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  1. Seen him play a lot. Hooker is a stud with NFL starting ability. Great pick.
  2. Female is currently higher than race on the left wing victim hierarchy chart. Stay tuned, it may change quickly. That’s how that works.
  3. Really? Two pro bowl performers had literally nothing to do with Indy beating us? Take your meds.
  4. Sure it did. They played major roles on a highly improved team that beat us twice.
  5. The Colts had a vastly improved team, and those two rookies were a major part of it.
  6. Narcissists can’t deal with authority.
  7. He reminds me of Richard Seymour more than anything, when he was a Patriot. A little shorter.
  8. The two Colts rookies at guard and LB last season were huge parts of the Colts turnaround.
  9. Look, I respect your opinion. You are one of the best posters on the board. (Its a short list). I just struggle with the risk reward of this.
  10. So 99% of teams are succumbing to win now pressure (AKA reality) but the Titans are geniuses playing that long game. Ok
  11. What’s your opinion on why teams so very rarely draft players on day one who won’t play their rookie seasons? Are they dumb?