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  1. This is like watching a concussed QB whose reaction time is 2-3 seconds slower than the actual game speed
  2. "Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that." That is so funny. Maybe Trump should hire an information czar to follow him around to prevent him from doing things like posting classified satellite images or giving classified information to the wrong people. My vote is for this general with a yellow placard to flash the quote, "Sir, there could be some merit in not discussing that."
  3. Usually, you can find Tux in an orgasmic bliss over IG reports. Radio silence on this one.
  4. Here are some interesting stats: "Mariota averaged a paltry 5.5 yards per attempt, and the Titans had only one play over 20 yards. Mariota’s average yards per attempt for his career is 7.5. In games in which he finishes under that number, the Titans are now 13-22."
  5. If we're going to play this game, shouldn't you count the missed XPs?
  6. This loss......Is why we should never whine about being disrespected by the national media
  7. Two notable things from the Jags and Texans' game. Early in the game, Ramsey wants Marrone to challenge a Hopkins' catch. Ramsey goes to the sidelines and gets into a heated argument with his HC. With seconds to go in the game, the Jags offenses has gone 4 wide and their rookie QB is shredding the Texans with his mobility and passing. They score and then on the two point conversion, they run a dive with Fournette and lose the game. A gutsy move to go for two, but an equally gutless call on the two point conversion. You have to laugh at the Jags.
  8. Here's an interesting article about Chris Chandler's bout with mono gave McNair his first start. I didn't know this story.
  9. After the drone strikes on the Saudi oil facilities, my first reaction was who would benefit from this attack. I've seen reports of Mike Pompeo blaming Iran. Again, my question why would Iran benefit from an attack on the Saudis? Now we have new reports that the attack was by Yemeni rebels. So, was it Iran or Yemeni rebels?
  10. I think I saw Wycheck getting hit for two of his concussions in this game.
  11. If his arm is okay, definitely have to check for a concussion. That's the only reason to wear that outfit.
  12. I called you a whiny bitch because your post has nothing to do with the topic. You just entered the thread to whine and play your whattaboutism schtick.