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  1. Brady has such great weapons at his disposal this year too. Stud TE, great outside WRs.
  2. The next DC will likely be quite a downgrade from Pees.
  3. Doesn’t much matter who the HC is if you don’t have an elite QB.
  4. We lost to a better team with the best QB in football playing at home. I highly doubt attempting to get into a shootout would have turned out any better for us and likely would have been closer to the Texans score.
  5. Pees scheme works against a lot teams, it worked well against the Ravens. It was the opposite of would work against the Chiefs.
  6. Lars


    If we lose Smith next year we will regret it. He could develop into an all pro elsewhere like Walker did.
  7. Lars


    Yep. Pass rush is issue number one.
  8. There are actually people who think that passing the ball works equally for all teams regardless of personnel.
  9. Ryan Tannihill is our QB. Not Mahomes. The more he throws, the law of diminishing returns will catch up to him. More turnovers, more sacks. He’s a solid QB but you aren’t winning having him throwing it 45 times a game.
  10. If he could he had at a reasonable contract the Steelers will just bring him back.
  11. I’d agree with your for sure if RT was a tier one franchise QB. He’s tier two so we are going to need all the help we can get if we think we are going to beat the Chiefs or whomever in the future.
  12. Definitely need to draft a QB by round 4. Need a decent backup with RT’s injury history.
  13. JFC, NOBODY thought Mahomes would be this good. Even Andy Reid. What a ridiculous thread.
  14. Beating the Ravens was my SB, a win today would have been gravy. I’m watching this game next to an ex NFL LB, he said he could tell early that our defense was tired today from the playoff grind.

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