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  1. No offense.......but if you can't see the family resemblance here, then you obviously know nothing about the game of football, and even less about quantum physics and the delicate political and economic balances that govern the European Union.
  2. Congrats to Hutch. It's unfortunate that his stellar career ended in such an inauspicious manner.....but he was a great, great player for a long, long time. First-ballot HOF'er. Best of luck to him in his post-retirement endeavors.
  3. It's been a while, but I don't recall many issues with Amano at LG; it wasn't until he moved to center that he became a frequent liability. Could the Titans do better? Maybe. But the fact is....despite what some folks seem to believe, you're probably not gonna find a Pro Bowl OL hoping to become a backup/swing player and play for league minimum. If you're talking about finding a relatively affordable veteran OL to provide depth....not only would you be hard-pressed to find anyone better than Amano, you'd also be asking a new guy to learn the system from the ground up, whereas Amano already knows the system cold and has a rapport with the QB's. (This, of course, is assuming that Amano takes a pay cut. I would be very surprised if he's retained at his current salary.)
  4. Just say no to MeAngelo. I remember a Titans/Falcons game few years ago, and Roydell Williams absolutely smoked DeAngelo on a play....got him guessing and turned around the wrong way, and Roydell was open by a good ten yards, but the pass was incomplete. (I don't remember if Roydell dropped it or if Vince missed on the throw.) Anyway....after the ball hits the ground, Hall starts strutting and waving his arms "incomplete", like he had shut the play down....when the fact is, he got burned badly on the play, but was still running his mouth and thumping his chest like he did something. IMO, that's just the type of guy he is. He's also one of those guys who always has an excuse ready whenever something bad happens. Whenever he gets beat or does/says something stupid, it's never his fault.....there's always someone else to blame for it. I can't see Munch expressing any interest whatsoever in the guy. If by some horrible chain of events he did end up in a Titans uniform, I would still root for the uniform.....but I'd have a hard time ever rooting for the player.
  5. Wanna know something funny? In his four-year NFL career, Harvin's receiving production has only been marginally better than Nate Washington's production during that same period. Harvin has had more catches and slightly more yards, while Washington has had more TD's and a higher per-catch average. (Nate also broke 1000 yards receiving in 2011....something Harvin has yet to do in his career.) Not that I'm trying to compare the two; Harvin is clearly the more talented and more explosive player. However, for an ego like his and the amount of attention he receives, you'd think he'd be a hell of a lot more productive than a solid-but-unremarkable receiver like Washington.
  6. I was thinking the same thing myself. If you could take all these guys who have been cut and put them on a single team, you'd have one hell of a roster. It's also interesting how several of these releases were high-profile free agents in just the past year or two. They haven't played poorly, and their salaries aren't terribly outrageous....but for whatever reason, their teams are cutting bait.
  7. Like to have him....but I believe Bolden has already said he would retire if he was cut.
  8. I like Wallace....but if the Titans are going to pay frachise-player money for a WR, I'd prefer that they get a franchise-caliber player.
  9. I think it's probably better that Cook goes elsewhere. He clearly isn't the traditional type of TE that the Titans prefer.....and after being told for the last 2-3 years that he was going to have a bigger role in the offense, he's probably tired of waiting. That being said....he's been one of the team's most productive receivers over the past couple years, and he's still not happy. Given his somewhat limited skill set ( fast but not quick.....big but not particularly strong or physical), I'm not sure how much more of a role he can expect, or how much more of an impact he can hope to have. It'll be interesting to see where he goes, and how much of an impact he has there.
  10. He probably figures, "This draft thing is easy. Last time I did it, I got a $50M contract."
  11. Interesting that a spambot revived this thread (spam removed)....but the thread itself has a number of good points and is as relevant now as it was back in August.
  12. Flacco had a spectacular postseason. Still not convinced he's anything special.
  13. But would you be willing to bet the #1 overall pick and millions of dollars on Geno Smith? The Chiefs obviously weren't sold on any of the QB prospects in this draft....so rather than using the #1 overall on a player they didn't believe in, they chose to trade for Smith, and will use the #1 pick to solidify their roster in other areas.
  14. I would also add that, unlike the aforementioned high-profile QB trades in recent years (Cutler, Palmer, Schaub), Smith has shown the ability to win games both the regular season and in the playoffs. I wouldn't consider him a great QB by any stretch...and if there was an Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin in this draft, then we're not even having this conversation. The Chiefs carefully examined every option that was available to them, including draft, trade, free agency, and current roster. And considering the alternatives, I think the Chiefs' decision to trade for Smith was absolutely the best move they could have made for the next 3-5 years. Beyond that, who knows what will happen.
  15. Personally, I think it's a great move by KC. Alex Smith may not be all that and a bag of chips, but he has proven that, with the right coaching staff and an NFL-caliber offense, he can be productive and play at a high level. If the Chiefs believe that Andy Reid is the right guy for the job and can build a winning offense (which they obviously do), then Alex Smith is almost certainly the best option available. Considering what the Bears gave for Cutler, or what the Raiders gave for Carson Palmer....or even what the Texans gave for Matt Schaub....if the Chiefs gave up nothing more than a couple picks for a QB who can step in and start immediately, they got a helluva deal.
  16. I'd make it a conditional pick to get something back if he holds out anytime in the first 18 months.
  17. Still have a sneaking suspicion that Lacy will be the pick at #10 overall.
  18. Assuming this year is the same as other years, comp picks will be announced around the last week of March.
  19. Same here. It's my poor technique that's holding me back. Wait......is "soft and flabby, old and slow" considered poor technique? Also, if I run more than 20 yards, I tend to poop on myself a little.
  20. Also, for what it's worth.... Compensatory picks - 2011 Comp. picks - 2010 Comp. picks - 2009 It's worth noting that while the league used to award multiple 3rd round comp picks every year, only one third-round pick was awarded in each of the past two years. [Oakland last year (for Asomugha) and Carolina in 2011 (for Julius Peppers)]. I'm wondering if maybe they changed the formula? Or have they just gotten more conservative in handing out picks?
  21. FWIW....here's list of last year's compensatory picks, and the net gains/losses that led to those picks: Rd Team 3 Oakland 4 Minnesota 4 Oakland 4 Baltimore 4 N.Y. Giants 4 Green Bay 4 Green Bay 4 Minnesota 4 Dallas 5 Oakland 5 Baltimore 5 Indianapolis 6 N.Y. Jets 6 N.Y. Jets 6 Cleveland 6 Cleveland 6 Indianapolis 6 Carolina 7 Pittsburgh 7 Green Bay 7 N.Y. Jets 7 Green Bay 7 N.Y. Jets 7 Cleveland 7 Pittsburgh 7 Cleveland 7 Pittsburgh 7 Atlanta 7 San Diego 7 Buffalo 7 St. Louis 7 Indianpolis Atlanta Falcons Lost: Harvey Dahl, Michael Koenen Signed: Ray Edwards, Reggie Kelly Baltimore Ravens Lost: Chris Chester, Dawan Landry, Le'Ron McClain, Donte' Stallworth, Josh Wilson Signed: Vonta Leach, Bernard Pollard, Ricky Williams Buffalo Bills Lost: Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner Signed: Brad Smith, Tyler Thigpen Carolina Panthers Lost: Jeff King, Richard Marshall, Matt Moore Signed: Ron Edwards, Olindo Mare Cleveland Browns Lost: Abram Elam, Matt Roth, Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik, Lawrence Vickers, Floyd Womack, Eric Wright Signed: Brandon Jackson, Dimitri Patterson, Usama Young Dallas Cowboys Lost: Stephen Bowen, Sam Hurd Signed: Abram Elam Green Bay Packers Lost: Daryn Colledge, Korey Hall, Brandon Jackson, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Spitz Indianapolis Colts Lost: Charlie Johnson, Clint Session Minnesota Vikings Lost: Ray Edwards, Ben Leber, Tarvaris Jackson, Sidney Rice Signed: Remi Ayodele, Charlie Johnson New York Giants Lost: Kevin Boss, Barry Cofield, Steve Smith Signed: David Baas, Steve Weatherford New York Jets Lost: Drew Coleman, Braylon Edwards, Shaun Ellis, Brad Smith, Steve Weatherford Oakland Raiders Lost: Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery, Bruce Gradkowski, Zach Miller, Thomas Howard Signed: Kevin Boss, Stephen Heyer Pittsburgh Steelers Lost: Nick Eason, Keyaron Fox, Matt Spaeth San Diego Chargers Lost: Kevin Burnett, Darren Sproles Signed: Travis LaBoy, Takeo Spikes
  22. Facts? No....that's your opinion. And a number of people shared your opinion, including Jeff Fisher and Mike Heimerdinger. (And Oman. ) Personally, I disagree with that opinion. Like I said before....when you've got a big gun, shoot it. I'm not necessarily talking about trying to make him a WR, and I'm not talking about some hare-brained gimmick crap. I'm simply talking about stepping outside their comfort zone and pushing the envelope a little by making minor tweaks to the existing playbook. The hell of it is, over the first three years of CJ's career, they actually came up with a number of plays that were perfect examples of what I'm talking about, and had considerable success with these plays. But for whatever reason, despite their success, they never called any of these plays more than 2-3 times before dumping them entirely. Just a couple examples: vs Green Bay '08: On one play, Collins drops back and CJ heads to the usual checkdown position....but instead of stopping and turning to face the QB, CJ makes a hard cut and runs laterally along the LOS. Collins dumps it off and CJ catches it in stride with a LB all over him....but using his momentum and that turbo boost, CJ literally runs out of the tackle and picks up 15-20 yards. Had this been a typical checkdown with CJ catching the ball while standing and facing the QB, then the LB hits him as soon as he catches the ball and the play is over. But on this play, by allowing him to catch the ball in stride, CJ was able to use his speed and turn a nothing play into something significant. But rather than incorporating this "moving checkdown" into the passing game more often, they continually have CJ go to a designated spot on checkdowns and stand there, making him a sitting duck and an easy target for any LB in the area. This is one area in which they could make him more effective in the passing game.....but choose not to. There was also a play they drew up in the 2010 season; I believe we saw it against the Bills and Redskins, but we haven't seen it since. It was essentially a delayed draw play...but the hand-off came so late, it was really more like a statue-of-liberty play. The QB drops into the pocket, CJ goes into pass protect mode....but after the QB completes his drop and sets in the pocket, CJ spins and comes behind the QB to take a handoff, almost two full seconds after the snap. By that time, the defense isn't even thinking about the run....the DL are in full pass-rush mode, the LB's are well into their drops, and the corners are already 20 yards down the field. All CJ has to do is clear the edge of the pocket, and he's got a good 10-15 yards between him and the nearest defender. Most RB's don't have the speed to wait that long before taking a handoff....they'd be lucky to make it back to the LOS. But CJ made it work, and turned it into big chunks of yardage. But, like so many other plays that were specifically designed to capitalize on CJ's speed and explosiveness.....they called it only 2-3 times, then dropped it from the playbook entirely. (Like so many other well-designed plays we've seen, it apparently worked too well for the coaching staff's liking.) These are just two examples of plays that I felt took perfect advantage of CJ's unmatched speed and explosiveness. Both plays had considerable success....and both were quickly removed from the playbook. That's the root of my frustration. It's not that they could never develop plays for CJ. They would develop these great plays, use them once or twice to great effect, then never bother calling them again. As I've said before.....they didn't want CJ to be CJ. They wanted him to be (and treated him like) a faster version of Eddie George....only several inches shorter and 20-30 pounds lighter.
  23. I thought they did a good job of utilizing him in a traditional "receiving RB" role, and he was effective on screen passes, flares, and on checkdowns. And that was it. They had no plays designed to capitalize on his mind-numbing speed or the way that speed struck fear into opposing defenses. At the time, many fans (myself included) wanted to see CJ occasionally motioned out of the backfield, or lined up as a WR....not just as a primary target, but also as a decoy who could potentially create opportunities for other players. (In fairness, we did occasionally see plays that used CJ as a decoy, which worked quite well and typically resulted in significant gains. But instead of being featured regularly in the offense, we saw these plays called maybe 3-4 times in a season.) I've always felt that CJ was a very uniquely talented player, and his speed and acceleration allowed him to do things that other players are physically incapable of doing. As such, they should have been able to design a handful of plays for CJ to exploit that speed....plays that simply wouldn't work with any other RB. (My theory is simple: if you've got a big gun...shoot it.) But instead, they gave CJ the Eddie George playbook, and asked him to do spectacular things from a relatively traditional RB role. IMO, when the Titans got Chris Johnson, they got the RB equivalent of a Maclaren F1. But having acquired the fastest car in town, they were content to simply drive around showing it off, and really never bothered to turn it wide open and see what it could really do.

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