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  1. Cody Hollister is also having a strong night and playing like he’s done this a time or two already. Another guy to keep an eye on.
  2. Taylor is certainly making the coaches’ decision process easier.
  3. Personally, I saw Robiskie as the buffoon...to the point where there were murmurs of unrest in the locker room late in the season. Even his own players were losing confidence in him and questioning his acumen and approach. Mularkey was a good-but-not-great coach who was loyal to a fault and chose to go down with the ship.
  4. Lest we forget: during the week *before* the playoff game in KC, the media was already reporting that Mularkey might be on the chopping block. The tension quickly exploded out of control, to the point where AAS was forced to hold a presser before the game to give Mularkey her vote of confidence, while JRob stayed conspicuously noncommittal. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2752903-titans-controlling-owner-amy-adams-strunk-backs-mike-mularkey-after-firing-rumor It was a crazy, surreal, and extremely uncomfortable situation....especially for a franchise that had just made the playoffs for the first time in a decade. What should have been a joyous and exciting situation felt like a Jerry Springer episode. We can speculate about the team wanting to extend Mularkey or whatever....but the JRob/Mularkey situation was already untenable; one of them had to go.
  5. When I first glanced at this thread title, I was like “WTF???” My dumb ass thought someone had resurrected the game day thread from 2018 Week 4. Reading comprehension, dummy! 😂
  6. I see Mularkey as exactly what the team needed at the time; he gave the team a sense of identity and self-respect that had been missing for a long time. Mularkey's downfall was that he was content with being a B-/C+ team and flatly refused to set the bar any higher. Mularkey was okay with being "just okay"....JRob wasn't. Game over. Vrabel wasn't perfect last year, but I think we can all agree on one thing: he'll never be okay with being "just okay".
  7. In fairness to Mariota, most of those games were 2015-16-17 and have little relevance anymore. Personally, I place far more stock in his most recent performances. In 2018, he had only two games with 33+ attempts....vs Eagles and Jets. His production in those games (64% completion rate, 313 yds/game, 4 TD, 2 INT, 95.2 rating...5.1% TD, 2.6% INT) wasn't spectacular, but it was solid and quite respectable. His next two highest pitch counts came against the Chargers (24/32, 75% compl, 237 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT) and Dallas (21/29, 240 yds, 2 TD, 0 INT)....also solid performances. Mariota's numbers for the four games where he threw the most: 95/139, 1103 yds, 7 TD, 3 INT. 68% comp, 34.8 att/game, 7.9 YPA, 275 yds/gm, 5.0% TD, 2.2% INT, 99.9 passer rating. It ain't Aaron Rodgers, but it's pretty good. Very solid. It's also worth noting taht these games are a dramatic improvement over 2017, when he had 9 games of 30+ attempts...and in those game he threw a combined 7 TDs and 9 INTs. (I won't bother running the other numbers....suffice to say, they were pretty bad.)
  8. All I'm saying is....if they just want the RB to catch passes at or behind the LOS, then anyone can be a 3-down back. Henry is fine for that role; he's no longer a liability in pass protection and he's been effective and productive on screens, swing passes, and check-downs. Lewis' skill set lends itself to an expanded, versatile role in the passing game. Personally, I think he can be far more than "run to a spot and turn around" guy....but last year, that's all he was asked to do. I believe he can do more.
  9. My biggest reservation with Tannehill is the INTs. He's not at a Ryan Fitz-tragic level, but he's ranked among the highest INT rates in the league in each of the past three seasons he played (2015-16-18).....and reviewing film of his INTs over that period, many of them were just god-awful throws and/or horrible decisions. The two INTs in last year's season opener are a good example. The Vacarro INT was overthrown so badly, it had to be a miscommunication....and the Malcom Butler INT was just a straight-up terrible throw that gave the receiver no chance. But RT also had several great throws that day, including a spectacular, perfectly-placed bomb to Kenny Stills for a 70+ yard TD. We've all noted the similarities between Tannehill and Mariota. IMO, the biggest difference is that Tannehill throws with better velocity and he has more of a Brett Favre gunslinger mentality....which is usually a good thing. But it can also cause problems....and sometimes it's just downright awful.
  10. I’ve become less and less interested in preseason every year. The games have virtually zero correlation to regular season...and the players who are most productive and see the most playing time might not even be on the roster in a week or two.
  11. I'll be interested to see whether Art Smith expands Lewis' role to start utilizing him as a downfield target running WR-type routes. He obviously has excellent hands and his build and skill set are very similar to a slot WR; I would think he could be utilized in that manner once in while. Last year, his role was mostly "run 3-5 steps and turn around"; personally, I think he's capable of more. If the RB is only catching screens, swing passes, and check downs.....hell, any RB with reasonably reliable hands could fill that role. For what it's worth, I just reviewed every one of Lewis' targets last year...67 plays total. At least 80% of them were thrown at or behind the LOS. There were maybe 10 plays where he was targeted beyond the LOS....usually no more than 2-3 yards downfield. There were a couple throws of 5 yards and a couple for 6-7 yards. (The 6-7 yard throws weren't planned that way; they were scramble drills after the QB left the pocket.) Lewis was rarely motioned out wide....but he was effective in that role. He was never targeted down the field, but he was targeted 3-4 times on bubble/tunnel screens....and two of them went for 15-20 yards.
  12. In one of his books, John Madden said that of all the QBs his teams ever faced, Namath the always toughest QB to prepare for. He said Joe was one of those guys where an opposing coach could have the perfect defensive call with guys in all the right spots to stop the play that was coming...and Namath would still find a way to make a play and beat it.
  13. JRob and Vrabel are firm believers that nothing is given to anyone. Everything a player gets is earned. They're pragmatic guys and they know what the deal is. Marcus has worked hard and he absolutely deserves an opportunity to keep his job....but that hardly means it's guaranteed. Winning is Vrabel's #1 priority...and he'll play the guy who he feels gives the team the best chance of winning. Marcus has earned the opportunity to prove he's the guy; now he has to go out and do it. Maybe he plays well enough to hold off Tannehill...maybe he doesn't. It's all about what he does with this opportunity.
  14. Without cheating and looking it up, I was gonna guess DGB’s rookie year. For what it’s worth (nada), I voted under/under/push.
  15. I see Ramsey in the same vein as Cortland Finnegan: everyone else hates him, but fans of his team love him. The big difference being that Finnegan was a completely different guy off the field, whereas Ramsey is what he is. It's only natural for a player to want to play for his hometown team...but at this point, I suspect JRob would rather extend existing players as opposed to bringing in outside talent. I doubt the Titans would offer the kind of money Ramsey is expecting.
  16. I've learned to have low expectations for rookies. I'd rather expect little and be pleasantly surprised than expect a lot and be disappointed. I'm guessing Simmons sees limited-but-meaningful playing time in the latter half of the season.....maybe 10-15 snaps per game as a situational pass rusher. I doubt he'll have a big impact this year.... but the experience he gains this year should allow him to hit the ground running next year. My expectations for Brown are slightly higher but still conservative. Even if we assume he moves ahead of Taylor and Sharpe on the depth charter.....the lion's share of targets are going to Davis, Delanie, and Humphries. 25-30 catches, 300--400 yards and 2-3 TDs will be a solid rookie year for AJ. Nate Davis....who knows? Scouting reports suggested a talented but very raw player.....hopefully the team's OL depth is enough that he's not forced to play before he's ready. Hooker is coming into a very talented secondary....he'll be battling for PT. He might make some plays here and there, but I can't see him getting enough reps to make a big splash this year. The other guys....special teamers and buried on the depth chart this year. They'll be lucky to be active on gamedays.
  17. Nope. Because everyone knew Cassell and Gabbert were replacement-level journeyman types who had no business starting. (Well, everyone except Joel, who automatically assumes every QB who isn’t Mariota is better than Mariota.) Tannehill is a far better QB than either of those guys...and based on Mariota’s last two years, the argument can made that Tannehill is better than him, too.
  18. I could show you...but I can’t promise it will stand up in court. Ba-dump-tshhhhhhhh
  19. I need to look into condominiums. Regular-sized condoms droop and sag on me like the loose skin on an old lady's arm.
  20. I don’t read anything into the day of rest for Mariota. Occam’s razor. However...I can absolutely see Tannehill outplaying Mariota in preseason. And if Marcus gets off to a slow start and the coaches feel Tannehill gives the team the better chance of winning, they’ll give him that opportunity sooner rather than later.
  21. Even last year, Vrabel talked about making sure guys are ready for the regular season and not wearing them down in heat of training camp. I don't recall any specifics....but I suspect if we went back to the reviews and pressers from the 2018 training camp, we'd find that Vrabel gave every veteran on the roster a day off here and there.
  22. All kidding aside....a good friend of mine used to work for an AIDS/HIV/STD awareness and prevention organization. They'd do public outreach events all over the place, handing out pamphlets, doing free cheek swabs and HIV testing...stuff like that. He said their highest rate of positive tests almost always came from retirement homes and assisted living facilities. As he put it....once people are retired and their spouse dies, they just don't give a shit anymore. Widows and widowers who spent their entire lives in monogamous marriages would move into these places and start hooking up with each other, both in hetero- and same-sex relationships. Since there's virtually zero risk of pregnancy, nobody uses condoms....so STDs are rampant and spread very quickly. He would talk to people who had been there for only a few months...and they'd test positive for 3-4 different STDs. He couldn't believe it. Like I said...maybe KW2 had the right idea all along.
  23. Last year, Mariota's starter status lasted all of 30 minutes before he was replaced due to injury. Thanks to Marcus' injury history, the QB2 position is arguably more critical for the Titans than for any other team. JRob addressed this by trading for the most talented player available; now Vrabel has to ensure Tannehill is up to speed and that he has a rapport with the starting receivers in case Marcus goes down again. I do find it funny, though. Last Friday, Davis went to the locker room in the middle of practice and everyone is freaking out.....but then Vrabel said he gave Corey a rest day and everyone felt better; little more was said about it. But the following Monday, Vrabel announces a rest day for Mariota and we get pages and pages of conspiracy theories. Here's what I think: I think Vrabel gave Mariota a day off and got Tannehill some good 1st team reps. That's what I think.
  24. Grandma had to find a new favorite NFL player after KW2 retired.
  25. Relationships are way too complicated with chicks getting knocked up and whatnot. KW2 had the right idea....banging chicks in nursing homes after their stuff is all dried up.
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