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  1. Remember when Trump and his supporters didn't believe in the unemployment numbers? Ahh. The good times.
  2. Drew Brees is thanking Jake Frohmm for getting the media spotlight off of him.
  3. @Number9, I give you an A for effort but sometimes, there isn't any logic behind dumbassery, hate and insanity. It's just a senseless, constant stream of nonsense.
  4. Yes. I caught the first couple of City of Angels episodes and gave up on it.
  5. Was this major development the board being down today? LMAO
  6. I doubt Trump will attack Coulter. Bullies don't like to be bullied. Plus, he's too busy keeping the followers entertain by attacking morning TV hosts.
  7. I'm not the one claiming a president kept all of his promises. Keep up.
  8. Without links to your questionable right wing conspiracy sites, tell us how he saved the coal industry or the awesome replacement plan for Obamacare or how Mexico is paying for the wall
  9. After all of the trouble about getting Trump's signature on the stimulus checks, starting this week, the IRS is mailing millions of prepaid debit cards. Now recipients are complaining that they didn't expect a debit card, getting confused and wondering if it's a scam. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/millions-of-people-will-get-their-economic-impact-payment-by-prepaid-debit-card https://www.wowt.com/content/news/Omaha-residents-surprised-by-stimulus-debit-cards-wary-of-mail-fraud-570681521.html
  10. Thanks for taking time from your shopping to entertain us. Good to see you are repurposing your hoodie. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-04/man-kkk-hood-in-santee-san-diego-sparks-outrage
  11. Typical. Always jumping to conclusions. Do you always have to be that guy? Why would they practice social distancing? Before answering, read the tweet again. Hint..Slowly read @Shaq
  12. I guess Hyde learned a lesson. He turned down a one year deal with the Texans because he wanted a multi year deal. A couple of weeks later, he jumped on a one year deal.
  13. Take a break from the angry political talk and smile about this:
  14. Btowner

    More Corruption

    I've been saying this since the campaign. He never really thought he was going to win. His campaign was the launching pad to build an audience for this network and by always dropping teasers about running again and filling the programming with grievances, he, his family and his band of grifters would easily exploit that base. Now that he knows how easily a significant segment of the population can be manipulated, he is now complaining about Fox News and he will have a right wing alternative to Fox with his alternative facts programming that will be Fox News on steroids.

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