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  1. No, my point was that they were trying to force that ball into Henry's hands, and it killed the drive. I know they didn't have to; Smith chose to and it was bad playcalling.
  2. The hell does that mean? I said it once in this entire thread after multiple posters continued to feed the troll and then cry to admins to ban someone. So yea, apparently people do need to be told.
  3. You can shift a pass catching RB out and treat them like another WR. For Henry, the way we use him is incredibly predictable and it doesn't work in these obvious passing down, late game situations. It's all much easier to sniff out.
  4. How dense are you morons? MUTE THE TROLLS AND IGNORE THEM. Every fucking week we tell you...
  5. They royally screwed up trying to force the ball to Henry on that last drive. That's when we needed a pass catching RB.
  6. Oh yeah...it's not personnel. Also, I think the D needs speed on the edge this game with Beasley.
  7. So...is it the personnel? Or is it a scheme/coaching issue.
  8. 3 DEs on that play. Starting to disrupt Ben now.
  9. Have to see tape later, but I'm not sure Tannehill has much room. Pitt us beating our protection with 4-5, and there are white shirts all around every reciever. Not much open.
  10. How about next series we run it, but this time let's do a slow developing run and not block the backside DL. That'll surprise them.
  11. Someone needs to waterboard Vrabel and Smith until they agree to stop running on first down. That was an idiotic series.
  12. We look slow today. Pitt us flying and playing with high energy. They are all over us.
  13. Pitt is getting pressure while dropping everyone back. There's no room to pass for Tannehill. Pitt has us figured out today.
  14. We knew people would overreact, but this isn't surprising. We've had a terrible defense all season and have squeaked out multiple wins. Defense across the NFL is bad, and teams have been limited in practice. We have lost time and players from the covid outbreak. Offense is great, but the Steelers have an amazing defense right now. We aren't complete as a team right now and can't afford mistake against top opponents. Remember how we won a game missing 3 FGs and an extra point? We are still rough overall, but talented. We need more reps and to get the kinks worked out. It's all about playoffs. Pitt came ready and is more complete. We are off our game, making mistakes, and now players are pressing. Bad game, but it's a bump in the road.
  15. Let's see if they do it again. With 52 sec left.
  16. Just bad across the board today. Not ready. We look unprepared and outcoached. Guys are constantly out of position and losing contain.
  17. They are performing at historically bad levels. This isn't the worst defensive backfield in the history of the NFL. We still have a top FS in Byard, a great SS in Vaccaro, and a solid cover CB in Butler. All these players have been better in the past. Additionally, our great LB core has also looked lost in coverage. Brown is a stud civer LB and he's been burned all year. Something is up.
  18. They seem scared with playcalling. Coaches don't trust protection enough to spread out and throw it, even in obvious situations. But it would be nice if they'd start blocking the backside DL in slow developing run plays.

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