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  1. 3 minutes ago, NashvilleNinja said:

    They can play it every damn day as far as I'm concerned.


    I wonder if they'll ever have a streaming package for individual teams where you can stream any game from a given franchise's history. I'd love to be able to watch all those old Oiler games considering football was barely on my radar at that point. Warren Moon, Hayward Jefferies, Earl Campbell, etc


    If the league isn't considering this they should. They'd rake in a lot of cash from it.


    Once upon a time, the NFL Films website had TONS of old classic game footage available for streaming.  It don’t know if it was *everything*...but it sure seemed like   every game in the NFL films library was available for viewing.  


    There were entire seasons available from the 1970s-80s-90s....just click on the year and the week and select the game you wanted to watch.  Entire libraries of highlight videos for every high-profile player you can imagine.  The amount of content they offered was absolutely incredible...and it was all free!  


    The NFL had them shut it down in the early 2000’s.  As soon the league figured out that digital was the future of all media, they took 100% control of the content and started finding ways to monetize it.   But it took them a few years to come to that realization...and it was pretty friggin’ amazing until they took it over.

  2. I don’t doubt that the FO and coaches were on the fence about Mariota...but as the incumbent QB and face of the franchise,  it was reasonable to give him the benefit of the doubt.


    Had they replaced Mariota before the season, they likely  alienate a significant portion of the fan base and the locker room.   “They didn’t even give Marcus a chance to prove himself!”   


    I’m sure there are probably still fans out there who wish Marcus was on the field no matter how poorly he plays....but I doubt anyone in the locker room feels that way.  And nobody can say he wasn’t given a fair chance.   

  3. Very, very teams would have benched an established, incumbent starter to open the season, even if the newcomer had outperformed him in camp/preseason.  It might happen with a rookie draft pick;  with a recently-acquired veteran backup, it’s virtually unheard of.  


    I don’t blame anyone for giving Marcus an opportunity to solidify himself as the starter....and he had a couple games that were respectable and he played reasonably well.  But it quickly became apparent that he was getting worse rather than better...and they had to make a change.  


    Its easy to say in hindsight that it should have happened sooner...but barring injury, and/or an absolutely horrendous start, six weeks is about as quick you’ll ever see an incumbent starting QB benched for a veteran backup.     I imagine there have been exceptions in NFL history ...but they’re few and far between.


    I don’t blame the Titans for holding off on a change that no other NFL would have made.   They gave Mariota every opportunity to prove himself...and when all doubt was eliminated they pulled the trigger 

  4. It was an exciting and compelling game...lots of big plays for both teams in all three phases.  


    There were 3-4 different times where it looked like the favored team  had it sewed up and underdogs appeared to be out of it....but they kept coming up with huge plays at critical junctures and eventually pulled off the upset.  


    Definitely a fun and exciting game to watch for any football fan.

  5. 6 hours ago, CaliTitan3518 said:

    Hmm the coaches dont ask Henry to do something because it’s not in the playbook.


    It’s almost as if they don’t ask him to do it or have it in the playbook because he can’t/sucks at doing it. 


    If you go back and look at Packers RB Aaron Jones in 2018...his role in the passing game was virtually identical to that of the Titans' RBs:  traditional RB pass routes comprised almost entirely of screen passes, flares, and check downs.


    This year has been a completely different story, as Jones has been used as a downfield/deep threat on a regular basis.   I haven't followed it or kept up with the numbers....but over the Packers' first 6-7 games, Jones was targeted 20+ yards downfield as frequently as he was targeted behind the LOS, resulting in multiple chunk plays and a couple long touchdowns.   


    The funny part is, Jones isn't doing anything particularly advanced or running sharp, precise WR routes....he's just running down the sideline.   But the fact that it's been so effective indicates that Matt LaFleur came to an amazing realization this offseason:   if you get a fast RB matched up against a LB in single man coverage, he doesn't have to run sharp, precise routes or the entire route tree.    He just has to run faster than the LB.

  6. 16 hours ago, abc2330 said:

    I'd be more embarrassed if any of you met me in person, knowing my persona on this forum.   I totally suck on here.


    Its the exact opposite for me.


     My participation in this forum represents my life’s work and is my most remarkable accomplishment.  It is my greatest  achievement and the crown jewel of my existence on this planet.  


    Different strokes, I suppose .

  7. 1 hour ago, AussieTitanFan08 said:

    Crazy how many Chargers games finish with Rivers throwing an INT while trying to complete a game winning drive, no idea why they were attempting all those downfield shots when they still had 3 timeouts.


    What amazed me was on the Chargers’ final drive, Rivers had what...7-8 uncatchable balls in a row?    They even gave him a new set of downs after a defensive holding call on 4th down...and  he STILL couldn’t complete a pass.  

  8. Pretty blatant officiating screw-up on that delay-of-game by the Chargers.     The clock had already hit zero and the officials blew the play dead just as the ball was snapped...Rivers takes the shotgun snap and starts to relax, but the Raiders keep coming and two guys absolutely crushed Rivers.   


    They took Rivers down hard a good two seconds after the whistle...but no flag.   If I was Rivers or Anthony Lynn, I'd be absolutely livid.

  9. 8 hours ago, Mythos27 said:

    I know this film is about Henry but damn is Luke Keuchly good. He's fucking game-wrecker vs the run. His intelligence allows him to consistently make plays he has no business making. 


    Watch Keuchly on Henry's second carry of the game, at the :35 mark in the video.    Keuchly initially takes two steps to his left but diagnoses the cutback long before it happens, while Henry is still taking the Keuchly is a good 2-3 steps ahead of Henry.   When Henry makes his cutback, Keuchly is already standing in the lane waiting for him.

  10. 33 minutes ago, JakePA_Titan said:

    What's wrong with one in round 3?


    I'll take a Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, or Kirk Cousins over a Locker, Mariota, or any of the countless others taken in round 1 out of desperate need who end up being shit. 


    To think it has to be round 1 is why teams fail at drafting QBs. They push them up the ladder due to need. 


    It's a matter of playing the odds.     The greater the talent, the greater his chances of having success as a player.


    Historically speaking, a QB drafted in rounds 3-4 has maybe a 10-15% chance of eventually developing into a starting-caliber player.   At best, it's maybe 20%.  For every success story like Wilson/Prescott/Cousins/Foles, there are numerous Mike Glennon/Ryan Mallett/Sean Mannion/Davis Webb  stories.     


    It only seems like good QBs can be had in round 3 because we only remember the few good ones.   We conveniently overlook the other 80% that either bounce around the league as backups or who are out of football and forgotten within 2-3 years.

  11. I suspect LaFleur was probably given a lot more control and autonomy as an OC than Art Smith has been afforded.


    Last year,  I always got the impression that gameplans were a collaboration between HC and OC with both guys having equal input.    This year, it feels like Vrabel dictates the gameplan every week and expects Smith to implement it.  Maybe it’s because Vrabel doesn’t have the same level of faith in Smith’s acumen that he had in LaFleur’s ...or maybe Vrabel simply decided to flex his muscle and exert greater influence over the offense.  


    But it really doesn’t matter...because either way it’s a problem.

  12. Talented as he is,  Simmons is still a rookie who came in with zero training camp or preseason.    It's pretty unrealistic to think he'd be capable of stepping in and replacing Casey after only 2 weeks.     


    I'm sure he's probably in excellent shape from a rehab/training room standpoint....but as they say, that's the difference between being "in shape" and being "in football shape".  I doubt any amount of strength/cardio training can prepare a body for the constant beating of playing 40+ snaps a game.    We've already seen flashes of what he's capable of doing....but learning to maintain it and do it consistently takes time.

  13. Lewis had a couple really nice plays yesterday....and 53 total yards from scrimmage was by far his biggest output since the Patriots game last year.   But the fumble pretty much negated the positive contributions he made as a runner and receiver.    Even in a game where he played reasonably well, there's still an ugly asterisk.


    As utterly ineffective as Lewis had been over the last 12+ almost wonder if his roster spot is in jeopardy and yesterday was his opportunity to show that he still has something left in the tank.

  14. I'm not sure I'm following the OP here.    Tannehill might have attempted more deep throws in this game than we saw in the previous eight games *combined*.


    IMO, this loss came down to the mind-numbing penalties that negated one big play after another.... and Succop channeling both Cairo Santos and Cody Parkey in a dazzling display of undependability.