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  1. I believe we need a difference maker in the slot, I don't think we have that type of explosiveness on our roster. Although, speed wise, I believe Batson is the closest we have to that. I would love to see an addition of a Crowder, Miller, Isabella, etc. But by the looks of the draft picks, it seems as though we're targeting a bigger outside WR with Reynolds being able to rotate into the slot with Batson. So maybe throwing a late round pick for a Hamilton, Patrick or Harry might be considered. I don't believe Julio is moving at all this season so I don't take that talk seriousl
  2. From the sound of his draft profile, sounds like that dude from the Jets years ago. Sounds like he'll be fun to watch and give some competition to Blasingame
  3. Apparently has a history with blood clots. I know it ended Chris Bosh's career, if not really stalled it, in the NBA. If he maintains a health regimen, I don't see why teams won't take a flier on him
  4. Think when UDFA comes we'll be a team players want to go to. With so much questions with depth at QB, K, WR, TE, OG, C, DT/DE. We should get some quality there, might not amount to much more than end of the roster/PS players though
  5. Someone gotta post the updated FA list lol. Gotta start looking to continue to fill holes/depth. It was an ok draft, but had a shot at being really good. I'll give it a B- with potential for a B+ if Farley, DRad, Weaver and Molden develop. Don't have much expectations for the others outside of special teams, which this team is super enamored with
  6. Honestly, just feel we put a lot into assuming Henry and now AJ stay healthy. Either one goes down and we become more predictable, less effective and hard to watch on offense. Just hope it doesn't bite us in the ass and force RT to be Brady trying to make a bunch of role players at best into factors
  7. My hope is that Kinsey can turn out to be the next successful white slot guy in the lines of Edelman, Hump, Welker etc. But that's probably wishful thinking.
  8. Seems like fans have pegged the Titans to fill the slot WR more than the team. Looks like they're trying to fill Davis' spot with a rotation of big bodied WRs. I'm fine with it as long as we make a play for someone like Crowder in FA
  9. Cade Johnson, Trey Smith or the K from the U
  10. Hate to say I like the ratbirds draft. Super random but them and the Bills first 3 picks are noice
  11. Isn't Farley cleared for camp? If so, isn't all this back talk a moot point? At least in the now, I understand it'll always be a concern.
  12. Wouldn't mind Shi Smith or Cade Johnson if they fall to us. I feel TE is fillable with Pruitt, don't really know/intrigued with any of the guys left. Definitely need to find OG/C and DT with the last couple picks.
  13. Looking toward tomorrow, I can see either Tufele or Nixon being a selection. I think we go WR with 100, but wth do I know lol. Either way, I think we get a couple good players tomorrow in the 4th
  14. Can also see Amon-Ra St Brown at 100 if we don't go WR at 85. Seems to fit what we want in a slot. Either him, Collins, Wallace or Rodgers I'll be happy with
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