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  1. Raymond had room, just a bad throw. If Tannehill throws a better ball, it might be a TD.
  2. I'm gonna make a counterargument for the Mahommes/Tannehill comparison. Imagine if Tannehill got to play for several years under an Andy Reid offense, with those weapons? Reid made Mcnabb look like a top QB. Alex Smith had his best production in KC and made people wonder if he was an elite QB who wasn't in the right situation. Reid's offense is the top of the NFL, and they have explosive playmakers across the board. Meanwhile, put Mahommes in TN. We wouldn't magically transform into Reid's offense. And exactly how much more could Mahommes have done with last night's WR roster than Tannehill did? Not a damn bit.
  3. The announcer needs to stop masturbating to Allen. Allen throws a 10 yard pass to someone uncovered, and the announcer goes off about Allen's amazing accuracy.
  4. I like our chances fine against the Bills. We were already screwed with the injuries leading up to the game. The unintended by week and missed practices help players recover and heal. These guys are pros and they'll know what to do. Mostly. Simmons is a huge loss, but at least DJones is back. And the defense had been atrocious anyway, and our offense isn't gonna be rocket science. The Bills have had their schedules affected too.
  5. You'd prefer a loss of draft picks, fines, and a light suspension for our starting QB? Instead of what exactly? Your preferred punishment sounds terrible.
  6. The Titans won't be the only team this happens to. We're already seeing multiple infections on other teams. The NFL can't continue moving schedule around all season to handle this. They should have built in multiple bye weeks and shortened the number of games played per team. Still have football every sunday, more teams get primetime games, but with 3-4 bye weeks built in to account for schedule changes. What the hell happens when it's January and we're down to the wire for playoffs? We've only had 4 weeks so far.
  7. Worried the hell out of me early on, but I'm thankful the coaches knew what they were doing with him. However, I don't like that our wins are riding on Gostkowski kicking 50 yard FGs. I'll take the wins, but this isn't sustainable.

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