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  1. Love to see that our defense has gone away from the days of playing "safe" with Schwartz and into the attack the offense type of mindset with Pees. After watching highlights, kid looks a little like Jayon when attacking the backfield. He looks violent and undisciplined while being undersized. I like it because, i think, he fits a role on our defense and will attack the backfield/passer like Evans was doing more of as the year went along.
  2. Not gonna lie, after doing some research on him, he seems to check all the boxes. I'm starting to like him, maybe trade down then grab him. I just really like Burns or the 2 Iowa TEs right now
  3. Would LOVE it if the draft fell like this....dont think half those guys would be there when we picked https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php?d=fzoflu
  4. Not at 25, but the guy I really want is Nyheim Hines. I think we can go BPA with most of the draft, but I think we need to leave next week with Hines
  5. Interesting that we picked up all YAC guys on offense so far. JR, with his WR picks this and last year, values route running. With Marcus' accuracy, it seems as though we are building towards a precise short/medium passing attack(with PA and occasional deep shots) that can create a lot of YAC; dare I say like a Patriot-ish system?
  6. I'm glad I'm not JR right now, I couldn't make this decision
  7. For me, as long as by the end of round 1 we end up with 2 of these guys I'm happy: Howard, Adams, Hooker, Allen, Corey Davis, McCaffery
  8. Sounds like we are shooting for drafting BPA regardless of need. Or maybe preparing for a potential 5/11 swap. Would be interesting if my biggest want, Adams, is there at 5.
  9. Lol thank the Lord and Mariota!! Haha. Awesome signing, not bad after my dream CB signing went to NE
  10. We all knew, or should've expected, growing pains and this is apart of them. I didn't expect him to be an all pro in his sophomore season at the hardest position to transition to in the pros. Thing is this guy is different, I'd rather go through growing pains with Marcus bc you know he's gonna learn from them and succeed. I haven't felt that with our past rookie QBs. His decision and mistake started the avalanche we couldn't rebound from. It needed to happen in order for him to learn and grow. It's over and on to Detroit.
  11. I love Spiller. I hope we give him a chance here.
  12. I wonder who's spot Amaro takes. We're pretty bloated at LB and I think they keep 4 TEs. Also a little disappointed we couldn't upgrade our 3rd RB spot, Andrews makes little sense to me. As long as Kalan Reed goes to the PS for us I'm happy.
  13. Honestly, our line would be solid and set for years, outside of RG if they decide to move on from Warmack. Sign him and protect our franchise and let our 2 boulders run downfield all day. It's simple really, that's why I'm shocked JRob didn't trade a 7...maybe he's still sleeping or had his phone on silent haha
  14. He's an upgrade over both guards we have. Chemistry or not he needs to be called by JRob right now. We have a spot, the $, the city. Haven't had all pro lineman on our team for years but I'm sure that chemistry will come with Sitton. IMO to say keep Spain in the lineup over a potential Sitton doesn't make sense.

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