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  1. We need an updated 30 for 30: Broke. Make a whole season digging into the crazy antics and asinine decisions these players make, and how they end up broke after getting millions. Look at all sports. Dig into the golddigger culture of women using online forums to target athletes. Look into how family members pop up out of nowhere. Look into the agents and investors that dupe them out of money. There's a lot of dirt that the NFL and others try very very hard to keep out of the public conversation.
  2. I've never seen practical speed like CJ those first few years. DBs would be 15 yards in front of him and just start turning around and sprinting, and CJ would still pass them. Lots of people are fast in shorts, but CJ was a 4.2 with pads on. Randy Moss was similar in speed, where he could take off 10% and be totally under control while DBs would be at 100% and couldn't adjust to the ball. CJ would relax on some sprints and still burn the fastest defenders.
  3. Wow dude...this says a ton about you. You don't know anyone on here nor do you have any idea what people have done/experienced. Yet you have condescending anger towards "99%" of posters.
  4. Exactly the mindset I was talking about. It's not about personal fear. It's about protecting those susceptible in the community. You don't personally feel threatened and you want life to go back to normal, so you're rationalizing everything else.
  5. I'm not sure what you are arguing. Of course people want normalcy. No one wants to lose money and not work, or be kept away from human contact.
  6. @Mercalius You're leaning on the same flawed logic that most Trumpers argue (though it isn't only Trumpers, and I'm not saying you are one). It's not about you. "Deadly" is a relative term. People of all ages die from this, though it's way more likely that you won't. Statistically, I'm probably fine too. Statistically, about 98-99% of this board is fine even if they catch it. But that doesn't mean it's not "dangerous," and it doesn't mean people aren't dying. You think most people arguing for social distancing are personally scared? Most know it's a low risk (though still real), but they do their part to help society. Death is only one element too; some live with health issues that impair their quality of life and will eventually shorten it. And don't give me the BS about limiting freedom. We have laws that limit: driver speed, drinking age, smoking, etc. If someone wants to drive drunk or smoke in a nursery because their personal risk of death is low, they can yell about their "freedom to do so" on the way to jail. This isn't about you, it's about everybody. Stop being so damn egocentric.
  7. @AvgJoe I know you are saying that you want to keep politics out of it, but your posts are definitely not keeping politics out of it. That's OK, but just because someone starts off with "I'm not racist but..." doesn't mean the following comment like, "we never should have ended slavery," is magically not racist.
  8. People have already given up social distancing. They are congregating all over Nashville right now, and many of the outer counties (who tend to be more conservative) have been ignoring things for a while. Granted, a lot of people in these communities are still social distancing and trying to fight the "it's all a conspiracy" folks, but it's a losing battle. Way too many people cannot empathize until they are personally affected. And by that time, it will be too late. Whether the NFL opens with fans will probably depend on whether the next infection wave hits before the end of summer. Looking at how mentally weak people are with quarantine, I think it's obvious that the country is going to have a lot of areas regress. The NFL will likely have everyone sign some agreement waiving all risk, they'll force PSL owners to pay full price, and we'll get a ton of propaganda before hand about how careful the NFL is being and why restarting is really important to the communities. They're having fans back because that's what the fans want! The Player's Association will get on board because they don't want to give up millions. The White House and Governors will continue punting responsibility and will leave decisions up to "businesses." The only thing stopping the NFL will be threats of a lawsuit -- as long as state governments OK the NFL and they force waivers, it will be difficult to sue.
  9. This is already a volatile season filled with uncertainty. I'm sure there will be an NFL season, but who knows what it will look like and how much money it will generate. Add to that the real money hits some owners have already taken. Clowney will get signed eventually, but he's playing a dangerous game. His price will go down the longer he waits -- he's a great fit for us, but he's not the sack master some teams want. I'm not sure there will be many owners that in July/August will be willing to spend extravagant money when this season will likely generate less revenue than any in the last decade. Teams are getting their rosters set. Once that is done, most teams will have moved on.
  10. It's a little more nuanced than that. Post-June trade would incure the 31M dead money for 2021, but Rodgers' cap hit is around 36M, so GB would actually save about 5M. And if Love is the starter, they aren't paying another giant QB salary. If they get a good draft pick or picks in the trade, GB could get good players with cheaper rookie contracts. That's money not spent on free agents.
  11. I'm fine with a team drafting a QBOTF, and in many cases it's the smart move. It's very debatable if this was a smart move. GB was one game away from being in the Superbowl and need that extra talent. And regardless whether or not you think Rodgers is still a top QB (I think he's been regressing a couple years now), you still have him under a massive contract. Love has to be starting by year 3 for this to make sense, or they need to trade Rodgers after this year. Knowing that, if I'm Rodgers I'm on a warpath and won't do shit the coach says, and looking to get out asap. That's a hell of a position for Lafleur to take, so he damn well better know what he's doing. I personally think that for as blessed as Green Bay has been with QB talent, they have made many asinine decisions and grossly underperformed.
  12. I'm also bewildered by the "zone scheme" comments. I'm guessing with the addition of Clowney (we all know it), we will run even more press-man in known passing situations. Get pressure quickly, have DBs who can disrupt routes at the LOS and stick close for a few seconds. Also, I believe JRob made comments about wanting the NB to be able to take on vertical routes.
  13. "He's an intriguing developmental QB. Coaches love his attitude, his speed to chase DBs who intercept his passes, and his willingness to make tackles to prevent a pick 6. To have a chance to start, he'll need to improve his ability to accurately pass the football, and his ability to read defenses."
  14. Actually, now that I'm looking at his highlights, he makes sense. He could be used as a sub-package weapon. He's fast and has a big arm, and he's used to running the option. He's not the #2. He's a developmental 7th rounder with the athleticism to add an extra offensive package for defenses to scheme. I mean, it's one thing to ask your starter to hold onto the ball in an option, but you can sacrifice a 7th rounder from Hawaii. I'd say that state fucking owes us.
  15. Love the pick. We desperately needed this type of player last year, but foolishly relied on Dion Lewis. This team's success is predicated on running the ball and big Playaction passes. We have 1 competent RB. What do you expect, never take Henry out of the game? That's a great way to ruin him before playoffs and probably get him injured. This is also insurance. We need a #2 that could possibly be the starter if Henry goes down. The offense is too geared towards the run to not have a good backup. I've argued that a competent RB with good speed would look dangerous in this offense. I can't wait to see what this speed looks like behind our line.
  16. I wish the rest of you would just block the trolls. I never see their posts until other posters quote them and complain. They're fucking trolls. They don't care if you insult them, they just want to mess with you. Block them and move on.
  17. I don't understand this. RT: Maybe worse. We'll see by end of year. CB: Butler was injured during our winning streak, and Ryan fell off a cliff. Butler coming back healthy is huge as he's a much better cover corner. We'll draft another CB too, and it may be that Hooker is the NB starter. RB: Huh? Literally any other RB we sign or draft will be an upgrade to D. Lewis. Henry is still here. DL: again, we'll see, but it's likely we sign Clowney. Simmons was limited in reps and coming off injury. It's likely we have a starting 4 of Landry, D Jones, Simmons, Clowney, with edge rotations of Correa (starter last year) and Vic Beasley. Edge would be a major upgrade. The loss of Casey hurts, but he was declining already. Definitely think this is an upgrade overall. And we'll see what other players they draft and sign.
  18. I'm surprised by the backlash here. Wasn't this pick kinda obvious? He's a gigantic, run-mauling RT with a lot of upside. He fits what we do, and #29 makes way more sense for a RT than top 10. And the money comparisons being thrown around are off. Kelly counts about 3.6M this year, 6.5M next; Conklin is 8M this year, 13M next, 15M year 3, and another 6M bonus spread out in year 4 where he isn't under contract; 3yr/42m. At pick 29, you get a cheap rookie contract with a much cheaper 5th year option. And Conklin was terribly overrated and not worth his contract. So the money you don't spend on Conklin goes elsewhere (obviously Clowney). They'll draft CB depth tomorrow. I always prefer defensive playmakers, but this pick makes total sense and is a smart use of resources (unlike the Conklin trade-up, or a WR at #5).
  19. I'm not sure the cost, but if we're looking for ways to immediately upgrade the offense and keep running what we did last year, a guy like OJ Howard makes more sense than any rookie WR. Seriously, a two-TE base with Smith and Howard, Henry in the backfield, Brown and Davis outside? Jesus that's a lot of athleticism for big guys who can block. I'd still like to see us invest in a deep threat as the #2, but I wouldn't spend a high pick there considering Davis is already under contract. I'd look for a mid-round speed WR to develop.
  20. Pretty obvious that JRob didn't value Conklin all that much and that Kelly is not seen as a major downgrade. It didn't sound like the FO seriously considered keeping Conklin. They quickly paid Kelly starting RT money and said "the job is yours." I'm sure they'll draft another tackle fairly high, both because the draft is full of talent and this offense is built on our OL and running game and thus needs a good swing OT. Keep replenishing the roster. Replace Kelly when the youngling is ready. But Kelly has been given a bad rap, while Conklin forgiven too much. Kelly didn't start at RT when the offense was clicking under Tannehill -- better QBs make OLs look much better. And if anyone forgot, Conklin looked terrible in pass protection with Mariota. People just excuse the injury for it, but Conklin has always needed help in the passing game. I don't think the offense will miss a beat without Conklin, and if that money allows us to grab a better CB or Clowney, then well done JRob.
  21. Because Conklin isn't that good and certainly isn't worth the money other teams might pay out to desperation for an OT. It was an open secret last year that the team wasn't planning on a 2nd contract for Conklin. Everyone in the media and close to the team was confident Conklin would be gone. He got a ton of help his first (and most successful) year. When recieving less help, he looked terrible at times. He's a very good run blocker and flat out bad pass protector. So do you trust JRob? He traded up for Conklin and has had no problem paying OL. Letting him walk actually makes that pick look worse for JRob. Yet, the coaches seem totally fine moving on. Forget the stats: this staff doesn't value Conklin that much.
  22. Now now, let's not get our panties in a wad. It's a small mistake and not a personal indictment, but this error happens too frequently and it does cause legitimate confusion every year.

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