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  1. Coaches' film for all of Mariota's drop backs in week 2. First Half: Second Half:
  2. I went back and reviewed film for a few of Tannehill's games last year. There's obviously no comparison with arm strength and velocity; Tannehill is head-and-shoulders above Mariota. He's also much more consistent at getting the ball out quickly and in rhythm, which is a critical component of any NFL passing game. Tannehill is clearly more decisive, more aggressive, and has more of a gunslinger mentality...which is both good and bad. He'll make throws into tight windows or to covered receivers, including a lot of throws Marcus wouldn't even attempt. This leads to more production and TDs .....but he'll also try to force plays that aren't there, which leads to INTs. From an accuracy standpoint, they're probably about the same....both guys will miss a few throws over the course of a game. Mariota has the better and more consistent deep ball....but that advantage is negated because he won't make the throws. In terms of overall passer rating and efficiency, Tannehill's overall track record is very similar to Mariota....he's all over the map. Over the course of a season, he'll produce 4-5 really strong, productive games, 4-5 middling performances, and 4-5 really bad games. Sound familiar? I doubt anyone sees Tannehill as the QBOF for this organization. He's not a consistent passer....but at least he has a consistent feel and understanding of timing and rhythm in an NFL passing game, which is something that Mariota still struggles with. He may or may not be more productive than Marcus....but at least Tannehill's style of play allows an offense to function. What we saw on Sunday doesn't.
  3. Yeah, probably not a lot of teams knocking down the door for a $20M backup. They’d probably have to donate him to the Salvation Army and take the tax deduction.
  4. OL play hasn't been that bad....especially for an O-line that is down two starters, one of whom is by far the team's best OL. Last week, the Browns schemed a ton of pressure with unblocked blitzers and delayed blitzes, often sending more pass rushers than the Titans had blockers. Saffold was pretty bad this week and accounted for two sacks....but the O-line was reasonably solid otherwise. The QB can't expect to sit in the pocket for 4-5 seconds and be protected...he has to get the ball out of his hand. And in this area, Mariota failed miserably yesterday.
  5. In week 1, we saw instances of Marcus making throws and getting the ball out under pressure or when plays started to break down....which gave me hope that maybe he had turned a corner. Week 2 was 2018 all over again. When things went off schedule, Marcus didn't trust his arm or his teammates...he held the ball and either tried to run or he went into turtle mode and ducked back into his shell. Hell, at one point in the 4th quarter, Smith called an RPO. Instead of biting on the inside handoff to Henry, the backside DE was clearly sitting down and playing containment. But for whatever reason, Mariota keeps the ball and tries to beat the DE around the edge....which gives the LBs time to shut the play down. The hell of it is, Henry had a nice gap and likely picks up 5-10 yards had Marcus simply done what he was supposed to do based on a basic one-man read.
  6. This game was very much within reach. The Titans led for most of the 4th quarter until the Colts took a 2-point lead with 4:40 left. Instead of going into the 4-minute offense and driving it down the field with Henry, they put the game on Mariota's shoulders and asked him to go win it. Over those final four minutes, the Titans had two possessions; Mariota went 3-7 for 21 yards. His biggest contribution was a 15-yard run with :30 remaining, which set the stage for horrible clock management mistakes in the next few plays. In addition to the ill-advised spike on 3rd & 2....the game's final play selection was just straight-up stupid. Even if he completes the pass to convert the first down, the game is still over. With ten seconds on the clock and no time outs....throwing a short slant to the middle of the field is just flat-out dumb. I don't know if it was Mariota or Art Smith who made the call.....but it was the type of bad decision that losing teams make.
  7. The league's refusal to incorporate newer technology into officiating games is ridiculous and inexplicable. On the other hand, they've been putting wireless headsets on officials for decades.... and they still can't figure out how to keep them working consistently.
  8. Titans shit the bed at multiple levels yesterday and are now a game behind the Colts and Texans in the division standings. A loss in Jacksonville would put them in the hole big time. They don't need to work miracles or do anything spectacular; they have to do their jobs and finish plays when given the opportunity.
  9. Keep in mind, the Titans benefitted from a similarly questionable DPI call later in the game that gave them a first down at the Colts 25. In my mind, those plays are a wash.....both were excellent defensive plays nullified by ticky-tack BS calls. The whole point of making PI reviewable was to correct blatantly bad calls....not to split hairs on bang-bang plays that could go either way. But with that being said, the officials still seem very unclear on this. The Vikings had a touchdown wiped off the scoreboard yesterday when the officials decided the replay showed an illegal pick...but to me it just looked like two guys bumping into each other in traffic. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't....but it certainly wasn't blatant enough to overturn the call on the field. Reviewing Henry's 75-yard TD last week was the same deal....looking at multiple angles to determine whether Saffold's block occurred within one yard of the LOS as allowed by rule. Again....splitting hairs. It would be one thing if he was blocking 5-10 yards downfield.....but reviewing to determine whether it was one yard or two yards is utterly ridiculous.
  10. The officiating was equally incompetent for both teams. I don't think it impacted the outcome for either team, but the frequent stops and delays certainly disrupted the flow of the game. I particularly liked the one where the entire officiating crew had to huddle together for a 2-minute conference just to call an illegal shift.
  11. I suggest you reserve judgement until you've seen the game for yourself. This game was easily Mariota's worst performance since the Baltimore game last year.
  12. I suspect the All-22 for this game will be very unkind to Mariota.
  13. There's no defending Sharpe, there. He's got to secure the first down in that situation....but instead, he gave u the first down by backing up and trying to juke a defender. Just one of many bad plays Titans committed to help ensure the loss.
  14. I'll hold off until tomorrow before casting my hysteria and all that. Better yet, I'll wait for the All-22 on Wednesday. With that being said....this game felt an awful lot like the 2014 Cowboys/Titans game where I finally had to admit Jake Locker would never be a competent NFL QB.