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  1. I hope all the players strike, the owners go bankrupt, and the entire league folds. Less meaningless sportsball bread and circus for the masses.
  2. NoD


    Because they just lost and their star player cried on TV? And because they're the Jags.
  3. NoD


    Glad the Titans SWEPT those assholes this year.
  4. No, let's not discuss the people who were there to peacefully protest the destruction and of their culture, who had a federal injunction to allow them to speak and who were prevented from doing so. NEo NAZI!! KKK!! to any person who protests against statue removal (which I dont care that much about personally). It's the principle of it.
  5. If some white player started Seig Heiling during the national anthem I'm pretty sure he would be cut and blackballed instantly.
  6. It's early, and a ton can happen between now and opening day. However, I'm guessing 10-6. Whether that's good enough to win the division I do not know, but that's my guess.
  7. I remember CTF calling Laviolette a retread loser and a horrible hire, while calling Trotz a genius. Trotz has yet to get past round two with one of the best players in the world and Laviolette just took his third different club to a cup final. I love Trotz and think he's a good coach (and better person), but canning him was absolutely the right move.
  8. Well, they were the Tennessee Oilers for a couple of seasons. So there is a connection to the Oiler name in TN that way.
  9. Have they still not named a head coach yet? Seems like you would already know who that guy is going to be before firing the current coach.
  10. I hope Titans get the sweep this year. Tired of splitting with those jackasses.
  11. So based on Mariota's entire body of work, do you think the Titans have found a franchise QB? He has to be more consistent, but has he shown enough positives in his game for you to think he will get there?