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  1. Btowner

    Next - Mueller on Middle East collusion

    Stop getting your talking points from Trump. People are laughing at you.
  2. Btowner

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    I don't recall his supporters chanting, "and Mexico will pay for it by taking the money we save from NAFTA".
  3. This is your new defense? Who told you the report would be released after the midterms? Show us where Mueller or his team stated this. Do you even know how long a typical special investigation last? If you don't, here is a list for you to compare.
  4. Btowner

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    Considering all the shit you have posted that has been wrong. What do you have left? It's definitely not sanity or credibility.
  5. In the 2012 election, the NRA donated $15 million to the Romney campaign. In 2016, they donated $30 million to the Trump campaign. In August 2018, the NRA says it's in financial trouble. Do the math.
  6. Btowner

    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    When you think about this, Trump and his inner circles have the balls of a burglar. They are screaming "lock her up", shouting about how corrupt or crooked people are and while they are screaming and shouting, they are doing the exact same things and even worse. It really takes a special kind of POS to accuse everyone of something while doing the exact same thing.
  7. Btowner

    Cohen sentence to 36 mos.

    I take it you feel the same way about Benghazi and Uranium One? Nothing to see.
  8. Btowner

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    If the Democrats or DNC are smart, every time he threatens a shutdown, they should be on every TV show and take out ads where he claims Mexico would pay for it. In fact, they should show his rallies where the crowd was shouting, “and Mexico will pay for it!”
  9. Btowner

    It’s Not Just Lying

    I think the media has failed the country and has to do a better job. They are too busy just running with Trump stories. It seems journalists have their list of questions and try to go through the questions without actually knowing the subject matter enough to provide follow-up questions. They have to become real time fact checkers instead of just reading questions, pausing and waiting on an answer.
  10. Btowner

    It’s Not Just Lying

    Sometimes, I think Trump uses a Tony Robbins' Power of Positive Thinking approach and just spins his own reality. You repeat the same lies over and over and it becomes your reality. The problem gets compounded when his alternate reality is echoed by Fox News or people who should know better are manipulating that alternate reality to fulfill their agendas. Before the Trump supporters jump in and build their strawman arguments. All politicians either lie, shade the truth or tell half truths. No one is stupid enough to claim Trump is the only politician who lies. The problem with Trump is the volume of lies. The constant, daily lies on things great and small that has taken it to new levels.
  11. Based on Franklin Graham's comments, people commenting on Trump not reciting the Apostles' Creed are Pharisees.
  12. Here's a Groupon deal for you: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gs-trump-toilet-paper
  13. Btowner

    Trump replacing his Chief Of Staff...again

    By the way. Did you see Trump's decision on the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? I thought the POTUS always followed a rotation. Looks like he bypassed the Air Force.
  14. Btowner

    Trump replacing his Chief Of Staff...again

    A couple of weeks ago, Corey Lewandowski mentioned this change was coming. Lewandowski felt that gearing up for the 2020 election, Trump needs a Chief of Staff who is a political animal and has more campaign experience than Kelly.