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  1. i was only half way watching and thought they had to have had the down marker wrong on the screen. Lol. Nope.
  2. Still digging and researching about him, but here are some things I love. - Has the ideal size for the position at 6 ft 4 in, 216 lbs - Plays with an attitude and an edge about him, definitely more of the alpha male persona than Mariota or even Locker - Comes from a football family so you know he most likely has a true passion for the game. His father played a year for the Packers and had a few years in the CFL before he went into coaching at the college level - Burrow started out at Ohio State and redshirted his 1st year. He played behind Barrett for 2 years and then transferred the year Haskins took over - He graduated in 3 years so he was eligible to play at LSU immediately - This year he's been nothing short of amazing. Pressure in college just isn't the same as it is in the NFL so you really have to dig for clips that show that, but check out this play he made against Texas. - Probably the biggest question is what took him so long to show this ability? I've seen interviews where he said he worked really hard this offseason and LSU brought in Joe Brady as its passing game coordinator this year - This year LSU's offense has completely transformed, whereas last year it looked a lot more like the traditional grind-it-out LSU offenses we've come to know over the years. He ran a lot more last year and is pretty mobile for his size. This year though, he looks like your prototypical pocket passer - Still a ways to go, but from what I've seen so far, I wouldn't be shocked at all if he plays his way into the top of the QB leaderboard right up there with Tua and Herbert
  3. Not only that, but we saw yet another week with dominant offenses and young QBs lighting it up.
  4. Saints got a defensive TD and a special teams TD, I believe.
  5. It’s hard to fault them too much on Douglas considering 2 in front of him got hurt.
  7. Early, but right now I love what I’ve seen from Burrow.
  8. I wasn’t a fan of Douglas’ interview after game either. Almost seemed like he was about to laugh when Davenport questioned him after the game.
  9. Burrow may be playing his way into the top 10 of this draft.
  10. @TitansGuru So I'm not sure if this is board related or related to the latest iPhone/twitter updates. I can't seem to post a link from twitter when using tap and "paste" on iPhone anymore. I tried it in both Chrome and Safari. Also tried switching up the board themes. No luck. It lets me paste in search bars and on other websites just fine.
  11. Hmm. Seems like that's only throwing to his 1st read. Would have to be even worse when they take everything into account.
  12. Any chance you know Mariota's grade from last week against the Colts and last night vs the Jags? Usually Glennon or someone tweets it out, but I haven't seen it for either of these games.
  13. News did we, the on an internet message board. Unreal that the HC of the team didn't.
  14. Yep, I definitely voted incorrectly, lol. Just saw the actual poll question, but I answered the OP title 😆
  15. Come on. This is nothing. The media still coddles him and he still has all kinds of fans on twitter and reddit defending him. If he were in a big media market it would be way worse.
  16. There. Avatar changed. Rejoice @NashvilleNinja!
  17. Honestly? Yeah. After having time to review the film, I thought he would see how truly bad it was. Same for Jrob.