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  1. Maybe I’ll finally get to state my case to kick Kern’s ass to the curb and draft his replacement at #29.
  2. Normally I don’t poke fun at players dying, but this was too obvious: It’s amazing that a QB who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn managed to hit the narrowest part of a tree.
  3. In fairness, Florida does have nice beaches. The areas away from the water are just a bunch of flat dirt with hotels and old people.
  4. Finally! A team moving to a more traditional NFL styling instead of looking like an XFL/Arena league team . Very refreshing.
  5. Old news. They’ve been doing it at the Pro Bowl for a year or two now.
  6. Whenever someone talks about NFL players who don't like football, Haynesworth is always the first name I think of. It's no secret that he didn't like the game.....maybe even hated it. But he was exceptionally good at it and it paid far more than any other job that was available. I don't necessarily think it makes Haynesworth a terrible person. He was just one of millions of people who work jobs they hate.....and most of them make far less money than NFL players.
  7. My favorites are group scenes featuring midgets in furry animal costumes, animals dressed in human clothes, and various items of antique furniture.
  8. It’s only a mistake if they pay elite money for a good-but-not-great player. JRob obviously isn’t willing to do that...otherwise it would have happened already. Clowney obviously sees himself as an elite player...which is fine. He can believe what he wants....the proof is in the pudding: he’s a good (not great) player whose career has been marked with injury issues and uneven production...and teams know it. I suspect he’ll end up accepting a one-year “prove it” deal in the neighborhood of $12-13M... $15M, tops. Of course he thinks he’s worth far more....but at some point, he has to actual prove it on the field. Until that happens, he’s just another good-but-not-great pass rusher with inconsistent production and a long injury history.
  9. it sucks for Henry...but the fact is, RB is the only position in football where the value of the franchise tag has been declining rather than increasing every year. To make matters even worse, the elite RBs who define the top of the scale are consistently losing their jobs within 2-3 years after signing a big contract ....which makes it even harder to justify a major long-term investment, since the best guys are washing out after just a couple years.
  10. I hardly ever watch the press conferences anymore. As a rule of thumb...if it’s not posted on one of the midget bestiality porn sites, then I probably won’t see it.
  11. I imagine this is also a big sticking point in the Clowney conversations.
  12. Solid rotational pass rusher who also contributes on ST. I’m glad they brought him back.
  13. What a shocking development. When given the opportunity to give themselves an extra paycheck of premium advertising revenue, the owners voted yes.
  14. I'm withholding my vote until we get to the polls that really matter. For example, which TR member has the cutest little tushy....or the most appalling ignorance of personal hygiene.
  15. At the end of the day, the draft is all about acquiring talent and roster building...period. When you look past all the window dressing and debates, the bottom line is: did you add talent and make the team better? In his first draft, JRob brought in three guys who became top-notch starters (Conklin, Henry, Byard) and three solid depth/rotational players (Johnson, Sims, Sharpe). Granted, he started with a ton of draft capital......but that’s a damn good draft class, period. It’s unfortunate that only two of those six players are still on the roster...but that’s life in the NFL. You can’t keep everyone. JRob has already shown that he can build a strong, competitive roster. Now we find out whether he can maintain it.
  16. Every time I glance at this thread title, I see it as “Anyone hearing anything about Titans sightings?” As if the Titans are big TMZ celebrities or some rare animal species.
  17. This is going to be a death-blow for small, locally-owned businesses. A lot of big corporations will take a beating, lose tons of revenue, and have massive layoffs and restructures.....but with deep pockets and huge financial reserves, they'll find ways to withstand the storm and eventually come out the other side. But most mom-and-pop businesses are just regular working-class people working to stay afloat and make a living.....and they're looking at a total loss of revenue for several weeks or months. Most Americans can't afford to go 2-3 months without a paycheck....the same applies to small businesses. My fear is that most of the small businesses that are forced to close temporarily will never open their doors again.....and when the smoke eventually clears, the Wal-Marts and McDonalds of the world will be the only brick-and-mortar businesses left standing.
  18. We already know Vrabel and Clowney go way back. I kinda figured this deal would come down to either Seattle or Tennessee, barring any surprise dark horses. I'm sure Clowney sees himself as a $20M+/year guy, and he probably thought teams would be lined up to throw money at him....but it sounds like NFL GMs didn't get the memo. I don't see him as an elite game-wrecker....but he's a very good player, and I'd have no problem with $15M/year. But with his history of injuries and inconsistency, I'd have anything beyond that tied to performance incentives.
  19. I seem to recall either Reese or Fisher laying it out in an interview a couple years ago: Both Reese and Fisher wanted Cutler. Chow was banging the table for Leinart. But of course, Bud trumped them all.
  20. I don’t know about the Chiefs...but with the Colts, I’d keep the defense on the field as much as possible and give Rivers every opportunity to throw the game away.
  21. My thoughts exactly. The NFL has a saying: "It's better to part ways with a player a year too soon than to keep him a year too long". Casey is still an impact player and obviously made his presence felt last year.....but he wasn't as much of a force as he had been in previous years. I imagine Jurrell still has at least a couple good years ahead of him...but as one of the higher-paid DL in the league, it's fair to question whether his level of play will continue to justify his salary. For months, this forum has been discussing the various contracts that were expiring and the salary cap implications. We knew JRob would have some difficult decisions to make; no matter what happened, the team would have to part ways with some talented, popular players. Most of the moves we've seen thus far were fully anticipated; trading Casey for peanuts is the first move that really wasn't expected. It's a double-edged sword for fans: on one hand, JRob is showing that he's 100% focused on the big picture and making decisions based on the team's long-term interests. But by the same token, there will be tough decisions to make every single year....and noone is untouchable.
  22. An all-too-rare classy move by the league.
  23. Y'know, son.....back when I was a boy, $54M really meant something. Back then, folks thought $54M was real money.
  24. This trade is absolutely mind-boggling. If BoB's goal is strip the Texans' roster of their best talent and leadership this offseason, he's off to a tremendous start.
  25. Correa is a solid rotational pass rusher. Not a guy you break the bank for, but maybe $3-4M/year.

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