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  1. Tim

    Firkser playing over Jonnu

    Hockenson’s not coming out but Fant is.
  2. Not sold on Winston at all. He has the same inconsistency issues as our guy.
  3. Guess I’ll switch to college basketball now,
  4. I’m done watching this shit. Life is too short for this playcalling. Out.
  5. Look, nobody seriously expected to win today did they? Ok
  6. Mariota looks like he’s never seen this defensive scheme before.
  7. Tim

    Maroita is killing the franchise

    Mariota is pretty good not great when healthy. We could do better but more likely do worse. That hand nerve injury obviously was most of his problem this year.
  8. Especially that conservative at that part of the field.
  9. You can’t be that conservative against NE. Idiotic as hell.
  10. Why are we scared to throw it down field now?
  11. Patrice are going to win 38-24. 17-3 lead over them is nothing.
  12. Tim

    Trade Deadline Discussion

    People thought the titans were going to be involved in a trade? Lmao.