in all phases. We are prepared. This will be a great test of the coaching staff in it's ability to prepare and adjust the team. The good news is the Colts haven't faced a defense like ours. While a big challenge I have full faith in the team. If the offense can continue to get off to fast starts like last week we are unstoppable. Looking at the remainder of the schedule, if we win today and especially if it's a strong showing my bet is on the Titans to win out the remainder of the season. The rest of the schedule would be 3 teams we already beat, the Giants, Jets, and Redskins. Of course any given Sunday, but I love our chances with the rest of the schedule. After today we are over the hump. Here's to 12-4. Go Titans
  7. I could show something better than that.
  8. newschool

    Dare To Compare

    He was a jerk for laughing with VY on the sidelines? But they never played together. I don't care if you like the guy or even think he's a jerk, I just never heard anyone think he's a jerk and I'm curious why
  9. newschool

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    He played well the past two weeks and he played well against PHI and LAC. You just proved my point.
  10. newschool

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Yes it is when he's flushed from a collapsing pocket
  11. It could be bias. We see him run and at that size feel he should dominate more, I'm sure they feel the same way, stats and production be damned.
  12. newschool

    Dare To Compare

    How was he a jerk?
  13. newschool

    2018 TR Survivor Pool II Week 11

  14. So much for all that talk about changing the offense
  15. What happened is they have an incredible DL and we weren't ready