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  1. Why'd you put that pound sign and no spaces, whipper snapper? 👴👵
  2. I think he's as pro ready as Jayon Brown was coming out.
  3. I love it, mainly bc this is what the future of sports entertainment will look like.
  4. You see him play in the super bowl? Incredible. He was good early he just wasn't getting the start over Davis.
  5. I like the drills where he is catching the ball and throwing it. Must be to work on him getting the ball out without time to think or for things to be perfect.
  6. DON'T RUIN THE FANTASY! *spooges on keyboard*
  7. First off, Daaaaamn Delanie! While it isn't playing speed yet he looks really good out there. Second, that's a lot of zip for Mariota. His passes usually rainbow a lot. Last, look at this pic of Corey Davis. He looks like he's gained maybe 10 pounds. Way bigger than the time I met him, he looks as ripped as AJ Brown.
  8. You throw the god damned vault at him. And lay out the red carpet.
  9. Looks like we won't have to worry about that.
  10. We are not playing with the LBs this year. I expect a lot of blitzing and heavy rotation at both inside and outside LB
  11. I like Butler a lot and would have loved him in the 4th, but I'd take Brown. I really think Brown could have a better year statistically than Corey Davis.
  12. Exactly who he reminds me of, and I always thought Boldin was incredible and underrated. He may actually even be a better route runner This transforms our offense.
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