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  1. Can my vote for Rolltide get counted twice?
  2. I bet he saw the sent side and immediately wanted out.
  3. I think you missed the point. BOTH De Blasio and Trump were wrong in their initial responses. However, Kellyanne and Trump supporters appear to want to spin this to appear De Blasio and Trump treated it totally different. I have no problem saying De Blasio's initial response was wrong. Can you say the same for Trump or do you think he handled this correctly from the start?
  4. Over the last two days, Kellyanne has been on Fox News trying to deflect to De Blasio while ignoring Trump's statements during the same period and praising him for his response. It was so blatant, the host fact checked her statements while she was speaking. Sure enough, here you are having to do the same thing to Rollturd because he's regurgitating Kellyanne's talking points that ignores Trump's statements during the same period and even funnier, RollTurd's own posts. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/kellyanne-conway-gets-hit-with-unexpected-fact-check-live-on-fox-news/ar-BB11IKmI "But in terms of the things that you’re mentioning, you could probably match up some of those early March statements from him with also similarly optimistic statements from President Trump, although they’ve handled it very differently since then.” "Conway insisted there’s “no comparison” and said the administration had been working behind the scenes on the situation since Jan. 12. However, Trump has also publicly downplayed the threat, especially in February and early March."
  5. If your company meets the DHS criteria as a "Critical Infrastructure" company, they can create a short memo for you to travel with or you can reference the memo from DHS: https://www.cisa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/CISA-Guidance-on-Essential-Critical-Infrastructure-Workers-1-20-508c.pdf
  6. Btowner

    Virus in US

    This explains why Kellyanne was on Fox News spouting alternative facts about how Trump handled this crisis in January better than De Blasio. Let the finger pointing begin.
  7. Btowner

    Virus in US

    This doesn't even include the Secret Service cost or the $400K they have spent on golf cart rentals.
  8. Btowner

    Virus in US

    I don't think he read the article either. A subscription is needed and I doubt Earl would subscribe to a failing, libtard newspaper like the Washington Post.
  9. Btowner

    Virus in US

    A couple of oil, gas and chemicals companies in the Houston area have started checking incoming employees' temperature at their sites. These companies normally run 24x7 and are considered "critical infrastructure industries". Also, as of last night, multiple counties have issued shelter in place orders. https://www.cisa.gov/publication/guidance-essential-critical-infrastructure-workforce https://www.click2houston.com/health/2020/03/24/virtual-press-conference-regarding-covid-19-related-announcement-tuesday-morning/
  10. Anyone find it hilarious that Soxcat and Rolltide have spent years posting doctored photos of Michelle Obama's crotch, calling her Moochelle, a transvestite and even worst. Yet, they draw the line at calling someone's wife a mail order bride?
  11. I'm still trying to figure out how Jack Easterby who is O'Brien's wingman went from chaplain with the Chiefs to a character development coach with the Patriots to executive vice president of football operations with the Texans. This former chaplain is now assisting O'Brien with personnel, the salary cap and draft? Based on the Clowney and Hopkins trades, they have no idea about negotiations or player value. Even the Browns and Bengals front offices are laughing at the Texans. https://www.houstonpress.com/news/jack-easterby-could-make-a-good-nfl-general-manager-11312088
  12. If the post(s) were made by one of the members of the "can't get right" team of Earl, Rollturd, or Jake. I have them on ignore.

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