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  1. My guess is he felt if he came out and said anything negative he would be blacklisted, so better to just not say anything. It's not like he had a glowing reputation to begin with probably didn't want to make things worse. Or who knows maybe there was some kind of NDA agreement signed when he left.
  2. I don't think you can blame this thread, the toxicity has been there pretty much since VY was drafted. Last time I can recall this board being generally civil was in the late McNair years. Back when Oman was afraid of nendzone so she kept his ego in check.
  3. Saw somewhere that Dan Quinn is going to be the HC and DC, sure that will work out well. Maybe having another experienced successful HC on the staff would help out.
  4. Woo nice, some insurance if LaFleur gets the GB job!
  5. It seems likely that the reason he had so many issues is the nerve was never given time to heal in the first place, mentioned it in another thread but Josh Allen had a similar injury and missed 6 weeks, Mariota only missed one because Gabbert got concussed and he went in to finish the game. Had Gabbert not gotten concussed Mariota maybe gets a couple more weeks to heal up and doesn't continue aggravating it. Hopefully with a couple months of rest its fully healed, worst case is it turns into a chronic injury and 2019 is his last year. Though guess that wouldn't be a worst case scenario for about half the board that want him gone either way.
  6. Packers sure don't seem to be leaving any stone unturned, guess that is what a real coaching search looks like.
  7. The Steelers O-line was a huge weakness till Munchak got there, now its one of the better lines in the league. Think he has potential as a solid HC now too, seeing how other organizations do things and getting more industry contacts should help him find a staff. One thing I have to give him credit for when he was HC with the Titans is he was flexible, willing to try new things if what they were doing wasn't working. Not sure anyone would have had much success with Locker and the talent on the team at that time. And if he flames out, he can always come back to the Titans as an O-line coach.
  8. Its a stupid game man, a player risking long term significant nerve damage is more important than a chance at the playoffs. You are more concerned with feeling good for a couple hours with a win than another human being suffering long term damage, its fucked up. And there is this idea that somehow Mariota is keeping himself out, when it is most likely the medical staff has decided its not worth the risk, I mean this is Mariota a guy not known to be selfish, a guy who has been playing through injuries all season, a guy that consistently puts his body on the line to win games. Say what you want about his play on the field but calling into question his character is ridiculous.
  9. Holy shit, this board has lost its mind, think some of you need to go outside and get some perspective.
  10. He seems kinda like Fitzpatrick, he can play at a high level for awhile then he just crashes down to earth and is awful. At least that is what I recall from his career.
  11. The trade is what stood out to you? Not the bringing in all the other options and having them fight to the death?
  12. Trade Mariota then bring in all those other guys, let em fight it out to the death.
  13. Packers and Browns fans just cried a little on the inside.
  14. Why even field a football team, might as well just cut everyone and keep a team full of league minimum players till Luck retires.
  15. Hey at least you read more than the headline, that's better than most.
  16. Trade him to Chicago straight up for Trubisky.
  17. They don't, Steelers have Saints and Bengals, Ravens have Chargers and Browns. Very good chance at least one of them loses a game, if they win out nothing the Titans do matters.
  18. Might be quicker to list out who is not an alternate.
  19. Luck is an alternate too, guessing Mariota is probably the 2nd or 3rd alternate, looks like Mayfield is also an alternate.

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