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  1. Titans- WR DK Metcalf School: Mississippi | Year: Sophomore (RS) Metcalf has a rare blend of size and speed. He'd be the perfect partner for Corey Davis. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011490/article/daniel-jeremiah-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-lands-with-patriots
  2. Wonder if we were waiting to see if he became available?
  3. Have the Bengals, Cardinals, Dolphins, or Jets filled their OC openings yet?
  4. Lol. Arthur Smith, come on down! Seriously though, pretty disappointing result from the outside looking in. If Arthur blew them away, why wait until now? Just looks bad and seems they showed no interest in top guys like Kubiak, DeFilippo, Caldwell, etc. Smith may turn out to be great, but as usual with this team, the "search" just feels weird and while I'll give Arthur a fair shake, it just doesn't inspire confidence with how it went down.
  5. Wait, Paul knows the timing, @tgo?
  6. I thought the same thing after reading it. They put out these articles every year and half the guys on it usually end up staying with their current teams.
  7. Jonboy

    Mock Draft Tour

    Someone already mocking Murray to us in round 1, eh?
  8. For the lazy...Rapoport knows nothing, lol. Basically just said it has been incredibly quiet and that Jon Robinson must be threatening lives to keep it from getting out.
  9. Ok, this is ridiculous. Have they interviewed anyone legitimate besides Arthur?
  10. Jonboy

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    Yikes. Probably referring to Mariota, but almost sounds like Vrabel from that quote.
  11. It's going to be hilarious if they wait this long, keep things super confidential, and then just promote Arthur friggin' Smith.