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  1. Has there been any update on this at all? Suspension? Rehab? Counseling?
  2. We actually had Merc on years ago. Maybe more than once even.
  3. Our top 2 WR our both banged up. I don't get why we haven't brought in an experienced vet.
  4. Butler popping up too. Ugh. Our depth is being tested early. On the bright side, Beasley seems close to finally getting on the field.
  5. Dude, what is up with AJ? He finished the game and seemed fine? Hopefully just a precaution, but it's definitely concerning.
  6. There's a huge difference between saying Davis sucks though and that he wasn't worth a top 5 pick. I was probably the biggest Davis fan on the board for that draft and even I said you don't take him at #5. In fact, I don't think I ever even entertained that as a possibility. I loved Adams and when he fell to #5 I thought for sure he was going to be the pick. Anyway, I'm glad to see you are finally at least admitting that Davis "has talent."
  7. Those 49ers injuries do have me at least a little concerned.
  8. Literally lol'd way too long at this. Not gonna like though, the fact that Jamal and Merc apparently hate each other's guts now does make me sad.
  9. @TitansGuru popping in later to check-in on this thread...
  10. Davis always had the ability and showed it multiple times. His biggest problems were threefold: 1) QB play 2) Injuries 3) Consistency #1 has been handled. #2 still seems to be an issue, but he's trying to play through it. #3 remains to be seen. Hopefully week 1 is a sign of the work he put into the offseason and everything starting to finally come together for him. I have no doubt in his ability though whatsoever.
  11. No board of shame needed. Should just be visible on their TR profile, which still exists even though all posts are apparently removed/hidden.
  12. But don't you see how the majority of us are only learning about it from your post (or others) here? I mean, it's what started the thread in the first place. @Number9 asking what happened to Sox. I'm saying I feel like that should be made visible on the board in some form so we don't have situations where people are wondering what happened to a certain poster. They could just go to their profile and see "Oh, dude was banned for threatening another poster. I get it." and move on instead of wondering or having to make a thread. I did also mention warning them and making it obvious as to what's against the rules. Sounds like that was already handled in the politics forum, so fair enough.

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