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  1. Where is @TennesseeTuxedo? Did he die of Covid?
  2. Financial Times Article I thought Trump would be such a great dealmaker?! Looks more like he's the laughing stock of the world. So much for "America First"...
  3. The circumstances of his death are hilarious: "According to Minnetonka Police Department, Dettman was working in his yard on the 11200 block of Timberline Road when a tree that had been uprooted in a recent storm rolled and pinned him." https://bringmethenews.com/.amp/minnesota-news/man-killed-by-tree-in-minnetonka-was-beloved-tv-cameraman
  4. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/house-intelligence-committee-possession-video-audio-recordings-giuliani/story?id=67276448
  5. I've said it the last 2 weeks and I'll say it this week: he's dumber than Munchak.
  6. I've said it last week and I'll say it this week: he's dumber than Munchak.
  7. Vrabel looks so stupid on the sideline. Worse than Munchak.
  8. Guess the guy ain't a fan of country music...
  9. Gosh, the retard level is high in this thread. I have the feeling I lose at min. 5 IQ points with each post I read of you.
  10. That is correct. China has a program for an own development of an G/H-class gas turbine. They won't succeed, they haven't even mastered E/F-class, yet. Technology is too difficult from an R&D and even manufacturing point of view. You can't just learn it in 5, 10 or even 15 years. They should start with smaller machines, learn and gain experience, just like Siemens, GE and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries did. But at least they are trying :D, while the US, well, you know...
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