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  1. Btowner

    Your Trip Has Been Cancelled

    Any time you make one of these faux outrage, victimhood posts, it illustrates what a total hypocrite you are. Where was your fine sensibilities during the Obama years?
  2. Btowner

    Your Trip Has Been Cancelled

  3. Btowner

    Trump: Border Announcement Coming (Deal OfferExpected)

    Aren't you suppose to be busy either cleaning Obama and Clinton's Gitmo cells or monitoring their house arrest bracelets?
  4. Btowner

    Trump: Border Announcement Coming (Deal OfferExpected)

    To be fair, he probably saw the Riverwalk and thought it was the border. Either that or he drank too much margaritas.
  5. Btowner

    have i been pwned?

    It's a legit site. Here's a good article from Gizmodo on the breaches and they vouch for Have I Been Pawned (HIBP). Maybe they should change the name of the web site for skeptical users. https://gizmodo.com/mother-of-all-breaches-exposes-773-million-emails-21-m-1831833456
  6. Btowner

    Trump: Border Announcement Coming (Deal OfferExpected)

    Dems are still terrible at messaging. They knew Trump backed himself into a corner. They should have been on every media outlet and late show saying what they offered previously, mentioning Trump reneged on a $25 billion deal for DACA and propose what they would like to happen. Now the simple minded like @TennesseeTuxedo thinks Trump has the advantage and the Dems are being unreasonable.
  7. Btowner

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    Fear mongering about Mexican rapists and murderers is not increasing public support. It's now time to add Muslims to the mix.
  8. I've been saying that from day one. Lose, spend the next 10 years whining about the rigged election while having a base of supporters to milk them for Trump TV and other ventures.
  9. Btowner

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    Here is Rolltard not knowing Puerto Rico is a US territory.
  10. Earlier today, I was wondering if he would make a trip to Mar-a-Lago. Especially knowing the Coast Guard is not getting paid and when he's in Mar a Lago, the CG is having to protect both shores and monitoring for low flying aircrafts. I guess she couldn't just go to New York for the weekend. Have to get away from the cold weather. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/coast-guard-faces-growing-costs-for-protecting-trumps-mar-a-lago/2017/04/12/6bf3b3a8-1f96-11e7-a0a7-8b2a45e3dc84_story.html?utm_term=.40c2906cee3d
  11. Btowner

    Jim Acosta village idiot...

    You are 100/% correct. Rolltard is a retard. He doesn't even know Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are US territories full of US citizens. He only knows there are black and brown skinned people on the islands.
  12. Btowner

    Racism made rural white people do a 180 on Russia

    If the guy on the right had a binder with the Black unemployment rate in Wakanda, Asgard and Krypton, it would definitely be Rolltard.
  13. Btowner

    Jets hire Gase

    Did he want the job? The guy looks like an over caffeinated, flight risk groom at a shotgun wedding.
  14. Btowner

    It may be fixing to go down

    Because of your demonstrated insanity in the Big, Ugly thread, I think you should recuse yourself.
  15. Btowner

    Jeff Fisher Article

    Remember when many posters thought if the Titans fired Jeff Fisher, he would have another job in days? He could get any job in the NFL and even Jerry Jones would fire his current coach to hire Fisher? We were so naïve.