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  1. Wentz Isn’t going to be the guy he was four years ago. He’s going to be the bum he was last year.
  2. Exactly the type of edge that Vrabel covets. I like this way more than the Fitzpatrick pick
  3. I’ve actually followed him since high school because he was committed to my favorite team before he switched to Louisville. That said, I don’t like the pick at all. Too high for him.
  4. Yep. This dude is going to be a damn good RT. I think after Moore went off the board at WR they decided the next best WR value is in round three.
  5. Small school that could beat many power 5 conference teams.
  6. Hell of a lineman. I Like the pick although our WR room is sobering. Unlikely a third rounder will be much help this season.
  7. The same place a lot of teams would be without their two best players.
  8. Here is our dementia riddled president warning against rushing out covid vaccines back on September 9th last year. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-biden/democrat-biden-warns-against-rushing-out-coronavirus-vaccine-says-trump-cannot-be-trusted-idUSKBN2671NW
  9. They didn't vote for that dementia ridden fool, they voted against Trump.
  10. The election wasn’t stolen but Joe Biden is most definitely a total shit show.
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