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  1. You were give the opportunity to learn a new vocabulary word.
  2. I don't think that those things are "complicated." Some may be better or worse at certain aspects but I'm not seeing a gulf of differential. I guess you do. I think other factors loom larger.
  3. I'm pretty sure most rostered WRs and PCTEs in the NFL are pretty good at just those things. Some are better and some are worse, for sure, but all are pretty good or they won't last in the league. I don't see a leaps and bounds difference when watching receivers.
  4. I've always liked the Keystone Cops over the West Coast offense....
  5. Not really arguing anything-- just expressing an opinion. The ongoing discussion was about needing a true speed receiver to stretch the field... and all I can think about is how easily Gronk, Hernandez and Edelman (with Amendola and Welker before him) could got open so effortlessly it seemed. You're right it is complex and I guess I think route running finishes about last in the considerations because it just ain't that complicated to run any route as long as you run the right one. I'm of the opinion that other factors count more in having a dynamic passing attack.
  6. Not saying those guys are anything but above average in game impact, but I think it is more about their offensive scheme and, of course. Tom Brady. I just don't think the magic is in those 4-10 steps they take upfield at the snap of the ball. Their YAC is huge. Edelman has a sixth sense and Gronk was a bull.
  7. Pedestrian means "commonplace". They are not exceptional route runners. I've watched enough highlights to see that there is not a hair's difference between those two and most others-- including our guys like Smith, Firkser, Brown, Humphries, and Davis. If not allowing you to change my meaning is arguing semantics, then I'm guilty...
  8. Brady was 20-37 for 209 yards while we were 8-15 for 72 yards. Edelman bobbled a wide open 10 yard catch on a third and seven with the Patriiots almost in FG range with 3 minutes or so to go. Even then, who didn't expect Brady to make a serious threat to move his team down the field on that last possession? My observation is about a "career" not just this one game or even this one season-- importantly without Rob Gronkowski.
  9. That is what "scheming" refers to. What do you think Brady was talking about if not that?
  10. What is the problem with my observation? Lord knows we've seen enough Patriot highlights to see their receivers easily get wide open-- even in the triumphant playoff game where we beat them on the ground with, what, less than a hundred yards passing?!
  11. Where did I say complex route running? I'd say poor design was more likely the observation he was making. A scheme involves more than one element, not just a single route.
  12. It's more about good scheming. For years, we watched Gronk and Edelman run pedestrian routes but gain great separation. That may be why Brady allegedly insulted our offensive scheme.
  13. 26 nails in that coffin
  14. The real question is this: can you arrange that scenario?

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