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  1. Does anyone find it surprising that the people who yell fake news the loudest are the biggest consumers of fake news? The disappointing thing is how can you debate or have a civil conversation with people who read some of the most insane and nonsensical crap and are so intellectually lazy that they never verify if it’s true and even when the nonsense has been debunked, they continue repeating it?
  2. It’s hilarious the hoops and contortions you go through to believe conspiracy theories on the Clintons. Yet, you conveniently ignore sworn testimony by career civil servants about the orange POS you worship. Too funny.
  3. Remember when an audit was the reason he couldn’t release his tax returns? Now he’s going to the Supreme Court trying to avoid releasing them and not once have his lawyers mentioned an audit. I hope the SCOTUS rules he’s on record saying he would release them and other sitting presidents have released theirs without any issues.
  4. No matter how you try to spin your faux outrage and patriotism, you cannot escape the fact that you support Trump over country. It’s people like you that makes him believe he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it. You seem so eager to have an autocracy or monarchy in this country. Maybe you should be the one considering moving to another country.
  5. It’s like their whistle blower argument. They want to identify the person and have them testify. Yet, they are ignoring the ongoing testimonies of people actually testifying who are corroborating what the whistle blower reported. Go figure.
  6. When Trump visits these GOP candidates, he promotes himself more than the candidates, he whines about the media and airs all of his real and perceives grievances. It’s the same on every visit.
  7. Try to keep up. I already mentioned the prosecutor. This was a response to Jake’s post
  8. Okay I’ll play. So Biden name dropped Obama, unilaterally threatened to withhold military aid and then went in public and bragged about his secret shakedown to a televised audience?
  9. Using your logic. If Biden got the prosecutor fired to protect his son. Would he admit it on camera, with an audience, to Richard Haas (a lifelong Republican) at the televised Council on Foreign Affairs event? Of course not.
  10. As VP, Pence can’t fart or put a drink on the table without getting Trump’s approval. Do you and other Trump supporters really think Biden as VP was able to unilaterally make foreign policy decisions? Anyone with a brain knows any foreign policy decision would be made by Obama and Kerry. Biden was simply the administration’s messenger and he over stated his role and is now paying the price.
  11. Stefanik intentionally misleading Trump supporters.
  12. As usual, you’re falling for BS. In your video clip, someone is breaking the agreed inquiry rules. Hint it’s not Schiff. I know you don’t care for the truth, but here goes. You can add it to the list of things you read that you don’t understand.
  13. I was trying to break up the scrum with an IT joke. Obviously, you missed the joke. Carry on
  14. I always thought a Scrum was a framework to gather user requirements and to organize your sprints.