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  1. He’s below average but saves us a draft pick,
  2. The Titans don’t like to trade players unless they find out they have Lou Gehrig’s disease,
  3. We aren’t signing Clowney so don’t waste your time speculating.
  4. I get what your saying but Gurleys knees were bad shape coming into the league. I think we need and will get one more great year out of Henry.
  5. Flawed logic. Our OL early on was garbage too. Saffold was clueless, and are you going to try to say that not having Lewan didn’t matter? It ALL came together in all phases. Tannihill was important as were the other groups.
  6. This. Tannihill did excellent last year. But he’s not a top tier QB who can win on his own.
  7. Absolutely!! Let’s turn Tannihill back into the Dolphins version.
  8. What’s Olierman’s cock taste like after it’s been in your ass?
  9. I give JRob an A+ so far. Great job.
  10. Cool! They can make even more shitty decisions now. Great for us.
  11. They did great getting a fourth out of him. Gotta hand it to them.
  12. Great move by JRob. Too expensive for the production.
  13. It’s hilarious how much shit Phillip Rivers gets for having 10 kids when that’s the NFL average, At least his kids know him.
  14. He’s not elite. He’s good though. Having a great running game definitely does help guys like Tannihill who are good not great QBs.

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