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  1. Statistically, he was among the best.
  2. - Cut Lewis, Walker, Wake - Extend Tannehill - Franchise Henry - Transition Conklin - Re-sign Logan Ryan He does add, "For what it's worth, there's a much better chance Tennessee re-signs Henry and franchises Tannehill. Ideally, it would go about things this way instead." https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28710674/five-2020-offseason-moves-afc-teams-bill-barnwell-predicts-trades-nfl-free-agency-cuts#ten
  3. Brady is unquestionably the GOAT, but at the end of the day, he's human. Just like Montana. Just like Manning. Just like Jordan. He fell off a cliff in 2019 (Bud posted the chart). I think the odds of him turning it back on - at his age - are incredibly low. Tannehill - even if you factor in a regression - is the much better choice, imo.
  4. That gives an unfair competitive advantage though. Don’t like that at all.
  5. They’ve already said the extra game wouldn’t be an international game for everyone. The international games would be capped.
  6. Feel like the Titans are highly likely to be one of these teams:
  7. Feel like I've seen a few people asking about this. I haven't seen anything, unfortunately. Should probably start getting some stories on him when we're closer to mini-camp. He tweeted this back in November so it sounds like he was ready to get back at it, at least in his mind.
  8. Posted in another thread already, but probably worth posting here as well:
  9. Price increase is the headline, but there are other interesting items here as well. For one, “A new Titanium Club for season ticket holders will reward fans who attend seven or more regular-season games or transfer their tickets to others who attend. Those rewards will include gear, experiences and entry into a Super Bowl ticket contest.”

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