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  1. I'm glad because I missed part of the first half hunting.
  2. Tues. 7.:00 pm central and Wed 2:00 pm central.
  3. Go ahead and get on the bandwagon of a better team. In my eyes, bandwagoners are never true fans. Sure, we've seen 20 years of seesawing and the Titan fans, for the most part have hung in there. We don't switch teams because of a player or coach we like. If you do that, you have wasted all the years you spent as a Titans fan, if you ever were. Look kid, I'm 67 years old. If anyone is getting impatient it should be me and old fans like me. Just remember this and take it from someone who knows. In life...YOU HAVE TO LOSE TO KNOW THE JOY OF WINNING!
  4. Win or lose the games will be watchable now because we can look to the future.
  5. I don't post much on this forum, the last time was maybe a year or two ago. However, its entertaining to read. I feel the need to come out and say this. Replace MM with RT NOW! I, like many others, want to see what RT can do with what we have. Will RT be worse? better? Only one way to find out! I don't give a damn about controversy. I want to win or at least define the obvious. Mariota has made some serious and stupid mistakes this year, anybody watching knows this and I don't need to point them out, others have done that already.
  6. I liked the leaked jersey. It leads me to believe there could be more gray/silver somewhere. Helmet maybe?
  7. The mock up is the jersey only the numbers are different. There is no clear view of the sides. However it doesn't mean the leaked jersey is the real thing.
  8. Awesome news! Wife text me at 1:00 and told me to watch news conference. The organization has to go for it and I respect Amy and trust JR more than ever.
  9. My wife and I have always been Titans fans. Sometimes, like last Sunday, I rant, rave, and cuss at the team, and coaches. Sometimes I'm so pissed off I have to back away from the game and turn it off for a while. Going to games or watching at home is a family thing for us.