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  1. I’m not sure Vrabel and Gruden would mesh well, personality wise. I wouldn’t be opposed at all though to bringing Gruden on board as the OC asap.
  2. I've seen this mentioned a few times. What's the story here?
  3. Did Davis even have a target before Tannehill came in? If so, it had to only be 1 or 2.
  4. Oh this comment from me was referring specifically to the Titans tweet about the Titans deciding between Mariota and Tannehill with a huge pic of them looking like they're about to have a boxing match or something. Then you can see Delanie's reply to it.
  5. Yeah, I think a lot of them are Oregon fans who probably haven't watched him as close in the NFL.
  6. Not gonna lie, that did seem like an awkward tweet to me (from the Titans). Doesn't feel right to either guy and could be seen as disrespectful to both of them. Seems to be how Delanie took it.
  7. Check out all the likes on this tweet. And then this dude thinks 3.9 seconds isn't a long time to throw in the NFL. Smh...
  8. Wow, the Mariota homers are out in full force on Twitter. I honestly didn't know he had so many defenders left. I almost always avoid twitter debates, but somehow I allowed myself to get pulled into this one and I'm already regretting it.
  9. They had nearly 4 seconds to throw on average! FOUR SECONDS! That's an eternity in the NFL.
  10. So true. Those types of comments almost always come back to bite you.
  11. Out on both? Wow. I'm getting there - not there yet - on Vrabel. As for Robinson, I hate how he handled the coaching search and believe he's probably not very good at evaluating coaches. I think he's done a pretty solid job with the roster though.
  12. Btw...has anyone checked on @NashvilleNinja?
  13. Was that a response to PK? Had to be. He seems to be the only one Vrabel gets really testy with.