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  1. That guy is an absolute nut job.
  2. Left wingers are complete waterheads. Hillary Clinton was a pitiful candidate. She couldn’t get her fat azy ass to the upper Midwest so she lost to a reality TV dude. Instead of accepting that, they invented a Russian collusion conspiracy hoax that makes anything Alex Jones has done seem stable in comparison.
  3. Anyone who believed there was collusion is a fucking moron. Two years of bullshit. All you did was assure another term for Trump.
  4. Yeah he also handpicked McNair, Kearse and George. Brought in Wychek who failed in Washington. Thanks Floyd.
  5. There was never any collusion you fucking morons. Enjoy a second term of that idiot in office. What a bunch of idiots you are.
  6. There have been narratives on this board that you shouldn’t try to upgrade at backup QB because they “all suck”. I never understood that mentality. Thankfully Robinson doesn’t either.
  7. The Colts didn’t as much get it right on Manning and Luck as get incrediblly lucky that they sucked so bad the two years they were available. Anyone in the world knew what Luck was. The biggest credit to them was for beginning the tanking process a year early to get him.
  8. Jeff Fisher held all that personel power in 2009. Mike Reinfeldt was GM in name only. Hell, Fisher interviewed him for the GM job.
  9. Oh yeah, He’s most definitely a better pass rusher than Those two. Anything over a year of production from him will be gravy.
  10. Nah, breaking the bank would be desperation. These are all needs being filled..
  11. Why not just draft Hunter Renfro?
  12. Because the grass is always greener on the other side.
  13. Literally nothing in the world is all good and no bad. Common sense needs to prevail. Use weed in moderation.
  14. Most of my friends are successful entrepreneurs and they all vape weed every night. I started last year. Waaay better than drinking.
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