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  1. Back to earth for fraud Lamar Jackson .
  2. Mariota’s suck helps us against the Jags. They thrive on turnovers and he’s too scared to commit them.
  3. Hey Retard, you have the gall to show your face after I blasted my nut on it so many times? WTF is wrong with you?
  4. If we lose to Minshaw, this is a four win team.
  5. Mariota sucks but I’m not convinced on Davis. I think he’s sold but not exceptional.
  6. The loss is 60% Mariota and 40% coaching staff.
  7. Tamnihill would have made better passes today than Mariota but likely would have thrown a couple int’s too.
  8. The colts are a better organization. Plain and simple. They fucked us up the ass again.
  9. Not going to win without stretching them deep.
  10. NFL Teams tank all the time, they just aren’t this blatantly obvious about it.
  11. I distinctly remember a pissed off Eddie with a separated shoulder running Lewis over in the playoff game we beat them on a Gary Andersen fg. He got his revenge.
  12. This. Jerry Rice was a 4.6 guy. Again, the best of all time weren’t 9 route speedsters. It’s more about explosion and change of direction.