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  1. I've always appreciated "the flaming thumbtack" dig. It's spot on and pretty damn funny.
  2. If an NFL team is struggling to get new fans, especially a city attracting younger, liberal minded millenials, then a guy like Kaep could actually be a useful tool to bring a newer generation of fans. I have no opinion of him as a QB, though I imagine he still sucks. But the idea that he's some massive distraction seems overblown. He could very well be a marketing boon.
  3. Playoffs? Playoffs Pretty hard to imagine we run the table (more or less) and make playoffs with the schedule we have remaining, or that Houston and Indy lose a bunch of games. Things happen every year, so it's possible. I do think we win more than we lose and that we're a playoff caliber team by the end of the season, but it's likely we end up around 8-9 wins. #1 Quarterback Tannehill. You have to sign him. I'm still not sure how good he really is, but he's good enough to win right now, and he's better than any rookie next year. And I don't feel comfortable enough with Vrabel having a hand in another 1st round QB. #2 Running back I honestly don't think Henry is going to get a big deal from anyone. He was a beast at Bama and still dropped to the 2nd, and that's honestly what he was worth. He's limited and would have been perfect in the league 20 years ago, but I don't think anyone sees him as worth Gurley, Elliot, or Barkley money. I would love to keep him as part of a two-back backfield, but for the money he'll want we'll probably need to let him walk. We definitely need to sign a dual threat RB (I'd draft one). #3 Right Tackle Probably re-sign Conklin even if we don't think he's worth the money, but if they think there's a better pass-blocking RT that will fall to them in the first, I'd be OK letting Conklin walk, assuming we spend his contract on another pass rusher. #4 Cornerback Logan Ryan is probably gone. He's been phenomenal this year, but he's looking for a bigger payday than he'll get here. Also, he'll be 29 next year; while still young, I'm not sure a slot-CB at that age is going to be worth top CB money. The probability that his play drops off in a year or two is pretty high. JRob seems to have already been planning for his replacement, and it could be that Hooker can fill the slot role. There will be other CBs that hit the market also (Byron Jones?), so it could be that JRob spends that money on an outside CB. Or again, use that money on a pass-rusher. #5 Coaching Staff I'm meh on Vrabel, but I think Arthur Smith has had a solid 1st season. I don't know that I see either as the staff of the future, but we aren't moving on either way. I'm OK letting Smith continue his role as of right now. I usually argue that coaches need 3 years before you can fairly evaluate them.
  4. It's never made sense that any of the coaches wanted Mariota to start the season. They obviously saw what the fans saw -- they knew Mariota couldn't play. Vrabel may be a meathead, but I struggle to imagine the whole staff seeing Tannehill in practice and not realizing how much better he was.
  5. If we could sign Clowney to be on the DL with Landry, SImmons, and Casey? I got you... 1) Let everyone walk except Tannehill: Wake, Walker, Succop, Lewis, Henry, Kelly, Conklin...try to get Ryan if possible. 2) Draft a new RT in the 1st. 3) Draft 1, sign 1, multi-threat RBs for a modern offense. With that level DL and the talent we have already at LB and DB, Tannehill could absolutely be a good enough QB to win playoff games.
  6. Colts loss looks worse to me. They've lost to or barely beaten some bad teams. Outside of their Texans victory, their wins look very unimpressive. That was a game we should have won, and it would have helped us and hurt them at the same time. Titans have a lot of AFC South games left though.
  7. The analytics were absolutely not in favor of the fake FG that almost got Kern murdered.
  8. I don't know OL technique, so I won't pretend to know his issues. My general thought is just that if multiple coaches over several years can't correct this issue, it may simply not be correctable. I have a hard time believing Lewan and the staff aren't aware of his Achilles heel, or that Lewan hasn't put any effort into fixing it.
  9. Not everything is just good coaching or better technique. Lewan has his own set of physical limitations; he's not Jonathan Ogden.
  10. JRob has a mixed track record so far, but he did get the personnel for Pees to have a top 5 defense. That suggests that with a good QB and a good offensive coach, he might have gathered enough talent for a much better offense. In other words, JRob has earned some rope. Vrabel on the other hand might hang himself unless he agrees to fire his offensive staff and allow a new OC to come in and run a modern system, one without Vrabel's micro-managing hands. Although for the record, I'm not down on Arthur Smith as much as some. I need to see more from him with a competent QB.
  11. I'm not calling to cut Lewan, but just for the sake of argument... A team never wants to be paying big contracts to mediocre players. It's one thing to relatively overpay due to fit and need -- that happens a lot and a player's value to an organization isn't easily measured in just stats. No team wants more holes to fill than players to fill them. However, good teams regularly release and/or don't re-sign big contract players. You don't want a hole at LT, but if JRob thinks he can get someone else of similar skill for less money, then go for it. You can't draft every position, but you can redistribute salaries and use that capital to sign better free agents. So, theoretically...if they felt they were not in position for a QB this draft, but are in position for a better LT prospect, they could draft Lewan's replacement and use that money on another impact pass rusher (instead of drafting a pass rusher). Seattle traded a couple players and a 3rd round pick for Clowney (who if they let walk, they'll likely get a 3rd or close to it compensatory pick). Good GMs are always upgrading the roster.
  12. As of right now, I'd re-sign Tannehill. He's a guy you can win with right now, and I don't want Vrabel developing a rookie QB. Draft a new QB when Vrabel is fired and we hire an offensive minded coach. I don't believe JRob has the balls to fire Vrabel yet -- his future is tied to him. And Vrabel has some answering to do himself. He's the one who drafted and signed this OL. He signed Lewis and didn't upgrade. He took C Davis #5 overall when many of us said that it wasn't worth that slot. He had a haul from the trade back and a few years into it, he's made some really bad decisions and some really good decisions (Simmons looks good, Byard, J. Brown). He seems to do better in the middle rounds.
  13. I strongly disagree. Tannehill helped us win 2/3 games and I think if Mariota was starting, we'd likely be 2-7 right now. Also, if we had started Tannehill at the beginning of the season, the chances we would have won a couple of those close games is pretty high. The Colts, Bills, Broncos, and Jags all scored 20 or fewer points. We win two of those earlier games, and if the team had more time to build chemistry early on, then maybe this season wouldn't be so doom and gloom.