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  1. I don't think it has anything to do with Trump. More about the owner going back on his word and allowing an unqualified, character coach to run football operations, make personnel decisions, bypass a hiring committee and selecting his friend from the Patriots as GM. Before the character coach gained organizational power, it appears Watson and the owner were on good terms.
  2. This is McCown in November. That's all you have to know about his interview. When you listen to McCown's comments from November, everyone knows there is only one reason he got an interview. Wilson comes off like he works for the Texans. What a mess.
  3. Can anyone think of a reason they would interview McCown? Hmmm. Seems like the character coach is at it again.
  4. Obama was the greatest gun salesman in US history. Time to break out the greatest hits to make Biden the 2nd greatest gun salesman in US history.
  5. How did this nut get elected? From inauguration to impeachment in 24 hours.
  6. It's like watching Sisyphus. They buy into a conspiracy theory, they get all worked up, anxiously wait, it never happens and they just restart from the bottom with a new conspiracy theory.
  7. Is was believable until you mentioned Hawaii Halos. Everyone knows with Easterby around, the team name will be Hawaii Holy Ghosts.
  8. The first team to fire their HC and they still are the last team to hire one. Total incompetence. Now their choices are limited. It's going to be hilarious if they wait until February and Bienemy rejects their offer.
  9. Probably the first time in NFL history. Fans are protesting against a front office executive.
  10. Don't forget. O'Brien also gave him a "no trade" clause. So, he has to approve the trade.
  11. From trying to be the Patriots without Brady and Belichick to promoting unqualified people like O'Brien and Easterby to make personnel decisions. I don't think any team in NFL history have made so many organizational errors in such a short amount a time. A year ago, they were leading the Chiefs 24-0 before halftime and it has been downhill since.
  12. Here is the latest from SI. This might simply come down to Watson and players vs Easterby and all indications points to the owner will choose Easterby over Watson and his players. How does a character coach or team chaplain without any experience in an NFL front office get promoted where he is in charge of football operations, including “strength and rehab, medical, nutrition—anything involving the non-business side of the operation.” How Jack Easterby Held on, and Why Deshaun Watson Might Slip Away From the Texans
  13. I still don't understand why the Texans wouldn't even interview Bieniemy or Saleh but interview Jim Caldwell. But then I don't understand why they would tale a character coach with no personnel experience promote him to EVP-Football Ops or interim GM or allow him to be involve in contract negotiations. It's just weird the way they are operating. At the end of the day, they continue trying to be Patriots' South.
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