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  1. Yea I'd be interested to know this as well.
  2. When I say Delanie, I'm referring to the complete TE we've seen the past two years who has played at a pro bowl level for the Titans. Clark has always been a "receiving tight end" who's been marginal with his blocking. I think you're taking a big risk passing on Delanie in the 1st round to maybe get Dallas in the 3rd (who tips your hand schematically when he's in the game).
  3. Leggett = Dallas Clark 2.0 Howard = Delanie Walker 2.0 Id rather have Howard as he's the more complete player. Personally, I believe TE are more valuable to an offense because you can mask what you want to offensively. But it'll be interesting to see what JRob does!
  4. My thinking is Hooker declaring for the draft adds another blue chip player to the draft for teams to consider drafting which increases the likelihood that Howard is available for us to draft at 18 if the draft board stays as is. As you can tell I really hope the Titans can get Howard.
  5. I'm sure I'm in the minority when thinking of this, but having Hooker become draft eligible increases our chances of having Howard fall to us.
  6. Great post Merc. Starting to get more excited at the possibility of landing Ramsey.
  7. Hmmm, that's interesting. I wonder if they're bringing in Jackson as our DB coach because of his experience with coaching an elite safety in the late Sean Taylor as seen in the photo. He seems like he would be a good fit to coach Ramsey as our possible future elite safety. Wonder if this tips Tennessee hand at all come the draft.
  8. This Twitter war is funny to me because it's like two ugly girls arguing over who's the prettiest.
  9. I've noticed this as well and really hoping that this is the case. It's one of the reasons I'm actually still holding out hope that we can make a good GM hire who will in turn bring in a coaching staff that can get the most out of this roster and build moving forward.
  10. This is a good point and I hope they have a dump truck full of money waiting to give to him.
  11. Yea there's definitely a lot of truth in this as I've seen and experienced this myself. Sometimes it's easier to stay with a know entity than to journey out into the unknown. Let's hope that DeCosta is not at this point in his career/life.
  12. Pretty well said. If there's a better situation than what's in Tennessee I'd definitely like to hear about it. As at the end of the day if he came to Tennessee, he has no where to go but up. In addition, if things got turned around quicker than expected, he would gain a ton credit for it.
  13. You're last two sentences Sox are another reason why it wouldn't hurt for DeCosta to take on the Tennessee job.
  14. I totally get this viewpoint. But I also believe if the GM position with Tennessee is as good as various tweets throughout this board have indicated, it would seem odd not to give this opportunity a shot. I've always had the frame of mind that you can only take what's in front of you and there's really no telling when Ozzie is leaving Balitmore. I'm sure Ozzie's built up enough "equity" that he can leave on his own terms, whenever he wants. If DeCosta, wants to be a GM someday I think now is as good as any.
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