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  1. That greener grass over there is caused by a septic tank.
  2. Judging teams by week one performance is laughable beyond words. Particularly this season. We might not be good. Who knows. But that game last night has little bearing on it.
  3. The Broncos were something like 49-6 in thier first two home games over the last number of years. So the altitude is obviously a huge challenge particularly early in the season when teams aren’t quite in football shape. We were sloppy af but got it done.
  4. Week one’s are fairly meaningless, even more so this season. There’s not much that can be gleaned from from. Just be glad you get the win.
  5. Titans showed up tonight acting like they won the fucking SB last year. Pathetic
  6. No no no, according to some resident football geniuses, the OL didn’t gel or improve over the season last year.
  7. I just got a Titans jersey but instead of my name it says Trump. Pretty sweet.
  8. Bellichik is a Trump supporter.
  9. I have a brother that has it. The meds you have to take are powerful and can lead to a lot of chronic health issues.
  10. I’ve seen too many phoney politicians who claim they are doing things for the “collective good” when they just want power like the right. I don’t trust politicians from either side of the aisle and they’ve given me every reason to be cynical.

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