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  1. Because his injury occurred during a game, I don't think the Titans can release Curtis outright, even if they wanted to; it would have to involve some sort of injury settlement. They could place him on IR, but that would effectively end his season, and they're paying him to do nothing. Personally, I'm thinking their best course of action would be to put him on the final 53, and keep him inactive for the first several weeks, until his hand heals up.
  2. I don't know that I'd consider CJ a leader in the traditional sense; I don't see him being particularly vocal or a big "rah-rah" type of guy. I can't see him bringing the team together pre-game for a fiery speech. He just doesn't strike me as that type of personality. That said...I do think his mere presence on the field gives the team a lift. As long as he's out there, then each member of the offense understands that if they do their job, CJ can take it to the house on any given play. I don't know if you'd call that leadership, per se....but he definitely gives the offense inspiration.
  3. Come on, now. Some of us have jobs and families to take care of. To watch something like that in its entirety......most of us just don't have that much spare time.
  4. Looking at it on paper, he's absolutely right. But that's the difference between football on paper vs. football in real life. Things rarely end up working out the way they look on paper.
  5. I'll be very surprised if Pryor ever amounts to anything in the NFL, and it doesn't have a thing to do with his Wonderlic score.
  6. There's also a Hawkins who plays drums for the Foo Fighters. But I don't think they're the same guy.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the Titans made a serious run at trading for Brown back in '07 or '08, and it looked like a done deal, but it fell apart at the last minute. Seems like the Bears wanted a three, and the Titans wouldn't give up more than a four....or something like that.
  8. Fisher may have been part of the interview process and might have had a voice in the decision, but I'll guarantee you it wasn't his decision to make. Fans rarely think about this, but the GM is just that: the General Manager...and while he's clearly involved in football operations, that's only one part of his job. The GM oversees related to the franchise...facilities, front office staff, marketing, financials, HR stuff, travel...you name it, he's overseeing it. The head coach's primary (and possibly singular) focus is football operations. The GM has his hands on every aspect of the organization...including those areas that have little or nothing to do with football, but that are part of every business' daily operations. I'm sure Fisher was probably consulted and had a hand in the process...but I suspect the real decision was between Underwood and Bud himself.
  9. I think we do. Those veterans whose spots are in jeopardy are players who are known quantities with limited upside. Under the previous regime, these guys were relatively secure due to their understanding of the system and the playbook....and in many cases, that was enough to keep them on the roster for an extra year or two. However, I get the impression that with the new staff, simply knowing the system will no longer be enough. Players who don't produce (or whose production doesn't match their pay grade) will quickly find themselves on the chopping block. Those veterans who are on their way out have already had their chance, and have proven that they're unlikely to contribute much anyway. Personally, I think the team is better off filling in the roster depth with younger guys like Egboh and Campbell, who have flashed a great deal more potential, but may need some time to let it develop.
  10. Keep in mind, you can't just move a player to the PS. You have to waive him first, and wait 24 hours before offering him a PS contract. If another team claims him during that period, he's gone. This is exactly what happened with LeGarrette Blount last year. The Titans tried to sneak him over to the PS, the Bucs snatched him up, and he was gone. I doubt they'll be taking that risk with Egboh. Personally, I suspect Egboh takes either Ford or Ball's place on the final roster.
  11. 1st round busts? I challenge anyone to find a team who has done better with first-round picks than the Titans have over the past 4-5 years.
  12. You don't think Segal made a name for himself when he negotiated contracts for Michael Vick, Randy Moss, and DeAngelo Hall?
  13. Honestly, I wouldn't mind bringing CHenry back to be used strictly as a short yardage/goal line power runner. I remember a preseason game a couple years ago...he took two defenders head-on, and drove them five yards straight backward. Or the time he ran into a pile, and literally pushed the entire pile about 3-4 yards. Dude is a friggin' hoss. A blind hoss....but a hoss nonetheless.
  14. Improved O-line play is huge. If they're able to maintain the level of execution they've shown in preseason, the offense should have no trouble establishing a strong, effective running game....with or without CJ. That being said....if CJ isn't signed in the next few days, look for the Titans to pick up another veteran RB who understands pass protection....an insurance policy for Hass. I'd hate to have a situation where Ringer gets dinged, and the only RB on the roster is a rookie who has never seen a real NFL blitz. (IMO, Brian Westbrook would be a perfect fit. He may not be the player he once was, but I doubt his pass blocking skills have slipped.) The screen passes bring another huge element to the offense that was sorely lacking last year. Consider the success they've had so far running screens to guys like Harper and Donaldson, neither of whom are particularly fast or elusive. If and when CJ finally comes back...if the O-line is executing like they have been so far, the screen game will be hell on wheels. I'm not terribly concerned about the pass rush at this point. They've gotten fairly consistent pressure in both preseason games, and Gray seems to have a good feel for mixing up blitzes. Not that I've been overly impressed with the pass rush or anything....but neither do I think it will be a problem. I won't worry until I see reason for worry. I think this could be a year where we see considerable turnover in terms of depth...letting middling veteran backups go in favor of younger players with greater upside and future potential. I could easily see Egboh taking Ford or Ball's spot...Stingily replacing Kropog....Campbell for Ittersagen....etc.
  15. Hell, even before the season ended last year, we were already hearing about all sorts of tension and infighting that was occurring....not amongst the players in the locker room, as one might expect, but amongst the COACHING STAFF. What the hell kind of leadership is that, when the coaching staff can't even get along amongst themselves? Complete dysfunction. The fact that it was allowed to happen and trickle down to the team is just another unsavory indicator of how burned-out Fisher had become by the end of his tenure.
  16. In 2010, the most efficient deep-ball passer in the NFL was Vince Young. On throws of 20+ yards, Vince completed 45% of his pass attempts....far more effective than Peyton Manning (30%) and Tom Brady (36%). http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2011/05/10/going-deep/ Now, I'll be the first to admit....Vince throws an absolutely beautiful deep ball. But does anyone honestly think Vince Young is legitimately the best deep passer in the NFL, and significantly better than both Manning and Brady in that regard? The numbers certainly support this. Or could it be that the way opposing teams defended the Titans created situations that were highly favorable for airing it out and stretching the field? I wonder what it was about the Titans offense that made opponents defend them in such a manner.
  17. Hope's comments, from the July 25 issue of the Tennesseean: “But I speak for myself when I say I am a leader on and off the field, and in the classroom. I don’t have off-the-field issues or get in trouble. I am a professional. I come to work every day and I don’t miss practice and I don’t miss plays. With all that being said, I think every dime I get, I am deserving of it.’’ LINK
  18. From his comments a couple weeks ago, I got the distinct impression that Hope felt he deserved every penny of his salary for this year, and would refuse any request to take a pay cut. So then the question becomes, is his performance in preseason significantly better than a guy like Babineaux, whose salary is significantly lower than Hope's? Considering his performance last year, I'm thinking Hope better have the preseason of his life.
  19. Absolutely agree; there's no question that blame for the subpar performance falls on everyone involved. But I'm not talking about plays where CJ bounced it outside instead of taking an open running lane. Those plays obviously did happen....but far less frequently than some would have us believe. I'm talking about things we rarely saw in '08 and '09, but that happened with regularity in 2010....plays where Amano or Harris got pushed 3-4 yards straight backward...plays where Roos or Stewart failed to set the edge, or allowed a defender to slip inside them and blow up the play.... guys whiffing on blocks at the second level, allowing LB's and DB's to easily stuff running lanes.....CJ taking a handoff and running into a brick wall at the LOS, forcing him to bounce outside or reverse his field. The running game is a collaborative effort....and it all starts with the O-line. When they struggle, then CJ is a fairly average RB who will pop a big play from time to time. But when the O-line does their job well, then CJ is among the most explosive and feared runners the game has ever seen.
  20. Harper did look reasonably bood, and ran much better than he did last week against the Vikings. That said, I don't know that he looked any better than Quinton Ganther, who tore it up in preseason a couple years ago, but ultimately proved to be "just a guy".
  21. So....you're saying the Titans should have drafted a "one-year wonder/workout warrior" prospect? "Ladies and gentlemen.....Mr. Floyd Reese!" I can't tell you how relieved I was last year when the Giants snagged JPP. He was the one guy I absolutely did not want in that draft. As I recall, JPP had jumped between 2-3 different schools in his college career, and had amassed most of his sacks in a nine-game stretch against smaller schools. If I'm not mistaken, he was virtually unknown until people saw the YouTube video of him doing 20-some backflips in a row. As far as his NFL success goes....call me when he does it during the regular season, against real NFL O-lines.
  22. Just to clarify a couple points: it seems to me that most of the criticism levied at CJ's performance (all-or-nothing, doesn't move the chains, poor receiving skills) revolves around his performance in 2010. Also in 2010, we saw a significant decline in the quality of the O-line's run blocking. I know it sounds crazy....but it's almost as if the performance of the O-line has some influence on RB performance. In 2010, 17.4% of CJ's runs resulted in first downs.....roughly one first down for every six carries. RB's typically convert first downs around 20-25% of the time (one first down every 4-5 carries)...so in 2010, CJ was somewhat below average. However, in 2008 and 2009, CJ converted first downs at 21% and 22%, which is very much in line with other top RB's. So while it's fashionable to refer to him as an "all-or-nothing" runner who doesn't move the chains...the fact is, this particular aspect of his game is not appreciably better or worse than other RB's, and (IMO) is as much a reflection on the O-line as it is on CJ's running style. In 2009, CJ's effectiveness as a receiver ranked among the league's top pass-catching RB's. In 2010, those same metrics ranked CJ near the bottom of the league. Did this sharp decline in effectiveness occur because he suddenly forgot how to catch the ball? Or could it have something to do with the fact that the coaching staff (by their own admission) actively de-emphasized the use of screen passes in last year's offense.....plays that are the bread-and-butter of any pass-catching RB. Not trying to make an argument one way or the other....just simply trying to clear up what I feel are some misconceptions about CJ's game.
  23. Reading between the lines just a bit....you have to realize that this is the first time someone within the Titans organization has mentioned the possibility of a trade. Of course, they're saying they're not interested, and that they won't entertain offers....but at the same time, they're also publicly acknowledging that the idea of trading him has been a topic of conversation. And the further this thing drags out, the more attractive that idea becomes.
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