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  1. Agreed. If NFL does go through with this, you would think they will do their best to entice Mayfield to be the starter this season. If he refuses, than they will be straight horseshit. I mean who are their other options? Brissett? Dobbs? Yikes.
  2. Still not a patch on the novels by Michael Crichton that the whole movie series is based on.
  3. I know it was a joke pal lol, I was just saying I think he plays baseball now.
  4. Isn't he playing baseball again? Thought I read that somewhere lol.
  5. Pal this isn't the Atheism thread so you can take that somewhere else. And again for the third time I applaud Willis for this.
  6. Always thought his character was fucking annoying so not really that hyped for this news.
  7. Well I'm a Christian myself pal but that's not really the point of this thread. Again I applaud the dude.
  8. Can't help but respect the guy somewhat. Losing good money to go into Ministry but hey to each his own. Not really a factor in their secondary anyway. Or not really that good imo however way you want to say it.
  9. Fair enough pal everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just think they will surprise some people. Yes now I am realistic that won't be a top ten unit, but as long as they are just solid enough we should be ok.
  10. If he doesn't have an All-Pro season, their fans will want his head. Eagles fans are some of the worst in the league.
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