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  1. I say not dumb as a rock but crazy like a FOX
  2. Not if all the loan calculations were adjusted accordingly. Would help everybody. Those type business are making a killing off the middle class as it is!
  3. She has a new bill now with Bernie that would cap interest rates at 15%. She is quoting The Bible re: usary rates to the GOP. Let's see if any of them actually do practice what they preach. I am guessing not.....
  4. WKRN reported today that Jonno Smith is rehabbing a torn ACL. I was under impression his knee injury was not that serious. Did I hear this wrong? https://www.wkrn.com/sports/tennessee-titans/titans-te-jonnu-smith-not-physically-cleared-to-practice/2002192897 ( Sent from WKRN News )
  5. Maybe Cyp is on way to Nashville to sign a team friendly deal. Hasn't signed elsewhere.
  6. Naw, not really, they didn't say much of anything while letting Browns give Hunt a second chance or when covering Tyreek Hill initailly before the audio tape came out last night. ESPN should be ashamed of how they maligned Simmons last night. They sent creww to cover him when he was selected AND showede none of the footage or highlights. I hope he balls out......
  7. He called the origins of the Mueller report "oranges" yesterday
  8. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/436440-poll-just-36-percent-say-mueller-report-clears-trump Mueller report be damned - only 36% (the hard core crazies) say report clears Trump
  9. So awesome I'm about to watch it again on Lawrence's show. He owned em!
  10. She is having town hall tonight with Chris Hayes. She has some good ideas and makes great impression on TV. Wasn't sure I would like her but she is relatable, has energy and speaks well. Will follow her more closely
  11. Ilhan Omar Speaks Out On Israel In New Op-Ed https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ilhan-omar-israel-palestine_n_5c8f7004e4b0db7da9f582e6 Seems quite reasonable here. Hopefully she is learning how not to offend.
  12. Titans wire blog suggested we might trade Ben Jones to Saints for a pick or a player if we really like Levin or Oregon center ( forget his name) since they lost Unger to retirement Seems a stretch to me
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