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  1. Smith played solid at the end of the 17 season. I was really excited to see him in 18. Then he mysteriously goes on IR, looked like a nnumbers wink wink injury stay out a year and develop more physically then we will put you back on the roster looking forward to having him compete this season his resigning = no chance we draft a CB this year
  2. The raiders are an absolute shit show. ive never seen an offfensive lineman run 30 yds downfield before he finds someone to block.
  3. Nothing wrong with Henry or Lewis. The days of a back getting 100 yds per game rushing are over. This is a direct result of the spread offense in college not preparing a generation of qbs not being able to play pro style football. So with qbs lining up behind center lacking ability the first thing the defensive Coordinators do is load the box and sell out to stop the run. Don’t take this as a shot at Marcus, it’s not. It’s the way of the league.
  4. If they give this guy the opportunity he will make plays. Just a feeling I’ve got, loved what I saw in the pre-season. Hell he can’t be any worse than smith. The league is full of te that are productive and don’t have speed. Would lafleur’s offense not find a way to get walker the ball?
  5. Time to light a fire under Jonu who was just spotted on a milk carton
  6. Titans Mobile: Titans Promote TE Anthony Firkser to 53-Man Roster https://www.titansonline.com/_mobileview/news/titans-promote-te-anthony-firkser-to-53-man-roster
  7. I will be more active going forward. Great tournament and i got real lucky.
  8. I will claim my victory and come out of hiding. I’ve been a member here since day one and was on titanscentral for years. I rarely ever post just like to lurk and everyone’s opions on Titan football.
  9. I took that picture. My wife tweeted it to him and he put it on his instagram. I thought it was hilarious. But it is important that it shows signs of him growing up.
  10. exactly what my wife and I were discussing. We knew of a guy that got on it and went out in the backyard and blew his head off. Perfectly normal guy with no issues problems etc that was enjoying his life to the fullest.
  11. We played the Seahawks better than this
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