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  1. I guess this exact scenario and conclusion could be reached for Mueller's report? Not enough evidence to exonerate or indict does not mean they are innocent. Agree? 😎
  2. Pizzagate: Tux was wrong Uranium One: Tux was wrong Clinton house arrest: Tux was wrong Mueller working for Trump: Tux was wrong Cell in Gitmo for Clinton: Tux was wrong North Korea: Tux was wrong Big Ugly Thread: Tux is still wrong RBG: Tux was wrong
  3. They all argue/debate the same way. Libtard this, libtard that. Then pull the "I'm an American, you hate America" card. So predictable and tiresome.
  4. Boy, this national emergency is really keeping him awake at night.
  5. You cannot consider QAnon, Russia Today and your Twitter feed as accurate sources.
  6. To be honest, when I read your post, I thought you were echoing Trump's comments and seeing this issue from Trump's perspective. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Over the last ten days, Trump has tweeted multiple times about SNL, John McCain, and George Conway. When was the last time he mentioned the wall or this national emergency?
  8. This reminds me of Trump claiming the election is rigged and in the event he lost the election, he would have a ready-made viewership for Trump TV. He already has his supporters thinking the MSM is fake news and right wing media is the source of all truths. Now, attack the social media companies and play on the conspiratorial minds of his supporters. Next, the only source of truth is Trump Media. A one stop communication hub for his base who will never abandon him.
  9. This executive order is as meaningless as a diploma from Trump University.
  10. There are alternatives to a wall that will work. It's been stated repeatedly. The argument about celebrities having walls around a community versus a wall on the border terrain is asinine. It's the same as the 80% of Republicans support the border wall. Trump's approval rating among Republicans is also about 80%. That is not a reflection of the country's feeling on the wall. There are alternatives and the wall does not address the immigrants over staying their visas.
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