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  1. I guess the same folks who are buying Trump straws as alternatives to liberal paper straws: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-branded-straws-sold-as-alternative-to-liberal-paper-version-2019-07-19
  2. Typical Trump. Start a house fire, call 911 and proclaim yourself a hero or run away while the idiots who helped you start the fire stay around bragging and gets burn or arrested.
  3. When Trump talked about winning, didn't know it meant bullying four neophyte politicians who have been in Congress for barely six months. Talk about lowered expectations. When was the last time Trump mentioned the wall, healthcare or even the Black Lung Trust Fund for the miners in West Virginia? Got to give it to Trump. He really knows how to provide diversions for his simple-minded base. I guess as long as he's engaged in middle school taunts and bullying instead of governing, we are all winning.
  4. You really have some of Trump’s bad habits. For someone who is always calling people liars....You sure lie about people.
  5. How would you judge their competence and qualifications? You wouldn't grant them an interview because you have a preconceived notion that they are inferior at math. Do NBA teams have a bunch of 5'6 black guys? Yao Ming said STFU.
  6. Just so the Trump supporters don't think the O'Reilly interview was a "misspeak". Trump made similar claims during another interview. Joe Scarborough: But again, Putin kills journalists that don’t agree with him” Donald Trump: “I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe” https://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2015/12/18/trump-defends-putin-u-s-kills-too So, @GOAT9, @Rolltide, @Soxcat and @Little Earl where was your outrage when Trump was making these remarks about our country? I bet you call it, Trump speaking the truth or being brutally honest. @GOAT9 since you are so upset about Omar calling our troops murderers, what's your opinion on Trump saying our troops and government does plenty of killing?
  7. Here is the bastion of American patriotism, saying when it comes to killing, our country is no better than Russia or Putin. O'Reilly: “Putin is a killer.” Trump: “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers,” Trump said. “Well, you think our country is so innocent?”
  8. In other words. Rolltard would never consider hiring a black owned accounting firm or even a black accountant because there is an Asian accounting firm or Asian accountant that's better with math. SMDH.
  9. You have to give.it to Trump. He knows his base. Trump did not single out Omar. However, to justify Trump’s comments, his base is focusing on Omar for a reason to be angry. They are totally missing the point about the racial dog whistle or that those comments are beneath the dignity of the POTUS. These Trump supporters like @Soxcat and @Little Earl who got so offended and mad at Obama for saying “clinging to guns and religion” or “you didn’t build that” are now okay with this bullshit. Trump was asked about Putin killing journalists. You know what was his response? “We kill people too. Do you think we are innocent?” He basically labeled America the same as a murderous, Russian dictator. Where was the outrage from these so call America loving patriots like @Rolltide .
  10. You will have to ignore him. It's like watching a squirrel trying to hold on to a fire hose. All over the damn place and don't know what the hell he's trying to accomplish.
  11. If you take a minute and pull your head out of Trump's ass, you wouldn't have to ask stupid questions.
  12. Are you that obtuse? Is Biden and Clinton running around telling people who are exercising their rights to free speech to leave the country and go back to where they came from? Trump was a Democrat way longer than me. Was he a pro slavery Democrat?
  13. Amazing seeing these fake patriots charge behind Cadet Bone Spurs up bullshit mountain to plant the US flag and question people's patriotism. They know damn well as soon as 110 pound Ilhan Omar shows up, one will be trying to remember which foot he had the bone spurs on and the majority of the followers will assume a fetal position because they think Sharia law has taken over.
  14. These faux patriots run around telling people to leave the country and type tough on the internet, but they piss their pants while wringing their hands about Sharia law replacing our constitution.. Seems like these faux patriots have little faith in the strength of the democracy and Constitution they claim to love.
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