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  1. It was predictable as the sun rising that Garrett would try to pull a Jussie Smollette. What a joke.
  2. I weep for humanity and this fan base in particular that this thread is the leading one on the board.
  3. Anyone with a brain knew that RT was better than Mariota. That doesn’t mean we want to automatically give him a long deal. Let’s see if he can stay healthy the last 6 games. He’s been as glass as Marcus his whole career.
  4. There is a reason Vrabel is like 11-0 when at least tied at halftime, it’s Henry.
  5. Soooo close to vintage Tannihill there
  6. Never thought I’d see a worse playcaller than Robiskie
  7. Pitch and catch. Deferring to an offense like this is another idiotic meathead decision by Vrabel.
  8. Not much. He’d be on the hot seat without Aaron Rodgers.
  9. He’s better than Mariota but Ryan Tannihill isn’t going to take you anywhere in the long term.
  10. RT is better than Mariota but you don’t want him as your long term starter.