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  1. LOL. You should have setup the punch line with, Trump unveils COVID-19 plan: https://trumpcovidplan.com/
  2. What's funny is for the majority of his career, Steelers' fans watched Franco Harris run out of bounds to avoid contact. Clark as a former Steeler should know Henry is no Franco Harris.
  3. As you go to the polls, don't forget Trump is fighting for you and your priority for a manned presence on the moon
  4. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Here is Jr taking a shot at Hunter Biden while forgetting a year out of college, he was working his way up from VP at the Trump organization:
  5. The more Fitz plays the worst he plays. By the middle of the season, the odds of him leading you to a victory or making turnovers and costing you games are about the same. No matter how much you root for him, you know how the story ends. Might as well go with Tua.
  6. To be fair, he probably realized ObamaSucks was too simple and changed it to maga2020 to use characters and numbers. Once he realizes he can use special characters, he will update to maga!2020. Baby steps.
  7. During the interview, Stahl is wearing a mask. After the interview, she is talking to the producers and Trump tweeted:
  8. Maybe Hunter was laundering money and sending it to Trump's bank account in China
  9. I have yet to hear any Trumpers show any concerns about conflicts of interest with Ivanka and China or Kushner and Saudi Arabia or the access that companies and foreign government officials are granted when they stay at a Trump property.
  10. Also, since there were business related emails, was this a personal or company laptop? If it was a company laptop, wouldn't the IT department install a utility like Bitlocker? If this was a personal laptop being used to conduct company business, you would think a guy who worked at an investment firm and a global company dealing with sensitive documents might know a thing or two about data security. Time to buy stock in a napkin company. Between the right winger salivating at the mouth like a lion with a pork chop and the Q-Nuts in an orgasmic bliss for an upcoming storm, napkins, towels and tissue will be in high demand.
  11. @Little Earl [email protected] has anyone figured out why a guy who lives in California would travel across the country to take his laptops to an unauthorized Apple repair shop where the owner is legally blind? With such high value equipment like computers, surely the store owner has security cameras. Right? Has anyone seen the security tapes? With the price of flight from California to Delaware, couldn't Hunter simply have bought new computers? Q-Nuts want to know before they send the National Guard to Gitmo.
  12. LMAO. What is it with Trumpers and photoshopped images? Here is Eric Trump tweeting a fake image and getting called out for it.
  13. I'm still amazed that people are attending his rallies and risk getting exposed to COVID-19 to hear the BS he peddles. If you attend one rally, you already know what he will talk about. He's been saying the same thing for four years. Now the parrots are chanting, "lock him up". I'm waiting for the 2020 version of "and Mexico will pay for it." I doubt he even prepares, just goes out there,, wings it and plays off of the crowd. It's like watching an aging comedian touring small venues and just saying stupid shit to stay relevant.
  14. He plays for the 49ers? Sorry Kyle. I couldn't resist.

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